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What’s new in Rust 1.65

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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InfluxDB’s next-gen time-series engine is built on Rust, supports SQL

The new time series engine is capable of responding to queries faster, supporting data analysis of massive database workloads.

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7 reasons to love the Rust language—and 7 reasons not to

Love it or hate it, Rust is taking the world of systems programming by storm. Here's a look at what's great, and not-so-great, about the so-called modern successor to C and C++.

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Should C/C++ be deprecated in favor of Rust?

Microsoft executive says it’s time to retire the C and C++ programming languages and use Rust instead.

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Smart Rust: Using the match keyword with Option types

Rust's match keyword lets you make decisions based on the contents of variables. But it can also be used to make decisions based on a variable's type, too. Learn how using match with the Option type allows you to use types at compile...

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Rust programming language gains dedicated security team

Beginning with a security audit and threat modeling exercises, the Rust language security initiative draws on staff and support from the OpenSSF and JFrog.

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Memory management in Rust, Part 2: Borrowing

Rust's memory management model features the concept of "borrowing", where the ownership of a given variable that needs mutating must be explicitly transferred. Learn how borrowing is embedded in Rust's syntax, and how the compiler...

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How to use Rust with Python, and Python with Rust

You can merge Python's convenience with Rust's speed, thanks to libraries in both languages. Get started with the PyO3 project and cpython crate.

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Memory management in Rust, Part 1: Ownership

Rust's memory management model uses a concept called "ownership", where a given object in memory can only be handled by a single variable at a time, and the programmer must be explicit about how ownership is held and transferred. This...

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Rust is most popular WebAssembly language, survey says

The State of WebAssembly 2022 survey of Wasm developers shows Rust on top, with Blazor and Python on the rise.

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Wasmer WebAssembly runtime adds native compilation

With version 2.3, Wasmer compiles to Wasm and introduces a stack switcher to run Wasm code in a separate stack from the host stack.

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GitHub adds supply chain security tools for Rust language

GitHub’s supply chain security features including the advisory database, Dependabot alerts, and dependency graph are now available for Rust Cargo files.

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Developer survey: JavaScript and Python reign, but Rust is rising

More than 20,000 developers in 166 countries participated in the SlashData survey, which found that Rust's usage nearly quadrupled over the past 24 months.

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Rust 2024 roadmap focuses on developer ease of use

The Rust language design team said that ‘flattening the learning curve’ could involve compiler improvements, improving async support, or extending the language or type system.

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Deno gets faster Rust calls

The JavaScript/TypeScript runtime features optimization for the communication layer.

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Rust programming for Java developers

No programmers are happier with their language than Rust programmers. And if you know Java, you’ll find Rust relatively easy to learn.

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Rust language is fun but challenging — survey

Survey of Rust programmers indicates they enjoy using the language but writing production-ready code is sometimes a struggle.

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Rust 1.58.1 fixes dangerous race condition

Vulnerability would allow an attacker to trick a privileged program into deleting files and directories that the attacker otherwise could not access or delete.

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