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rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

Rust is most popular WebAssembly language, survey says

The State of WebAssembly 2022 survey of Wasm developers shows Rust on top, with Blazor and Python on the rise.

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Wasmer WebAssembly runtime adds native compilation

With version 2.3, Wasmer compiles to Wasm and introduces a stack switcher to run Wasm code in a separate stack from the host stack.

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GitHub adds supply chain security tools for Rust language

GitHub’s supply chain security features including the advisory database, Dependabot alerts, and dependency graph are now available for Rust Cargo files.

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Developer survey: JavaScript and Python reign, but Rust is rising

More than 20,000 developers in 166 countries participated in the SlashData survey, which found that Rust's usage nearly quadrupled over the past 24 months.

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

Rust 2024 roadmap focuses on developer ease of use

The Rust language design team said that ‘flattening the learning curve’ could involve compiler improvements, improving async support, or extending the language or type system.

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Deno gets faster Rust calls

The JavaScript/TypeScript runtime features optimization for the communication layer.

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

Rust programming for Java developers

No programmers are happier with their language than Rust programmers. And if you know Java, you’ll find Rust relatively easy to learn.

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

Rust language is fun but challenging — survey

Survey of Rust programmers indicates they enjoy using the language but writing production-ready code is sometimes a struggle.

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Rust 1.58.1 fixes dangerous race condition

Vulnerability would allow an attacker to trick a privileged program into deleting files and directories that the attacker otherwise could not access or delete.

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Parcel CSS parser offered as performance enhancer

The new tool was written in the Rust language and provides speed and minification.

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Big Next.js upgrade has new Rust compiler, ES Modules support

Faster builds and new middleware capabilities are also highlighted in Version 12 of web framework.

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Jump into WebAssembly with Hippo

Deis Labs’ Hippo WebAssembly PaaS makes it easy to build and run portable WASM applications, whether they’re browser-hosted or standalone.

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

The future of Rust

The Rustacean Principles are more than feel-good ideas. They are a key part of why developers keep giving Rust the crown.

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Rust 2021 edition promises better ‘feel’

Third edition of the Rust programming language tees up a number of small changes expected to significantly improve the developer experience.

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Build more secure software with Rust for Windows

Microsoft has released an early version of its Rust tool for Windows development. It’s well worth a look.

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

Google Android team embraces Rust for Android OS development

The Android Open Source Project has adopted the Rust programming language for use in new Android OS development, citing its memory safety advantages over C/C++.

rust king iron bronze crown royal queen

Rust working group envisions ‘accessible’ async Rust

Async Foundations Working Group for Rust wants to make the language a leading choice for building distributed systems.

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Rust language moves to independent foundation

Rust Foundation takes over Rust language stewardship from Mozilla and will host Rust infrastructure assets.

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