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My future roads paths businessman

robot worker ts

Robots in restaurants: imagining the future

A lot of experimentation is going on, business models are being tested and acceptance of a new interaction for people, both digitally and in the physical world

robots pc computers army desks work

Making sense of co-bots

There's been plenty of buzz lately about robots taking over human jobs. But collaborative robots that work with people is a much more likely scenario

Robot Artificial Intelligence chat bot

Intro to robotic process automation

An overview of robotic process automation (RPA): what it is, its different types and the evolution and current adoption of RPA

artificial intelligence / machine learning

Letting go: trusting AI to do its thing while humans do theirs

Early adopters of enterprise AI are quickly realizing that part of the unwritten contract between man and machine is that man will surrender control of data-related tasks and decision-making to AI

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