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JetBrains updates IDEs for Java, JavaScript, Ruby

Improvements to the IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and RubyMine IDEs range from smoother zooming and navigation to faster code completion, dependency resolution, and Git commits.

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Whatever happened to Ruby?

Ruby and Ruby on Rails exploded onto the web development scene in the early aughts. But while JavaScript and Python rule the roost today, Ruby still has its place.

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Ruby backs WebAssembly for CRuby binaries

Ruby 3.2.0 ships with initial WASI support, allowing CRuby binaries to be run in web browsers, serverless edge environments, and other WebAssembly/WASI embedders.


Ruby upgrade enhances WebAssembly support

Ruby 3.2.0 preview adds WebAssembly System Interface support, allowing the CRuby binary to run in web browsers and other WASI embedders.

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Ruby 3.1 arrives with new JIT compiler

Still-experimental YJIT just-in-time compiler promises faster warmup and performance improvements on most real-world Ruby software.


Ruby on Rails 7 rejiggers JavaScript support

Now available in a production release, Rails 7 removes the requirements for Node.js and Webpack, while supporting NPM and ES module imports.


Ruby tees up new JIT compiler

Shopify-built YJIT compiler promises to bring faster warmup and higher performance to Ruby on Rails apps.

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Get started with Angular

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Deep Dive how-to: Office 365 document sharing

Office 2016, OneDrive, and Office 365 together offer powerful document collaboration capabilities across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and the web -- but only if you set them up and manage them properly. This how-to guide walks you...

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Monitoring in the age of devops

A combination of cultural transformation and automation is redefining the way developers and operations work together. But for devops to succeed, comprehensive, real-time monitoring must be in place