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On cancer and startups

The impact and the importance of the VCs investment on startups. Is it always positive?

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Oracle plans ‘startup organization’ focused on cloud computing, AI, and VR

The company plans to set up two ‘Solution Engineering Centers’ in the United States

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Why Slack can't slow down

Slack reached a $1 billion valuation faster than any startup in history. Now it must make key decisions without disrupting the lives of millions of Slack-addicted users

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Cybersecurity startups to watch

CBInsights names the up-and-coming companies, called ‘Cyber Defenders,' that are pioneering technology with the potential to transform cybersecurity


6 startups from CES to watch in 2017

The Eureka Park area at the CES trade show offered startups a chance to show what they can do. We interview six hopeful entrepreneurs about their products

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3 things small businesses can learn about data science from Apple

Small businesses can begin to unlock the power of big data by looking at examples from one of the largest companies in the world: Apple

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Smart products, dumb designers

While focusing on minimalism and "doing less" is a great way to make users love your product, being your product’s primary and daily user is a sure way to reduce customer churn

Now that's a perk: Seattle tech startup offers new parents the miracle of sleep

Parental perks are aimed at attracting more diverse workforce

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Party like it’s 1999

Open source is often pitched as the only way to sell software to the enterprise of today. But what should you consider to build a business around a highly popular open source project?

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The startup pitch: It’s a short elevator ride

Any startup accelerator or startup mentor is obsessed with the elevator pitch, but it's time to rethink what that means

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By choice and necessity, Polish startups do it differently

Poland is home to a number of companies that have grown into major players in their respective fields, but the local tech community still struggles to find access to funding. As a result of circumstances and sometimes by choice, many...

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