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Cisco reveals OpenFlow SDN killer

Cisco proposes OpFlex as alternative standard for software-defined networking, adds the protocol to its ACI programmable networking architecture

Dell unveils fabric switch, SDN controller

The new networking gear is designed to scale, automate OpenStack clouds

Cisco's Intercloud could supercharge its Internet of things plans

The company's IOx edge-computing platform could mesh with its cloud plan to improve IoT performance

AT&T lays out 'radical' network changes with SDN

The carrier will remake its infrastructure as a 'user-defined network cloud' to deliver services faster and at lower cost

Broadcom hopes to boost OpenFlow with new spec, software

Broadcom and Big Switch Networks are demonstrating technology that aims to improve the performance of OpenFlow switches

Dell, Red Hat team up on network virtualization

The companies will co-develop OpenStack-based applications for network function virtualization and SDN

Why open source will rule the data center

According to Michael Bushong of networking startup Plexxi, three commonly occurring conditions ensure that open source software will steadily widen its data center footprint

OpenDaylight debuts Hydrogen SDN software

First version of open source SDN/NFV software debuts amid debate about OpenDaylight's aims, Cisco's participation in the project

SDN thinking lags behind technology, VMware's Casado says

Most enterprises need help moving beyond traditional networks, the SDN pioneer said

IBM looking to sell its SDN business

Big Blue has approached several vendors and is looking to get $1 billion

SDN success in the real world

You've heard the SDN hype, but where's the benefit? According to Andrew Warfield of Coho Storage, it's in the applications, and he has an example to prove it

The Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards

Black Duck, the open source software management company, picks the top 10 open source projects launched in the past year, based on stats collected from the Ohloh directory

How to securely get started using SDN

Though some might argue that it's inherently insecure, SDN has changed for the better in recent years, allowing it to be implemented securely

Your 2014 heat map for enterprise technology

Slept through CES 2014? You didn't miss much. The real action is behind the scenes in enterprise technology, where old models are being smashed as ingenious new tech emerges

Oracle buys Corente for software-defined networking

Oracle will be able to offer customers network virtualization for both LANs and WANs

10 big virtualization and cloud stories from 2013

2013 saw big news around acquisitions, community takeovers, new products, new markets, product deaths, and more FUD

4 ways network virtualization improves security

Network virtualization is not only essential to a mature cloud infrastructure, it also beefs up security, argues VMware's Rod Stuhlmuller

10 things we learned -- or didn't -- from Cisco's Insieme launch

Cisco responds to the software-defined networking movement with major new line and strategy, but questions remain

The rise of white-box switches

Software-defined networking centralizes control logic and argues for generic switch hardware -- and should drive strong adoption of white-box switches

Application-centric networking? More like Cisco-centric networking

Cisco's software-defined networking solution seems to answer one question: How to sell more Cisco products to enterprises

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