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Okta’s Matt Raible: How I became a Java hipster

The Okta developer advocate and JHipster evangelist discusses Java and JavaScript development, monoliths and microservices, software scaling vs. people scaling, and making security friendlier for developers.

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Kubernetes users struggle with security, Red Hat survey says

State of Kubernetes Security report indicates security is a roadblock for organizations adopting Kubernetes, containers, and a cloud-native ecosystems, though devsecops adoption is on the rise.

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Detect cloud native security threats with Tracee

Open source Tracee uses Linux eBPF technology to trace system and applications at runtime, and analyzes collected events to detect suspicious behavioral patterns.

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GitHub adds supply chain security tools for Rust language

GitHub’s supply chain security features including the advisory database, Dependabot alerts, and dependency graph are now available for Rust Cargo files.

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Maximize your cloud security with isolation zones

Security zones keep your applications and their data safe from bad actors and can help limit the impact of a security breach.

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The quantum menace: Quantum computing and cryptography

No one knows when, but crypto-menacing quantum machines are coming. Here's how researchers use quantum mechanics to crack large integers in asymmetric cryptography.

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Add security to Azure applications with Azure WAF

Microsoft’s latest updates to Azure’s Web Application Firewall make it an essential component of cloud architectures.

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Google Cloud boosts open-source security, simplifies zero-trust rollouts

New Google Cloud security services aim to strengthen open-source security, simplify zero-trust adoption, and improve cloud governance.

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Only DevSecOps can save the metaverse

The vast metaverse will also be vast in terms of code, accelerating the demand for supply chain security, automated scanning and testing, and continuous updates.

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More money for open source security won’t work

Funding pledged to secure open source software is an important start, but creative hackers and a proliferation of targets mean there are no guarantees.

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9 questions you should ask about your cloud security

Businesses often lack critical insights into the security of their cloud environment. Here are nine questions business leaders need to ask—and cloud security teams need to answer.

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Progress launches Chef Cloud Security to extend DevSecOps to cloud-native assets

The software provider has also enhanced its underlying security and compliance mechanism Chef InSpec with new features.


The new Elastic CEO puts cloud front and center

As the new CEO of the enterprise search company, Ashutosh Kulkarni is reorganizing the company to focus on selling cloud software and expand into the lucrative observability and security domains.

Warning: Cloud Disaster Ahead

7 ways to avoid a cloud misconfiguration attack

Cloud security is all about configuration. Here’s how to make sure the configurations of your cloud resources are correct and secure, and how to keep them that way.

GitHub repositories compromised by stolen OAuth tokens

GitHub, Salesforce warn of data theft from private code repositories.

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GitHub enhances secret scanning for tighter code security

GitHub Advanced Security now allows developers to scan code for tokens, keys, and other security secrets as they push the code to a repository.

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Mozilla unveils vision for web evolution

Company behind the Firefox browser calls for advancing web privacy, performance, and accessibility.

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Is low-code safe and secure?

Handled appropriately, low-code development tools pose no additional security risk over any other platform, system, or development environment.

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