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29 tips for succeeding as an independent developer

Find out how to cut corporate ties and transform your coding chops into a thriving business that can go the distance

Liquid computing: The next wave of the mobile experience

The traditional enterprise workflow is ripe for huge change as the focus moves away from working in a single context on a single device to the workflow being portable and contextual

The care and feeding of a rockstar developer

Whether you're a hiring company, an educator, or a developer, find out what you're up against in the war for programming talent

The beginner's guide to Docker

Dig into Docker, the red-hot open source framework, from getting started to services you can use right now to the company's direction, in this downloadable PDF

Digital Spotlight: Cloud Security

The scalability of cloud computing depends on sharing resources that were never shared before, creating a new set of risks and demanding a new set of security best practices

Special report: The triumph of JavaScript

JavaScript is the reigning programming language across platforms and devices. Harness that power with the right frameworks and tools

Download the Hadoop Deep Dive

Businesses are using Hadoop across low-cost hardware clusters to find meaningful patterns in unstructured data. In this in-depth PDF, InfoWorld explains how Hadoop works and how you can reap its benefits

Download the HTML5 Strategy Deep Dive

Preparing your website and Web apps for HTML5? Here's what you need to know

Download the Cloud Security Deep Dive

The scalability of cloud computing depends on sharing resources that were never shared before, creating a new set of risks -- and demanding a new set of security best practices

IBM-Lenovo deal likely to focus on low-end, commodity servers

IBM may sell off its low-end x86 systems but will likely keep more profitable hardware, an analyst says

How Lenovo kept PC sales strong while everyone else tanked

Active support for Windows 7, sales of Windows-less PCs, and focus on growing Asia market have let Lenovo buck the trend

LenovoEMC fortifies small-business storage with enterprise smarts

Snapshots, SSD caching, and VMs will be available in its LifeLine 4.0 OS

A failure of imagination is killing the PC industry

Windows 8 and Ultrabooks show what's wrong with the Wintel approach to making creative computing devices

Microsoft, Lenovo to promote genuine Windows on PCs

As Microsoft accuses more resellers in China of distributing pirated Windows, Lenovo agrees to ensure its PCs ship with licensed versions of software

Lenovo redesigns ThinkPad, drops weight by a quarter

Lenovo has updated the design of its trusty ThinkPad, ditching the trackpad buttons and making it lighter and thinner

Windows RT is circling the drain

It's hard to be optimistic about the platform's future when you look at the Windows RT tablets on offer and on the immediate horizon

Windows 8 convertibles help Lenovo break into high-end PC market

Lenovo has gained a 30 percent share of Windows 8 convertibles priced $700 and higher, earnings report states

New Windows 8 tablets fail to impress

Video featuring newest Windows 8 PCs from Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, and Vizio will leave users yearning for the Surface Pro

Lenovo sets stage for rumored K900 smartphone with Intel processor

Intel has been promising Atom-based smartphones for two years

Lenovo to create ThinkPad-focused business unit to compete at the high end

Lenovo is reorganizing its operations into two business groups

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