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When it comes to databases, why ‘I can’t quit you, baby’

Leaving legacy RDMSs is hard, but eventually enterprises will break free of Oracle’s and others’ last grip on their data infrastructure

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Data is inherently messy. Is that really such a bad thing?

In an imperfect world, consider shifting your data quality mindset from “how do I clean all this up?” to “how do I make the most of this state of affairs?”

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Why we lose out if we leave everything to algorithms

If we trust a measurement system wholly to data and algorithms, will it inevitably be gamed by the humans it measures?

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Wi-Charge demos wireless charging over distance

The ability to charge hardware over distances of several meters has always seemed to be something of a pipe dream. But Wi-Charge says the technology works – and actual product shipments could begin early in 2019.

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Managed service providers and outsourcers are building whole new value streams to meet customers’ devops requirements

Established MSPs and outsourcers have come to rely upon new specialty devops services firms for expertise

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Big data: enabling new approaches to IT infrastructure security

Big data technologies and advanced analytics, including AI, are promising a way to get ahead of cyber threats

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

Powering AI: The explosion of new AI hardware accelerators

Specialized hardware platforms are the future of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning at every tier and for every task in the cloud-to-edge world in which we will live

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Data lakes: Just a swamp without data governance and catalog

Most businesses’ data lakes are merely repositories of undefined data sets from multiples sources, resulting in data swamps

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Combining operations and development: A view from the trenches

Combining development and operations teams is not for the faint of heart. Learn how others have endured the transition into an efficient devops organization

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Change data capture as a gateway to a streaming platform

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Similarly, creating a central nervous system for the enterprise begins with a single project.

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The future of load testing is BLU

A new 'lean' approach to load testing gives agile developers and testers fast feedback on performance—without all the hassles traditionally associated with performance testing.

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How Red Hat has come to dominate Kubernetes

Kubernetes seems destined to rule enterprise infrastructure, but, oddly, only Google and Red Hat seem to be playing to win in Kubernetes

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Why accounting matters to your cloud computing plans

New accounting rules may not be on the cloud deployer’s Top 10 list these days, but they mean more than you think

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In-memory computing: enabling continuous learning for the digital enterprise

Real-time machine and deep learning use cases are now practical, thanks to in-memory computing platforms with integrated continuous learning capabilities

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Navigating a path to acquisition success in health care

With mergers and acquisitions only expected to rise, the integration of technology systems and business processes is key to success

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Reasons to welcome artificial intelligence into your workplace

When placed in the proper context, AI in the workplace isn’t something to fear, but rather something to celebrate and embrace

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Digital transformation is fiction

Although digital transformation is the tech industry’s favorite buzzword, the notion that enterprises can simply “transform” overnight is a fallacy

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In an age of fake news, is there really such a thing as fake data?

The pitfalls and benefits of using synthetic data to train AI algorithms

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