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7 things you should never do on Twitter

Twitter can be both surprisingly useful and mind-numbingly wasteful, and there's a thin line between the two

Twitter reports huge increase in government data requests

In the second half of 2014, requests were up 40 percent for user information, and 84 percent for content removal

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Twitter emoji: 5 lessons for effective open source

An emoji library may seem an unlikely source of best practices for open source. But Twitter's careful work provides an excellent guide

Mesosphere aims Twitter clustering tool at the enterprise

Mesosphere has closed new funding to expand the open-source Apache Mesos software for managing large compute clusters

Twitter snaps up Namo Media to improve ad experience

Startup company's 'adaptive templates' help developers build ads that look more like the rest of the content being displayed in an app

Top executives fly the coop at Twitter, Foursquare

A top engineer at Twitter, and two business executives at Foursquare, are leaving

Twitter user base to grow 24.4 percent in 2014, US still largest market

The Asia-Pacific region is increasing its share of Twitter users while the U.S. market matures

Why the social networks are falling apart

The new business model for social: Harvest personal data anywhere you can, then sell ads anywhere you can

Twitter to promote app downloads in mobile timelines

Advertisers can use a single interface to promote downloads of their mobile apps in other apps or directly from Twitter timelines

Web giants join forces for open source MySQL scalability project

The WebScaleSQL project looks to make MySQL useable at Web scale

Turkey blocks access to Twitter over content

Twitter is suggesting workarounds to users but did not confirm the block

Twitter's slipping user growth spooks investors

Despite strong Q4 sales increase, stock plunges after Twitter acknowledges sliding user growth and engagement numbers

CNN's Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked

A group styled as the Syrian Electronic Army claimed credit

Our searches, ourselves: The year's top tweets, trends, and more

Behold the biggest topics on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo in 2013 -- you have no one to blame but yourself

Obama to meet tech leaders on site, surveillance

Meeting with execs from tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Yahoo follows waves of disclosures related to government surveillance

Apple, Google, Microsoft ask governments to reform surveillance practices

AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and LinkedIn are also among the tech companies wanting the U.S. to lead the reform of surveillance laws and practices

Should Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter really judge what's news?

Some new features and high-profile hires demonstrate a growing interest in keeping users informed about current events

Apple buys Topsy for at least $200 million, gaining deep access to Twitter

Topsy analyzes social data across the Web, including all of Twitter's stream

Twitter tightens security against NSA snooping

The company calls on others to embrace 'perfect forward secrecy'

Twitter won't pay tax on the first $107 million of income it reports

Tech companies are leveraging a federal deduction related to stock option compensation that relieves them of paying millions in income taxes

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