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Hackers exploit Skype API to infect Windows PCs

New worm reinforces Skype's reputation as an app with security issues

Skype glitch sends messages to the wrong contacts

The company says it will deliver an update to fix the problem in 'the next few days'

Leaked screenshots show Skype integration with Windows Phone 8

Screenshots also provide insights on a coming user interface for a Windows 8 camera and data usage monitoring tool

Skype investigates tool that reveals users' IP addresses

Skype said the privacy-compromising issue is present in other peer-to-peer systems

Skype app for Windows Phone released

Skype for Windows Phone is available in 18 languages including Chinese

Skype for Windows Phone arrives in beta version

The final version of the Internet calling service will arrive in April

Microsoft sees Skype linking all its products, CFO says

The comments come on the same day Cisco raised concerns about how Microsoft will integrate Skype and Lync

Cisco to appeal Microsoft-Skype deal in European court

Cisco says Microsoft should be forced to support industry standards to communicate with other collaboration platforms

Skype flaw reveals users' location, file-downloading habits

A team of researchers has uncovered an issue that threatens Skype users' privacy by putting their location and identity up for grabs

Microsoft closes Skype acquisition

Former Skype CEO Tony Bates is now president of the Skype Division of Microsoft

5 reasons to set up unified communications

Unified communications can save money and simplify IT administration while improving employee efficiency

Italian firm takes on Skype deal in a David-Goliath battle

The European Commission is expected to rule on the Microsoft-Skype merger on Wednesday

Samsung, Motorola Android tablets get Skype video

Skype update increases to 14 the number of Android-based devices that now can make video calls

Skype acquiring startup GroupMe for group text messaging

GroupMe, which also provides a conference call service, will continue to offer its group messaging as a separate application

Update: Researcher claims dangerous vulnerability in Skype

The flaw could allow an attacker to reset a Skype user's password and take control of their account

India wants to intercept Skype, Google communications

An Indian minister says the country had asked a number of companies to allow them to monitor communications

Microsoft plans big Skype/Lync integration

Lync will not lose any prominence in the Microsoft software lineup once the Skype acquisition is approved, Ballmer says

Skype executives depart after Microsoft buyout

Eight Skype executives have left since Microsoft announced in May that it will buy Skype for $8.5 billion

Microsoft, Skype deal gets U.S. clearance

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has announced early termination of a review into the deal

Skype voice service crashes

Skype provides users with fix instructions. The word on Twitter: 'Skype crash is global. Now you know it's a Microsoft product'

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