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The 50 shades of the enterprise tech gray market

You can save a bundle of money buying redundant or noncritical gear from the gray market, but a lot of risk is involved

After Hurricane Sandy: Lessons for the data center

You never want to say 'I told you so,' but now is a good time to bring up the need for better monitoring, backup power, and other improvements

Risk, and why IT has such a hard time getting BI right

IT has always feared risk and uncertainty. But to get BI right, it is going to have to embrace them

Ex-hacker spills secrets of fighting social engineering

Targeting your users for phishing attacks is a great way to ensure social engineering training sticks

Corporate cloud showdown: IT vs. Legal

Inside the enterprise, the biggest obstacle to cloud computing is often the company's own corporate counsel

Why the GPL licensing cops are the good guys

GPL enforcement by Software Freedom Conservancy puts electronics makers on notice, leaves business users untouched

The two sides of an IT admin: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Few professions have the propensity to go from normal to obscene as rapidly and thoroughly as IT does

2 more cloud myths busted: Lock-in and locked up

When it comes to technology dependency and risk of legal compliance, the cloud is just like everything else

BYOD and the hidden risk of IT security

When employees use personal devices for business purposes, too much security can create more risk than it prevents

VisiCalc's Dan Bricklin weighs in on the tablet revolution

Co-creator of the original PC killer app sees ample opportunity for innovators on tablets

Learning from the cloud's failings

Last week's Windows Azure Compute outage underlines customers' blind faith in infallible cloud solutions

The senseless battle over easy, secure data access

IT and users must work together to find safe, simple ways to access data and not scapegoat one another

How to move a data center without having a heart attack

Before the event, consider everything that can go wrong, make contingency plans, exploit opportunities to upgrade, and label everything

Lost in BYOD's uncharted legal waters

As companies and users engage in shared ownership of devices and data, there's no clear answer on the right legal approach

Downtime is ... good?

A healthy dose of planned downtime can save your bacon. Don't buy into the 24/7, always-on culture unless you absolutely must

Carrier IQ and Facebook pose the least of your privacy threats

Users are regularly signing up for Big Brother-like tech that could result in the loss of insurance coverage or worse

When your offshoring fails: A guide to suing the outsourcer

The six questions to ask before calling in a lawyer on an offshore deal gone bad

The case for compliance as a cloud service

The use of the cloud could actually enhance your ability to manage IT successfully within complex regulations

Developers' big decision: Whether to bet the farm on Facebook

FarmVille creator Zynga sees big riches in social network platforms, but vendor lock-in means this gold rush may not pan out for independent developers

Mobile BYOD strategy reveals if your CIO is good or bad

How the CIO handles a bring-your-own-device effort is a good proxy on whether that executive should lead IT in the emerging empowered-user world

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