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Clock and calendar. [time / past / future / history / what's next]

Mastodon timelines for teams

Using Steampipe and SQL to pool Mastodon timelines and point queries and dashboards at the combined histories of teams or groups.

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Visualizing Mastodon server moderation

Which Mastodon servers are blocking other Mastodon servers, and which servers are being blocked? We can discover them using Steampipe’s relationship graphs.

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Mapping people and tags on Mastodon

How Steampipe’s API queries and relationship graphs enable maps that select what is helpful and omit what isn’t.

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News in the fediverse

The fediverse is our chance to reboot the social web and gain control of our information diets. Let’s make it trivial for anyone to turn on a rule like ‘news only on lists, not timelines.’

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Protocols, APIs, and conventions

We’re in one of those internet moments of rapid innovation, when new conventions can unlock emergent behaviors. Enjoy it!

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Mapping the wider fediverse

After overcoming a few obstacles, my set of Steampipe dashboards is starting to feel like the Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon that I envision.

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Images considered harmful (sometimes)

Steampipe’s Mastodon dashboards are image-free for now, and I think it’s having a calming effect. Perhaps all social media interfaces should have an optional text mode.

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Working with Mastodon lists

Steampipe makes it easy to create Mastodon dashboards, find interesting people, see which lists they’re on, and export lists in useful ways. Now we need ways to share and remix those lists.

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Mastodon relationship graphs

Steampipe and SQL allow us to see relationships among the data we extract from APIs. Here’s how to graph the connections between tooters and boosters on Mastodon.

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Instance-qualified Mastodon URLs

Transforming foreign server URLs into home server URLs makes a Mastodon dashboard massively more useful. Steampipe’s Mastodon plugin now does that for you.

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How many people in my Mastodon feed also tweeted today?

You can discover which Mastodon tooters also tweeted using my favorite kind of Steampipe query.

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Lists and people on Mastodon

When viewing the people you follow on Mastodon, it’s helpful to know which lists (if any) you’ve assigned them to. Here's how you can do that with SQL and Steampipe.

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Create your own Mastodon UX

A dashboard+feed reader built with SQL gives you an easy and natural way to consume as much, or as little, Mastodon activity as you like.

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A Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon

Our brains are built to take in a lot of information at a glance, and if it’s organized well we can do that very effectively. Applying filters helps.

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Browsing the fediverse

Steampipe’s SQLification of the Mastodon API is a handy way to track activity in the fediverse. Use it to do Mastodon analytics, find interesting people, and more.

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Mastodon, Steampipe, and RSS

Using Steampipe to build a dashboard that combines queries of the Mastodon search API and the joys of RSS-powered integration.

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How Steampipe enables KPIs as code

CMD Solutions built tools for continuous controls assurance by using open-source Steampipe to define information security performance metrics as SQL statements.

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Starburst Galaxy gets data discoverability updates

At AWS re:Invent 2022, the company also announced support for AWS Lake Formation via Starburst Enterprise suite to help joint customers implement data mesh architecture.

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