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student books with apple for teacher
water drain circle leak

Execs know best? Not at these companies

IT expertise is no match for execs' stubbornness and agendas, even under dire circumstances

magic card tricks

Stupid wireless mouse trick mesmerizes CFO

Any day you can prank the CFO is a good day for a techie

Hard drive nosedive exposes backup breakdown

It should've been a simple hard drive swap. Instead, IT must dive into the server’s core for a solution

women in red shirt looking frustrated at laptop

IT gets a taste of the other side of tech support

In search of a simple service, a techie is frustrated personally and professionally by bad web work

frustrated angry user laptop computer hardware

Hotheaded manager backs tech into a corner

A higher-up wants a problem fixed yesterday, and a busy techie has to improvise a quick solution—without alerting upper management

Servers and scars: The perils of shortcuts

Haste makes waste, as one techie observes on both a professional and a personal level

Computer problems 178274994

Cool-headed techie defuses hot-tempered users

The first rule of help desk: Chill out when the heated support calls come in. The solutions will roll in soon after

just say no concrete pavement graffiti vandal spray paint

Just say no to a bad job -- the fun way

Honesty is the best policy when you're interviewing for a job that you already know is not the right fit

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7 hardware horror stories from the help desk

Used, abused, and kinda rude -- unfortunately, that's what IT has come to expect of workers and company-issued hardware

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