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4 key new features in PostgreSQL 16

Postgres 16 highlights include updates around privilege administration, logical replication, performance improvements, and comprehensive monitoring features. Here is a breakdown.

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What SQL users should know about time series data

Four key considerations to keep in mind when you need a database designed for analytical queries of vast quantities of time series data.

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6 key features of SingleStore Kai for MongoDB

SingleStore Kai for MongoDB brings real-time analytics to JSON documents by translating MongoDB queries onto SQL statements that are executed on SingleStoreDB. No changes to schema, data, or queries required.

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Update or migrate? Planning for MySQL 5.7 EOL

Come October 2023, MySQL 5.7 will no longer receive updates or security patches. It’s time to understand your options and plan for the path ahead.

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Serverless is the future of PostgreSQL

To differentiate the many flavors of PostgreSQL, the few truly serverless offerings promise better engineering and faster development.

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PostgreSQL 16 advances query parallelism

Next major release of the major open source relational database, now in beta, brings performance improvements to query execution and to logical replication.

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Kinetica taps ChatGPT for natural language SQL database queries

Natural language queries made to the database are routed through ChatGPT's API to produce a SQL query syntax that can be run to generate results, Kinetica says.

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After job cuts, MariaDB faces uncertain financial future

In addition to laying off 26 staffers out of its 340-strong workforce in February, the company warns that revenue won't be enough to support operations for the next 12 months, and is looking for financing.

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Open source FerretDB offers ‘drop-in replacement’ for MongoDB

FerretDB 1.0 is a stateless proxy that converts MongoDB protocol queries to SQL, using PostgreSQL as the database engine.

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Here’s why Oracle is offering Database 23c free to developers

Oracle’s change in strategy to release a developer-first version of its new database is linked to the company’s plans to defend its market dominance and look at innovative ways to acquire new customers, analysts said.

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MariaDB SkySQL adds serverless analytics, cost management features

The new release of the managed database as a service removes the need for extracting, transforming, and loading data by adding a ‘serverless’ layer powered by Apache Spark SQL.

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Google ambushes on-prem PostgreSQL with AlloyDB Omni

Google is previewing a downloadable, ML-tuned version of its PostgreSQL-compatible AlloyDB, which it claims is 2x faster than standard Postgres for transactional workloads and 100x faster for analytical queries.

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YugabyteDB Managed adds managed command line interface

The new updates to the managed version of Yugabyte’s open source distributed SQL database include support for AWS PrivateLink, improved observability, and faster scalability.

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Oracle adds machine learning features to MySQL HeatWave

In addition to updating MySQL HeatWave’s AutoML and Autopilot, Oracle will now offer a small shape for the service, targeting customers with smaller volumes of data.

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EDB’s Postgres Distributed 5.0 boosts availability, performance

The distributed version of the open source, object-relational database system is available as an add-on, dubbed EDB Extreme High Availability, for EDB Enterprise and Standard plans, the company said.

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Google makes AlloyDB for PostgreSQL available in 16 new regions

The PostgreSQL-compatible, fully managed database-as-a-service will come with a new feature called cross-region replication, which is currently in private preview.

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EnterpriseDB adds Transparent Data Encryption to PostgreSQL

The new Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) feature will be shipped along with the company’s enterprise version of its database.

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5 key new features in SingleStoreDB 8.0

The latest release of the unified database for transactional and analytical processing brings real-time analytics for JSON data, Wasm support, dynamic scaling, and security and UX improvements.

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