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TypeScript 5.1 release candidate arrives

TypeScript upgrade soothes pain points with easier implicit returns for undefined-returning functions and greater type flexibility for getters and setters.

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Angular 16 previews new reactivity model

TypeScript-based web framework shows off improvements to reactivity, server-side rendering, hydration, and a faster esbuild-based build system.

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Deno 1.33 debuts built-in key-value database

Currently in beta, Deno KV is a strongly consistent key-value database integrated into the open-source Deno runtime and designed for JavaScript, with the ability to store any JavaScript structured serializable value.

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JetBrains updates IDEs for Java, JavaScript, Ruby

Improvements to the IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and RubyMine IDEs range from smoother zooming and navigation to faster code completion, dependency resolution, and Git commits.

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What’s new in TypeScript 5.0

Latest upgrade to Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript, rebuilt to use ECMAScript modules, promises to be smaller, faster, and simpler.

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Civet: A better TypeScript?

Get early access to ECMAScript proposals and slick added features with this modern superset of TypeScript.

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TypeScript 5.0 rebuilt to use ECMAScript modules

With TypeScript 5.0, the TypeScript development team has restructured the entire codebase to use ECMAScript modules, reducing package size and improving performance.

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Interest in React, Angular, and Vue is waning

State of JavaScript 2022 survey of developers finds highest levels of interest in the Svelte, Solid, and Qwik frameworks and the Vite build tool.

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Vue 3.3 to support externally imported types

Front-end JavaScript framework project will be working on an alternative compilation strategy called Vapor Mode in the coming year.

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GitHub bolsters NPM access control

New granular access tokens allow NPM package maintainers to restrict which packages, scopes, and organizations a token has access to.

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Angular 16 to improve server-side rendering

Runtime performance and asynchronous activities also due for attention in planned upgrade to the popular web framework.

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Angular 15 arrives with standalone APIs

The new standalone APIs, now graduated from developer preview, allow Angular developers to build applications without using NgModules.

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TypeScript 4.9 intros operator for finding coding mistakes

New ‘satisfies’ operator validates that the type of an expression matches some type, catching many possible errors.

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Deno runtime backs inlay hints for coding

The latest Deno runtime automatically pulls in TypeScript types via NPM, and it updates to the V8 10.8 JavaScript engine.

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TypeScript turns 10 years old

Surprise! Despite initial skepticism, Microsoft’s typed JavaScript not only survived but continues to thrive after a decade.

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Bun JavaScript runtime is in the oven

Bun is a JavaScript runtime built on the JavaScriptCore engine with a native bundler, transpiler, task runner, and NPM client built-in.

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Deno 1.26 improves Node.js compatibility, npm support

Latest update to the alternative TypeScript/JavaScript runtime also brings bug fixes and performance boosts.

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TypeScript 4.8 shines on intersection and union types

Update to Microsoft’s typed JavaScript introduces improvements to how intersection and union types work and how TypeScript narrows types.

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