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An hourglass counts down as time passes.

What SQL users should know about time series data

Four key considerations to keep in mind when you need a database designed for analytical queries of vast quantities of time series data.

Man with questions; queries; querying

How to use GPT as a natural language to SQL query engine

A few strategic decisions can help improve your generative AI code and queries, and prevent sending out sensitive data.

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6 key features of SingleStore Kai for MongoDB

SingleStore Kai for MongoDB brings real-time analytics to JSON documents by translating MongoDB queries onto SQL statements that are executed on SingleStoreDB. No changes to schema, data, or queries required.

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When the rubber duck talks back

The real value of AI coding assistants isn’t any particular piece of code they get ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but the process of collaborating with them.

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IBM acquires SaaS-based PrestoDB provider Ahana

IBM’s will join the Presto Foundation and aid in the development of PrestoDB.

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Migrating Mastodon lists

If you move from one Mastodon server to another and you want to migrate the people on your lists, you have few options. Here’s a way to do it with Steampipe and SQL.

Abstract network of digital streams.

Modern data infrastructures don’t do ETL

Business happens in real time but many business systems don’t. It’s time to move past client-server databases, data warehouses, and batch processes.

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The Mastodon plugin is now available on the Steampipe Hub

The fediverse offers an opportunity to reboot the social web and gain control of our information diets. Steampipe and its Mastodon plugin can help you seize it.

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What is Apache Spark? The big data platform that crushed Hadoop

Fast, flexible, and developer-friendly, Apache Spark is the leading platform for large-scale SQL, batch processing, stream processing, and machine learning.

command line

YugabyteDB Managed adds managed command line interface

The new updates to the managed version of Yugabyte’s open source distributed SQL database include support for AWS PrivateLink, improved observability, and faster scalability.

Clock and calendar. [time / past / future / history / what's next]

Mastodon timelines for teams

Using Steampipe and SQL to pool Mastodon timelines and point queries and dashboards at the combined histories of teams or groups.

3 blocking

Visualizing Mastodon server moderation

Which Mastodon servers are blocking other Mastodon servers, and which servers are being blocked? We can discover them using Steampipe’s relationship graphs.

branches / branching / bare trees

Mapping people and tags on Mastodon

How Steampipe’s API queries and relationship graphs enable maps that select what is helpful and omit what isn’t.

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News in the fediverse

The fediverse is our chance to reboot the social web and gain control of our information diets. Let’s make it trivial for anyone to turn on a rule like ‘news only on lists, not timelines.’

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Protocols, APIs, and conventions

We’re in one of those internet moments of rapid innovation, when new conventions can unlock emergent behaviors. Enjoy it!

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Mapping the wider fediverse

After overcoming a few obstacles, my set of Steampipe dashboards is starting to feel like the Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon that I envision.

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Images considered harmful (sometimes)

Steampipe’s Mastodon dashboards are image-free for now, and I think it’s having a calming effect. Perhaps all social media interfaces should have an optional text mode.

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Working with Mastodon lists

Steampipe makes it easy to create Mastodon dashboards, find interesting people, see which lists they’re on, and export lists in useful ways. Now we need ways to share and remix those lists.

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