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OpenAI debuts Python-based Triton for GPU-powered machine learning

Triton uses Python’s syntax to compile to GPU-native code, without the complexities of GPU programming.

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GraalVM adds Native Image, compiler enhancements

Upgrade to the high-performance, multi-language runtime also offers improvements for Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and WebAssembly.

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6 essential Python tools for data science—now improved

SciPy, Numba, Cython, Dask, Vaex, and Intel SDC all have new versions that aid big data analytics and machine learning projects.

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How to use the Python for loop

The for loop construction in Python easily iterates over a collection of items. Here’s what you need to know to use it well.

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Speed up your Python with Numba

Want faster number-crunching in Python? You can speed up your existing Python code with the Numba JIT, often with only one instruction.

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Get started with Anaconda Python

Anaconda provides a handy GUI, a slew of work environments, and tools to simplify the process of using Python for data science.

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Using Cython to make a Python executable (and why standalone Python apps are tricky projects)

Can you take a Python script and turn it into a standalone executable? Sort of! The Python compiler Cython can be used to do something like this, but it's a little trickier than it might seem. We'll explore how to do this in this...

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Excel, Python, and the future of data science

If the ubiquitous spreadsheet program is the gateway to data science, Python aims to be the next step.

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IBM Python toolkit measures AI uncertainty

IBM’s Uncertainty Qualification 360 is an open source library of Python algorithms for quantifying, estimating, and communicating the uncertainty of machine learning models.

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Get started with Flask 2.0

Dive head-first into one of the most popular and versatile web frameworks for Python with this quick-start tutorial.

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What's new in Python 3.10: Pattern matching, better syntax errors, and more

A quick look at some of the major new features in Python 3.10: The new pattern matching syntax (see for more details); more precise syntax...

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How to use Python’s py launcher for Windows

Take control of multiple Python installations in Windows with the py launcher, available as part of a standard Python installation.

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Using the switch/case syntax | Smart Go

Learn about Go's switch/case construction, making it easy to choose one code path among many based on the value of a variable -- or even its type.

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Python’s creators unveil speedup plans for Python

Incremental improvements are on the way that promise to speed up Python by a factor of 2x to 5x, and remain compatible with existing code.

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Building a toy social network with Python, Part 6: Using the decorator pattern to clean up code

In Part 6 of this ongoing series, we use Python's decorator pattern to make our code a little less boilerplate-y and centralized, by consolidating common behaviors across our site into single functions.

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Instagram open sources high-performance Python fork

By making the Cinder project publicly available, the company wants to open conversation about upstreaming its performance optimizations to standard Python.

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Pyston project open sources its faster Python

Pyston 2.2 yields a roughly 30% speed improvement over standard CPython, and the software is now available under an open source license.

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What’s new in Python 3.10

The latest beta version of Python sports powerful pattern matching features, better error reporting, and smarter typing syntax for wrapped functions.

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Mozilla spins out Pyodide Python-in-the-browser project

Project for running Python and its scientific stack in web browsers via WebAssembly will be maintained by volunteer contributors.

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