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When will cloud computing stop growing?

The pandemic caused a huge cloud computing growth spurt, and cloud is now the foundation for all emerging technology. Growth will continue, but the rate is debatable.

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Low-code development technologies market forecast to hit $44.5 billion by 2026

Hyperautomation and the move to optimize business processes are fueling uptake and sales for low-code development technologies, which will grow by 19% over the next four years to reach $44.5 billion by 2026, Gartner says.

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5 things developers love about their work, and 5 things they don't

No job is perfect, not even in software development. We asked 13 developers what they love and hate about coding for a living. Here's what they told us.

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What open source gets wrong with Mastodon

The open source alternative to Twitter is forgetting the customer experience in its rush to make a political statement about decentralization.

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GitHub sees a surge in IaC adoption

The annual 'State of the Octoverse' report notes an increase in IaC adoption and the growing role of operations in open source development, among other trends.

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9 dark secrets of the federated web

The federated web, free of centralized control and walled gardens, is an ideal with deep roots in high-tech. So why is it so hard to bring this dream to life?


Vaadin CEO: Developers are the architects of the future

Vaadin’s Steven Grandchamp explains why every company needs to listen to its software developers.

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Rising cloud revenue helps soften Microsoft’s growth slowdown

Ongoing macroeconomic factors coupled with the continued decline in personal PC sales has caused Microsoft’s revenue growth to slump.

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Google kicks up ‘openness’ a notch

A series of smart decisions to create an open cloud ecosystem has moved the cloud giant into a position of power. But turning that openness into sustainable advantage won’t be easy.

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Cloud’s key role in the emerging hybrid workforce

Hybrid work would not be possible without cloud computing. However, enterprises should address these mistakes before they kill productivity.

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When openness doesn’t matter

We can argue about the choices tech companies should or shouldn’t make, but at the end of the day, we keep buying what they’re selling.

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Brendan Eich: Don’t blame cookies and JavaScript

The JavaScript creator, Mozilla co-founder, and now Brave Software CEO loathes the online advertising ‘surveillance system that loots users’ and he’s doing something about it.

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Software developer jobs: How to get hired now

Software developers are still in high demand, but the right mix of skills matters more than ever. Here's what tech employers are looking for right now.

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Tech job market is up this year

Despite high-profile threats of layoffs and a dip in job postings in June, the tech market remains strong, especially for data-related skills.

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What software developers should know about design: An interview with Soleio

Facebook designer turned angel investor Soleio discusses how software design needs a ‘tool-driven revolution’ and what makes design teams and technology startups successful.

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Is cloud computing immune from economic downturns?

IT is now seen as integral to business rather than a cost center ripe for layoffs. Technology, people, and culture are worth protecting during economic contractions.

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IT career roadmap: Cloud architect

Cloud architect is one of the top paid roles for IT professionals, and for good reason. Find out what it takes to become a cloud architect, including education, on-the-job learning, and cloud certifications.

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How Cloudflare emerged to take on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

The upstart internet security and edge infrastructure company has reinvented itself to challenge the hyperscale cloud providers. Can it succeed?

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