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Java, Python top most wanted list for employers

Java, Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript programming skills are most in demand in the workplace, says the HackerRank developer skills report.

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Book review: 'Python Tools for Scientists'

Python has a wealth of scientific computing tools, so how do you decide which ones are right for you? This book cuts through the noise to help you deliver results.

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Ubuntu 22.10 shines on MicroPython, microcontrollers

Latest update to Canonical’s Linux distro revs Ruby, Go, GCC, and Rust toolchains and supports MicroPython on microcontrollers such as the Raspberry Pi Pico W.

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The best new features and fixes in Python 3.11

A faster interpreter, more intelligible errors, more powerful type hints, and a slew of other speedups and tweaks are now ready to try out.

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How to use line_profiler for detailed Python performance analysis

Python's built-in profiling tools only provide information at the function-call level. A third-party utility, line_profiler, can shed light on what specific lines in your code take up the most runtime. Learn how to analyze your...

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How to use Mypyc to speed up Python

Mypyc, available in the mypy package, lets you compile Python modules into C extensions. With the right type hints, ordinary Python code can be sped up by anywhere from two to twenty times, or even more, depending on the job at hand....

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A beginner's guide to using Observable JavaScript, R, and Python with Quarto

Using Quarto with Observable JavaScript is a great solution for R and Python users who want to create more interactive and visually engaging reports.

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Data visualization with Observable JavaScript

Learn how to make the most of Observable JavaScript and the Observable Plot library, including a step-by-step guide to eight basic data visualization tasks in Plot.

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Learn Observable JavaScript with Observable notebooks

Free, hosted Observable notebooks provide an interactive experience and lots of free, open-source Observable JS code you can reuse and learn from. Here's how to get started.

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How to use Numba to speed up Numpy

Numpy gives you fast operations for analytics and datq science, but there are times when you want to go even faster. Learn how the Numba just-in-time compilation system can be used hand-in-hand with Numpy to speed things up even...

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Intro to Nuitka: A better way to compile and distribute Python

You can use Nuitka to compile Python programs to standalone executables, then redistribute them without the Python runtime.

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How to use the Option type for safe nullable values

Many languages offer "nullable" variables, which can be set to some value, or nothing at all. Rust's Option type provides a safe and powerful way to encode a given variable as nullable. Learn the basics of using Option and its .unwrap...

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Python garbage collection and the gc module

How does Python deal with memory management? Learn the ins and outs of Python's garbage collection system and how to avoid its pitfalls.

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The Python del keyword, explained

The "del" keyword in Python is the source of much misunderstanding. What does it actually do, and where do you want to really use it?

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How to create Word docs from R or Python with Quarto

It’s easy to automate the creation of Word documents with Quarto, a free, open-source technical publishing system that works with R, Python, and other programming languages.

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CodeSee launches enterprise plan with service maps

CodeSee Enterprise scans repos to automatically detect the connections between services, visualize them, and link them to the underlying code, providing a Google Maps-like view of the codebase.

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Use Cython to accelerate array iteration in NumPy

NumPy is known for being fast, but there's always room for improvement. Learn how to use Cython to iterate over NumPy arrays at the speed of C.

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Trio: Python async simplified

Python's async functionality lets you weave together many overlapping tasks efficiently, but can be tough to get a grip on. The third-party async library Trio offers convenient metaphors for creating, executing, and managing...

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