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Review: Snowflake aces Python machine learning

Snowpark for Python gives data scientists a nice way to do DataFrame-style programming against the Snowflake data warehouse, including the ability to set up full-blown machine learning pipelines to run on a recurrent schedule.

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Using Cython to accelerate Numpy

Numpy's a common way to perform fast math on arrays in Python, but sometimes even Numpy can use a speed boost. Learn how Cython, the Python-to-C compiler, can be used to speed up Numpy interactions even more.

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What is TOML? An easier way to configure Python apps and more

TOML makes writing configuration files simple, straightforward, and more human-readable than many other formats, including JSON.

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RStudio unveils Shiny for Python

After 10 years as an R framework, the Shiny web framework is now available for Python in an alpha release.

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RStudio changes name to Posit, expands focus to include Python and VS Code

RStudio is updating its name as it aims to expand use of its commercial products among data science teams using both Python and R.

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How to attend RStudio Conference 2022 remotely for free

Keynotes and presentations will be streamed live. Plus, there will be a Discord server for virtual attendees.

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How to use Python dictionaries

Learn how Python's dictionary data structure works as a powerful and versatile way to store and retrieve objects and data in your applications.

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Using importlib to perform dynamic imports in Python

Normally, Python modules get imported by way of a statement in source code, but Python provides the importlib module to programmatically control imports. Learn how to use importlib to selectively import modules on demand.

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Nvidia unveils QODA for hybrid quantum-classical computing

Nvidia’s Quantum Optimized Device Architecture allows HPC and AI experts to add quantum computing to existing applications, using C++ and Python.

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ASGI explained: The future of Python web development

Learn how the new asynchronous standard for Python web applications makes apps faster, more flexible, and more future-proof.

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How to use Rust with Python, and Python with Rust

You can merge Python's convenience with Rust's speed, thanks to libraries in both languages. Get started with the PyO3 project and cpython crate.

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How to use Python's "all" and "any" built-ins

Python's "all" and "any" keywords let you test if all, or any, elements in some collection satisfy some condition. This video shows you how to use this efficient and powerful built-in, and make sense of its potentially unexpected...

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Intro to PyScript: Run Python in your web browser

PyScript lets you run Python scripts right in the browser, side by side with JavaScript, with two-way interaction between your code and the web page.

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How to use Python's assert keyword properly

The assert keyword in Python helps guard against bugs in the development process, but it isn't a substitute for other, more proper programming practice. Learn how and when to use assert correctly in this video.

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Snowflake taps Python to take on Teradata, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Redshift

Snowflake's updates include support for Python on the Snowpark application development system , data access capabilities, and external tables for on-premises storage.

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Faster code with Python 3.11's adaptive interpreter and other optimizations

The new adaptive interpreter feature in Python 3.11, described in PEP 659, makes many common code patterns faster, sometimes by as much as 20%, with no effort on your part. See for yourself how 3.11's changes accelerate Python...

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As data science goes mainstream, so does its language

Python may be the second choice to R, but its popularity and ease of use positions it to dominate data science.

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9 fine libraries for profiling Python code

From simple timers and benchmarking modules to sophisticated stats-based frameworks, look to these tools for insight into the performance of your Python program.

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