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Traditional architecture still has a place in the cloud

Cloud architects may think they understand abstraction, orchestration, and automation, but these fundamental concepts are still very relevant to cloud computing.

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9 low-rent cloud providers to challenge AWS, Azure, and GCP

Major cloud providers do it all, and usually for a sizable price. If the high cost of cloud computing has you down, one of these smaller cloud services could be a way out.

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‘Cloud native’ confusion continues

The term ‘cloud native’ is years old, but we don’t agree on what it means and what value it brings.

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IT spending will be mostly cloud soon. Are you ready?

Cloud computing budgets will hit 51% of IT spending by 2025 and will continue to increase beyond that. It’s time to change how we think about cloud.

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3 multicloud myths that cloud pros still believe

We have enough experience with multicloud that there are no more surprises, right? The ideas that multicloud prevents lock-in, is cheaper, and is more resilient are still out there.

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The lowdown on industry clouds

This new trend is an old trend. Industry-specific services are now being offered by the big cloud providers, giving companies more benefits with less risk.

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Multicloud and your career

Most companies are using multicloud, so employees who want to get ahead should be ‘multilingual’ in more than one cloud.

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2 cloud computing predictions you won’t hear anywhere else

Every December I see obvious forecasts mostly from PR firms. It’s time for some targeted predictions about governance and cloudops as we enter a new year.

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Security is the Achilles’ heel of multicloud

With 2022 looking like the year of multicloud, enterprises need a solid plan for multicloud security.

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What does the chip shortage mean for cloud computing?

It’s hard to get products that require processing chips—from trucks to toasters. Compute and storage servers are pinched, too, but the big providers have protections the little guys don't.


More evidence we’re in a multicloud world

Most companies are using multicloud, but only some of them planned for it. This lack of foresight and centralized coordination can kill a business.

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Oracle bolsters cloud infrastructure with suite of AI tools

Oracle's new services aim to enable developers and data scientists to apply artificial intelligence to varied enterprise scenarios in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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What’s the real value of multicloud redundancy?

Many are seeking to duplicate systems with at least two hyperscalers, but in a lot of scenarios, it's an expensive solution that might not make financial sense.

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Will Google Cloud ever win over enterprises?

The No. 3 cloud vendor continues its attempts to attract more enterprise customers and grow market share amid stiff competition from AWS and Azure. Can Google do it? Maybe not.

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The lines between private data centers and public clouds are blurring

Public clouds are changing the way we look at IT, no matter if you’re using cloud computing or not.

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When a cloud provider retires a service you’re using

It may feel like a betrayal, but public cloud providers do need to sunset services at times. Here’s how to plan for it and even find an opportunity to improve.

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Architects are focused on the wrong end of multicloud

Success with multicloud architecture is more about ongoing multicloud operations, not how optimized the design is.

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'Spreading the risk' using multicloud

While many industries worry about putting all their cloud eggs in one service provider’s basket, a less-understood value of multicloud is emerging.

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