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13 ways Google Cloud beats AWS

From Firebase to sustained use discounts, let’s count the reasons Google Cloud might be a better choice

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Where to direct healthcare spending on cloud computing

As things return to normal, we could see new spending patterns in the stressed healthcare systems. Cloud computing can help fix weaknesses exposed by the pandemic

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How to value cloud-based open source software services

Now that open source is common in enterprise solutions, both in the cloud and on-premises, enterprises are confused about how IT should value it in the cloud

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The new normal: A step-by-step guide for the enterprise

As states relax lockdown restrictions, enterprises think about how to return to a more ordinary state. These steps will help ensure a successful return to the new reality

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14 ways AWS beats Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have their advantages, but they don’t match the breadth and depth of the Amazon cloud

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which free tier is best?

Every major cloud provider has a free tier, but some offer more free services than others. Here’s how they compare

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Can public clouds keep up with the pandemic surge?

So far, most public cloud providers have kept pace with new demands, but even the cloud has limits

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Raspberry Pi is your new private cloud

Raspberry Pis are versatile, small, inexpensive computers with all sorts of uses. Now they can also be private clouds

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This just in: Cloud computing is hard

A new study confirms what most of us have said for years: cloud computing has a high degree of difficulty. However, worthwhile endeavors are rarely easy

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Cloud spending is outpacing cloud cost governance

Cloud bills are high and understanding why is low. Here's how to protect yourself and plan for the future

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7 best practices for managing a multi-cloud environment

Multi-cloud strategies and hybrid IT environments bring a set of challenges that technology leaders might not have expected.

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Where autonomous vehicles and edge computing have arrived

Advances in autonomous farming technology are leading farms big and small to 100 percent automation—perhaps the first industry to get there

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2 suggestions for surviving the 2020 cloud job explosion

Cloud computing continues to grow rapidly, but enterprises and cloud professionals need to watch out for a few downsides

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Cloud spending set to outpace traditional on-prem

Enterprises will confront the tipping point of cloud spending surpassing traditional IT costs in 2020. Is this too early or too late? A few thoughts to consider

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Understand 'as is' before you migrate to the cloud

Avoid making some huge errors in your public cloud migration with just a bit more study


Cloud computing is the unheralded hero at CES 2020

CES traditionally shows off flat screens, self-driving cars, and digital assistants, but cloud computing drives all this innovation

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Your excess server resources are wanted in the cloud

The opportunity to leverage private server resources could make or save money for both parties, but governance and security are real concerns


Break down those cloud security silos

Want to ensure that your cloud solution is safe? Focus on proper integration rather than best-of-breed solutions, and breaches will be less likely

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