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Python sets: Advanced operations

Learn how sets in Python can be used for more powerful work, by using their built-in methods to filter and merge the contents of sets quickly and easily.

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What’s new in Python 3.10

The latest version of Python sports powerful pattern matching features, better error reporting, and smarter typing syntax for wrapped functions.

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How to create sets in Python: Introduction

Learn how Python's set type can be used to create collections of unique objects, with powerful ways to inspect and manipulate their contents.

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Python concurrency and parallelism explained

Learn how to use Python’s async functions, threads, and multiprocessing capabilities to juggle tasks and improve the responsiveness of your applications.

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Python slithers toward top of language popularity index

The Python programming language closes in on leader C in the September Tiobe rankings.

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FastAPI: Fast and easy JSON APIs with Python

Learn how Python's FastAPI framework can be used to quickly stand up JSON APIs, using modern Python features like async and type hints.

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Visual Studio Code editor moves forward on language detection

Microsoft editor also supports native bracket pair colorization and TypeScript 4.4.

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Pyston, the Python alternative, gets backing from Anaconda

Lead developers hired by data science platform maker to improve Python performance and build a sustainable Pyston community.

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Get started with Python type hints

Learn how to use Python’s optional type hinting syntax for creating cleaner and more useful code bases.

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Type hinting in Python, Part 1: The basics

Learn the basics of how Python's type hinting system, optional but powerful, helps make your code easier to read, understand, and interact with.

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Get started with FastAPI

Take advantage of the FastAPI web framework and Python to quickly create snappy, OpenAPI-compliant, web APIs — and full websites, too.

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Cyclic garbage collection: Python memory management, Part 2

A closer look at the internals of Python's memory management system. In this video we examine the behavior of Python's cyclic garbage collector, which detects and removes orphaned objects that hold references only to each other, and...

OpenAI debuts Python-based Triton for GPU-powered machine learning

Triton uses Python’s syntax to compile to GPU-native code, without the complexities of GPU programming.

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6 stellar libraries for profiling Python code

Get deep insight into where your Python app is slow with these profiling utilities.

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GraalVM adds Native Image, compiler enhancements

Upgrade to the high-performance, multi-language runtime also offers improvements for Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and WebAssembly.

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6 essential Python tools for data science—now improved

SciPy, Numba, Cython, Dask, Vaex, and Intel SDC all have new versions that aid big data analytics and machine learning projects.

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How to use the Python for loop

The for loop construction in Python easily iterates over a collection of items. Here’s what you need to know to use it well.

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Speed up your Python with Numba

Want faster number-crunching in Python? You can speed up your existing Python code with the Numba JIT, often with only one instruction.

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