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Python's disassembler: How to inspect Python bytecode

Python runs programs by compiling them into bytecode, an instruction set used to drive its interpreter. With the "dis" module, you can disassemble and examine bytecode from any Python program, and learn more about how your programs...

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Python 3.9: What’s new and better

Major Python update brings a faster release schedule, performance boosts, handy new string functions, dictionary union operators, and more consistent and stable internal APIs

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Microsoft’s Playwright simplifies tests for Python web apps

Front-end tests for web apps have traditionally been a chore. Playwright offers an easier way to integrate those tests for Python.

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Learn Python: 5 great Python courses for beginners and beyond

Whether you're just getting started with Python, or you need a deep dive into machine learning or web development, these free and low-cost courses have you covered

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4 Python type checkers to keep your code clean

Mypy, Pytype, Pyright, and Pyre can help you keep your type-hinted Python code bug-free. Let’s see what each of these useful tools has to offer

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Python style: 5 tools to clean up your Python code

Look to these free tools to ensure that your Python code complies with recommended Python coding conventions and code quality standards

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How to work with the Python list data type

Use Python lists to store data in one-dimensional rows, access them by indexes, and sort them any which way you like

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How to package Python apps with BeeWare Briefcase

Take advantage of BeeWare Briefcase to make Python programs that are a snap to deploy and easy to redistribute

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7 superb Python books for every skill level

Whether you’re a beginner, a moderately skilled dev, or an expert, there’s a book in this lineup to expand your Python programming powers

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Python rises in RedMonk language rankings

Python trails only JavaScript while Java slips to third in the RedMonk rankings, its lowest-ever placement

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How Python's context managers help you clean up after yourself

Sometimes in Python programs you need to acquire external resources, like file handles, and then free them again. Python's context manager construction lets you automatically free things up when you're done with them, and in a way...

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4 powerful features Python is still missing

What new programming language features would you like to see added to Python? Here are four possibilities — some likely, some not

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How to run Anaconda side by side with other Pythons

Want to use Anaconda alongside other Python distributions? Here’s how to keep those Python installs from stepping on each other’s toes

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Microsoft unveils Pylance, its new Python extension for Visual Studio Code

Pylance works with the existing Microsoft Python extension to bring faster type checking and program analysis to Python devs

Design thinking should be at the center of DX: Prashanth MJ, Sutherland Globalinnovation

How to use Python dataclasses

Take advantage of Python dataclasses to make your Python classes less verbose and more powerful at the same time

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For data scientists, drudgery is still job #1

Data cleaning and preparation still eats up nearly half the workload of data scientists, according to Anaconda’s new survey

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Python may get pattern matching syntax

A proposal under consideration by Python’s development team would finally bring pattern matching statements to the language

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3 steps to a Python async overhaul

How to speed up an existing Python program by reworking it to run concurrently using async

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