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Developer-focused portal Stack Overflow lays off 10% of staff

The job cuts are a result of the company’s renewed focus on profitability due to macroeconomic concerns, according to CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar.


Somehow OpenSearch has succeeded

The Elasticsearch fork from AWS stands as proof that the company has committed to contributing to open source.

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7 speed bumps on the road to AI

Artificial intelligence is rife with practical and ethical dilemmas, and now they're coming home to roost. Here are seven unavoidable questions about AI.

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When will the fascination with cloud computing fade?

At some point, cloud will be baked into all of IT—just another building block of how we automate business. All the more reason to get it right the first time.

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After job cuts, MariaDB faces uncertain financial future

In addition to laying off 26 staffers out of its 340-strong workforce in February, the company warns that revenue won't be enough to support operations for the next 12 months, and is looking for financing.

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Climate change: The push to reduce IT's carbon footprint

Data is a major contributor to climate change—and it could be key to reducing IT's carbon footprint. Here's how.

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9 qualities of a successful CTO

Five CTOs discuss the challenges in their field and the personal and professional qualities that are critical to their success.

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How to test your B2B startup idea

If you are furloughed and forlorn by layoffs now may be the perfect time to start your own B2B startup. Here is how you do it.

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Cloud computing is driving a new gig economy in tech

A quiet revolution is going to change the way cloud work gets done. After being laid off, many people are starting their own businesses as cloud pros for hire.

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The philosopher: A conversation with Grady Booch

Grady Booch explores the intersection of computing, what it means to be human, and the evolution of intelligence in the 21st century.

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The problem with development speed

Instead of focusing on output, think about increasing testing and research and being willing to scrap projects that don't seem likely to succeed.

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What is generative AI? The evolution of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already designing microchips and sending us spam, so what's next? Here's how generative AI really works and what to expect now that it's here.

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Atlassian lays off 5% of staff to refocus on cloud, ITSM

The collaboration software company follows in the footsteps of big tech companies including Microsoft, Facebook, and Google in cutting staff to position itself for the long term, focusing on cloud migration and IT service management...

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IT career roadmap: Developer advocate

What does a developer advocate do and how can you become one? A MongoDB developer advocate shares his story and tips for success.

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Companies can’t stop using open source

Even though open source can be more expensive than proprietary software, the time savings and ability to free up developers to innovate are worth it.

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Cloud-based quantum computing lets startups compete with Goliaths

Once out of reach for smaller companies, quantum computing services level the playing field. Providers offer access, development kits, and training at more affordable prices.

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IT jobs in 2023: Look before you leap

Despite tech sector layoffs, the outlook is bright for developers on the job market. Here's why it pays to look before you leap in 2023.

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Should you leave Twitter for the fediverse?

Tired of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Skeptical of the metaverse? The non-profit, distributed, community-oriented fediverse might be for you.

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