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4 Python type checkers to keep your code clean

Mypy, Pytype, Pyright, and Pyre can help you keep your type-hinted Python code bug-free. Let’s see what each of these useful tools has to offer.

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Data Workshops for Ukraine: Learn a skill and support a cause

The two-hour workshops offer training in data visualization and analysis with R, Python, and SQL and cost just $20 or €20. Next up is ChatGPT in R.

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Is it finally time to remove the Python GIL?

The global interpreter lock is both a key component of the Python runtime and a major obstacle to multithreading. These are the plans to get around it or get rid of it.

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How to write Python extensions in Rust with PyO3

Py03 lets you combine Rust's speed and memory safety with Python's ease of use. Here's how to write Rust extensions for Python that work just like regular Python modules.

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C++ still shining in language popularity index

The language grew nearly 6% year over year in Tiobe's index and ranks fifth on PYPL's popularity index.

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nbdev v2 review: Git-friendly Jupyter Notebooks

Add-on to Jupyter Notebooks enables a literate Python development style that gives you high-quality documentation, tests, continuous integration, and packaging for free.

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How to tame your Python cache files and directories

Tired of having your Python projects littered with .pyc cache files and __pycache__ directories? This video teaches you about a little-used but powerful Python feature that lets you keep all your Python cache files in a single...

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How to use Codon, a new alternative to Python

The Codon project offers a highly Python-compatible language, built from the ground up, that compiles to native machine code for speed. It's not a drop-in replacement for Python, but it promises some significant speedups for...

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How to use Python dataclasses

Python dataclasses can make your Python classes less verbose and more powerful at the same time. Here's an introduction to using dataclasses in your Python programs.

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Tauri, a Rust-powered Electron alternative

Want to create cross-platform apps with web UIs, but don't like Electron's sheer size? In this video we'll check out Tauri, a framework for building cross-platform, web-powered apps with Rust. Tauri apps have a fraction of the size of...

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8 programming languages we love to hate—but can’t live without

Tools masquerading as languages, maddening syntax, dusty old code that just won’t die—here's what has us shaking our fists.

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How to install Python the smart way

Learn how to get Python up and running on Windows, macOS, or Linux—and avoid the biggest pitfalls along the way.

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JavaScript, Java, and Python skills top demand

And demand for TypeScript, Swift, Scala, Kotlin, and Go skills all exceed supply, according to CodinGame-CoderPad tech hiring report.

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Plunge into Python with 'Python Crash Course 3rd Edition'

This updated version of the respected beginner's guide to Python gives newcomers a whirlwind tour of Python 3.9—from object-oriented programming basics to examples involving data analysis, web development, and more.

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C++ wins programming language of the year award

Tiobe recognized C++ as the programming language with the biggest gain in popularity in 2022. C and Python were the runners-up.

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What is Cython? Python at the speed of C

A superset of Python that compiles to C, Cython combines the ease of Python with the speed of native code. Here's a quick guide to making the most of Cython in your Python programs.

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Error tracking with Sentry, Python, and Django

If you've ever wished for an easier way to track errors in Python-Django apps, Sentry could be the answer to your dreams. Let's get started with Sentry in Python.

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How to use Actix Web framework

Rust has a number of web frameworks. Actix Web is the most popular and widely used. Learn in this video how a simple web service can be set up in Actix, and how Actix makes use of Rust's async programming features for maximum...

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