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Atlassian launches cloud development platform

Now in private beta, Atlassian Forge combines a serverless FaaS platform, a declarative UI language, and a devops toolchain

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Don’t kludge serverless cloud applications

Somewhere along the way developers decided to build serverless applications on the fly, with little planning or design. That’s a bad idea

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7 open-source tools that make AWS Lambda better

Love the simplicity of function-as-a-service but hate the setup process? Look to these projects to ease AWS Lambda deployments

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What is serverless? Serverless computing explained

Simple functions in isolation make development easier, while event-driven execution makes operations cheaper

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When serverless is a bad idea

Serverless cloud technology is useful, but look past the hype. Sometimes it just doesn't fit

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Azure Functions grows up

Azure’s serverless platform adds support for warm starts, longer-running functions, virtual network connections, and Azure Active Directory

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Your 3-minute guide to serverless success

Design specifically for serverless computing and you'll win every time

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Serverless computing in Azure: How to build a petition site

This example shows you how to use Azure services to build scalable, serverless web applications

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What you should know about serverless computing before you start

New data shows a pretty obvious trend: the acceleration of serverless adoption. Make sure you consider the pros and cons

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Java, meet Kubernetes and serverless computing

Red Hat’s beta Quarkus framework aims to optimize Java development for distributed application architectures

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AI, machine learning, and deep learning deep dive

Download this 26-page in-depth guide to AI, machine learning, and deep learning for easy reading at your convenience

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The top 3 serverless problems and how to solve them

Follow these tips to eliminate noncompute bottlenecks, avoid provider throttling and queueing, and keep your serverless functions responsive

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Serverless computing’s dark side: less portability for your apps

Getting it done fast often trumps making sure your code is portable across platforms. Serverless computing can push you even further from portability

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Knative may be the serverless computing standard you need

The proliferation of serverless platforms has raised a very real specter of siloes and lockin for early adopters

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Serverless cloud computing: Don’t go overboard

The new cry from the big public cloud providers is ‘serverless computing for everything.’ Don’t be fooled

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The cloud in 2019: Multicloud, serverless computing, and Kubernetes containers

Enterprises are quickly moving up the cloud stack, away from infrastructure services

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Are you really building a serverless system?

There are strong benefits to building serverless architectures.But just because you implemented a FaaS interface, doesn’t mean you built a serverless architecture


Meet Microsoft’s new managed microservices: Azure Service Fabric Mesh

Microsoft’s Azure Service Fabric gets a containerized makeover with Azure Service Fabric Mesh

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