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React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

Next.js rearchitects router for smoother server-side rendering

Now stable in Next.js 13.4, the new App Router builds on React Server Components and React Suspense to improve data fetching, page loading, and the developer experience.

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A practical guide to React Native authentication

Using React Native authentication to verify user identities is a relatively painless and straightforward process that not only protects your company’s data and your user’s privacy, but also improves the user experience.

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Server-side rendering is having a moment

React-based frameworks that render web pages on the server could paradoxically be the future of front-end development. Here’s why.

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Next.js 13 hones routing, layouts, rendering

Latest upgrade to Vercel’s React framework for building web apps also debuts an ‘extremely fast’ Rust-based bundler called Turbopack.

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Intro to Redwood.js: Rapid application development with React

Redwood.js unites React, GraphQL, and Prisma for rapid application development inspired by Ruby on Rails. Let's get a hands-on look at Redwood.js.

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React 18 arrives with concurrent renderer, automatic batching

Major update to the popular JavaScript framework boosts performance by rendering multiple UI versions simultaneously and batching all updates by default.

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Hands-on with React Server Components

Unlike server-side rendering, React Server Components aim to fully replace client-side functionality with work done on the server. Let’s see how this works.

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Hands-on with GatsbyJS

An introduction to building a website with the friendly and easy-to-use static site generator based on React.

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Big Next.js upgrade has new Rust compiler, ES Modules support

Faster builds and new middleware capabilities are also highlighted in Version 12 of web framework.

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Unstoppable Jamstack and the Gatsby opportunity

Gatsby offers developers a lightweight, flexible, API-driven approach to building web applications—and freedom from the heavyweight CMS.

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AI, machine learning, and deep learning deep dive

Download this 26-page in-depth guide to AI, machine learning, and deep learning for easy reading at your convenience

Get started with Angular

A step-by-step guide to installing the tools, creating an application, and getting up to speed with Angular components, directives, services, and routers

Python megaguide: The best frameworks and IDEs

Only on InfoWorld: A hands-on, in-depth look at 13 Python web frameworks and six Python development toolkits

Quick guide: Digital transformation and the agile enterprise

Enterprise transformation is hard. But when you build a platform for continuous change, putting new ideas into production becomes a lot easier

Career hacks: Professional do’s and don’ts for developers

The hot skills to master, the secrets to breaking into management, the career mistakes to avoid -- here's how to refactor yourself as the developer every organization wants

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Deep Dive how-to: Office 365 document sharing

Office 2016, OneDrive, and Office 365 together offer powerful document collaboration capabilities across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and the web -- but only if you set them up and manage them properly. This how-to guide walks you...

Machine learning megaguide: Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, HPE, IBM

Download InfoWorld's massive roundup of Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, HPE, and IBM machine learning toolkits

The Essential Guide to Microservices

How to create modern Web and mobile applications that scale.