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battling gender bias

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How to choose the right type of database for your enterprise

Choosing a database to serve your enterprise technology needs can be overwhelming. Start by understanding what databases are available and use this article to guide you to finding the right fit

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From BDD to TDD, the pros and cons of various agile techniques

While this list is far from exhaustive, the important thing to understand is that agile isn’t a rigid book of rules and regulations

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The next IT: What it is and what you need to know to be successful

Mastering a distributed and highly virtualized computing environment is key to job security in IT’s next wave

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Dispelling 5 myths of low-code app development

Low-code platforms offer tools for both the business and IT to collaborate and build valuable enterprise apps at speed, while maintaining control over the entire application life cycle

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3 tips for a successful data strategy

Most modern businesses will survive only if they use data to acquire and retain customers, and if they use data to automate their supply chain or protect their valuable assets

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Should AI be regulated?

When it comes to AI, we need to think about protecting the safety and well-being of people everywhere with sound and prudent governance

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Don’t bother learning these programming languages

Why you probably should not be learning Dart, Objective-C, or CoffeeScript this year


How to own your automation transformation

In short, automation has to be owned and implemented by each employee to drive results across the entire organization

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How AI can help solve the ‘fake news’ problem

AI's role in the “fake news” phenomenon is very exaggerated, but AI can help address the misinformation manipulation now so prevalent

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The transformation of IT operations management driven by hybrid IT

In a hybrid IT world, we cannot ignore either the foundation that got us to this point or the future that will only exist if we can keep pace with competitors.

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Eliminating alert fatigue: a devops secret

Alert fatigue is a common plague among devops organization. To eliminate it requires the right tools and techniques and managers have to make sure the processes thresholds are correct

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Do not hire a devops engineer

Likewise, don't spend months in searching for mythical devops engineer—they don't actually exist in the nature

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How to incorporate enterprise legacy systems into your digital strategy

Legacy systems complicate digital transformation efforts but replacing them isn’t always a choice. Fortunately, with a little effort they can be folded into a more modern digital architecture

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Agile testing in regulated industries

Agile testing principles—such as BDD—align stakeholders around software quality and compliance

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Something is (still) rotten in the kingdom of artificial intelligence

Four types of problems in the land of artificial intelligence

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How will AI surveillance change the American workplace?

As more companies start to realize the benefits and cost-efficiency of these systems, they’ll start to be adopted in greater numbers, and employees will start seeing the positive and negative benefits alike

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How progressive web applications (PWAs) are revolutionizing user experience

PWAs are unquestionably the latest chapter of web development, and the possibilities for businesses are extensive. Developers and testers need to be prepared

EKG and stethoscope in a binary environment

Connecting health care’s data dots

Getting past the “same, but different” dilemma

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