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First look at the Mojo language's desktop version

Mojo, a newly developed language aimed at machine learning and data science tasks, promises C++- and Rust-like speeds with the syntax of Python. Previously, the only way to try Mojo was through its online portal. Now the language's...

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Winget, Microsoft's open source package manager for Windows

Unlike the various breeds of Linux, Microsoft Windows hasn't really had a package management mechanism, except for ad-hoc third party offerings or the proprietary Microsoft Store. Winget offers a Microsoft-authored open source...

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7 Python libraries for parallel processing

Do you need to distribute a heavy Python workload across multiple CPUs or a compute cluster? Here are seven frameworks up to the task.

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VS Codium, the de-Microsofted fork of Visual Studio Code

Microsoft's widely used Visual Studio Code editor and IDE is built on open source components, but Microsoft adds its own branding, telemetry, and licensing. VS Codium is a fork of VS Code, built from the same source, that's offered...

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How to work with the Python list data type

Use Python lists to store data in one-dimensional rows, access them by indexes, and sort them any which way you like.

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What is Python? Powerful, intuitive programming

Find out what makes Python a versatile powerhouse for modern software development—from data science to machine learning, systems automation, web and API development, and more.

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How to use PyInstaller to create Python executables

Use PyInstaller to package your Python apps into standalone executables for easy distribution.

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How to use the Go language's cgo package to interface with C

The Go programming language is normally used with its own libraries and packages, but it can interface with the world of C libraries and programs, too. Learn in this video how to use the cgo package to connect with C libraries,...

The 2023 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

Microsoft launches native integration for Python in Excel

With native Python integration with Excel, users will be able to use the new “PY” function to input Python code directly into Excel cells.

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Get started with FastAPI

Take advantage of the FastAPI web framework and Python to quickly create snappy, OpenAPI-compliant web APIs—and full websites, too.

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Python-based Textual apps are coming to the web

Textual Cloud Service will allow Python-based terminal applications built with the Textual framework to run in web browsers.

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How to use Cython to create Python wrappers for C libraries

Cython makes it easy to create C extensions for Python, using the Python syntax you already know. It also lets you create convenient Python wrappers for C libraries using their header files. Learn in this video how to create Python...

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How to manage Python projects with Pipenv

Have your Python projects become a rat’s nest? Pipenv provides a clean and easy way to manage virtual environments and packages together.

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How to use structural pattern matching in Python

The pattern-matching syntax introduced in Python 3.10 allows for powerful new programming techniques for decision-making in apps.

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A first look at a faster, no-GIL Python

CPython's Global Interperter Lock, or GIL, has long prevented it from being a truly parallel, multicore language. A new proposal, PEP 703, describes a roadmap to a new design for CPython that can use multithreading to properly unlock...

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Julia language cracks top 20 in Tiobe popularity index

Qualities such as speed and scalability make Julia an attractive alternative to Python, R, and MATLAB for data science and mathematical computation, Tiobe said.

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Python moves to remove the GIL and boost concurrency

Formal plans for a Python that supports true parallelism are finally on the table. Here’s how a GIL-free Python will finally come together.

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Generative AI with LangChain, RStudio, and just enough Python

Here's how R users can get comfortable working with Python and LangChain, one of the hottest platforms for working with large language models.

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