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iPhone sales plummet in the world's biggest smartphone market

iPhone sales in Greater China fell 26 percent -- Apple's first year-over-year revenue decline in more than a decade

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US no longer requires Apple's help to crack iPhone in New York case

The government said 'an individual' had given it the passcode to the phone used by the accused in a drug investigation

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Apple rebuts DOJ's appeal in N.Y. meth dealer's iPhone case

'Government has utterly failed to ... demonstrate that Apple's assistance is necessary' to crack security, Apple argues

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Senators release official draft of federal encryption legislation

If it were already a law, Apple would have been on the hook to break the terrorist’s iPhone

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FBI says hack tool only works on iPhone 5c

FBI Director James Comey said the government is still considering whether it should disclose to Apple the flaw that aided the hack

IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto

Apple fixes iOS lock screen bypass that gives attacker access to photos, contacts

Via Siri, locked iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices could have been tricked, allowing hackers to bypass the passcode

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FBI is helping to crack an iPhone in an Arkansas murder case

Other federal agencies in 22 states are seeking vendors’ help to break encryption

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FBI hack may raise questions about iPhone security

The FBI told a court it was able to access data on an iPhone 5c running iOS 9, but did not say whether it would pass the information on the hack to Apple

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DOJ cracks San Bernardino shooter's iPhone

The FBI no longer needs Apple's help, it says in court filing

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Apple demands delay in NY iPhone case

Company wants to test the alt approach used by FBI in San Bernardino terrorist iPhone case

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DOJ knew of possible iPhone-cracking method before Apple case

The DEA filed a warrant request to use an iPhone-cracking technology weeks before the FBI went to court against Apple

US will still push for encryption workarounds, even though iPhone hearing was postponed

Even if one iPhone is cracked, the government wants new legal authority, experts say

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8 secrets for even more iPhone productivity

These hidden techniques for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes also work on the iPad

Apple iPhone 5C (3)

FBI calls off Apple courtroom battle, may have found a way to unlock shooter's iPhone

After claiming repeatedly that only Apple could break the iPhone's defenses, requiring a custom OS to do so, the FBI has backtracked

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Supreme Court to hear Samsung's appeal in Apple design patents case

The court will decide how to apply design patent awards to a component of a larger product

NSFW: John Oliver wants Apple to come clean

While the comedian gets in plenty of great jokes (sorry, BlackBerry), the subject is no laughing matter

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Fight, Apple, fight: Don’t let the feds kill our security

We either have strong encryption and unassailable digital privacy, or we have total madness

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Government hints it may demand iOS source code, signing key

Not-so-subtle threat that if Apple won't comply with court order, there's a Plan B … which could be a Lavabit-like ultimatum

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DOJ appeals New York court order in favor of Apple

DOJ says it cannot try to unlock a seized iPhone itself without risking erasing data

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ACLU: You can kiss trust in software updates goodbye if Apple's forced to help the FBI

The ACLU added one more argument beyond Apple's own about why Apple should not be forced to help the FBI access an iPhone

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