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Next.js 14 previews partial prerendering

Stable implementation of Server Actions also featured in latest upgrade to the popular React-based framework.

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How to create SOAP services in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of SoapCore to create SOAP services in ASP.NET Core and support data exchange with other systems.

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6 generative AI Python projects to run now

Get a hands-on introduction to generative AI with these Python-based coding projects using OpenAI, LangChain, Matplotlib, SQLAlchemy, Gradio, Streamlit, and more.

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Ruvy converts Ruby code to WebAssembly

Open-source toolchain from Shopify promises a straightforward way to build and execute simple Ruby programs in WebAssembly runtimes.

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Using JavaScript's built-in objects

Built-in JavaScript objects and functions are ones you'll use all the time. Here's how to use Object, JSON, String, Math, Date, and console in your JavaScript programs.

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Java 11 and Java 17 lead Java usage, Azul survey finds

Overwhelming majority of Java professionals surveyed run a Long Term Support release, with Java 11 and Java 17 ahead of Java 8.

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Oracle unveils Java development extension for Visual Studio Code

Oracle said that its Oracle Java Platform extension would support current JDK releases and the next upcoming JDK version.

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How to use structured concurrency in C#

Structured concurrency offers a more organized and more intuitive way of managing the lifetimes of asynchronous tasks. Here’s how to take advantage of it in C#.

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BI meets data science in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft’s cloud-hosted data lake and lakehouse platform gains new data science tools and opens up Power BI datasets to Python, R, and SparkSQL.

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Node.js 21 brings WebSocket client

Latest release of popular JavaScript runtime also features test runner improvements and enhanced V8 engine.

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Review: 7 Python IDEs compared

What's the best IDE for Python? Here's how IDLE, Komodo, PyCharm, PyDev, Microsoft's Python and Python Tools extensions for Visual Studio Code, and Spyder stack up.

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Report finds few open source projects actively maintained

Sonatype’s annual software supply chain analysis finds open source project maintenance in decline, while 1 in 8 open source downloads have a known risk.

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C# challenges Java in language popularity

Microsoft’s object-oriented language for .NET has closed the gap with Java in the Tiobe index of programming language popularity.

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Using Visual Studio Code for C# development

Microsoft’s new C# Dev Kit extension for Visual Studio Code turns the programmer’s editor into a complete development environment for .NET.

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Intro to Hyperscript: Rethinking JavaScript

Hyperscript is a newer language for handling common scripting needs on the JavaScript front end. You can use it by itself or in tandem with HTMX.

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Learning from Let’s Encrypt’s 10 years of success

Yes, having the support of a foundation helps, but more important is a solid technological solution to a recognized problem.

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Azul cloud service spots dead code in Java apps

A new feature of the Azul Vulnerability Protection service identifies unused code in production Java applications, aiming to ease maintenance for developers.

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Microsoft’s C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code reaches GA

C# Dev Kit extension includes core C# language services, IntelliCode assistance, testing, debugging, and project management capabilities. .NET MAUI and Unity support are still in preview.

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Recharts: Intro to JavaScript charting

A good charting library makes all the difference when adding visual data to your JavaScript apps. Recharts is one of the better ones, built just for React.

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10 Pythons for every programming need

Whether it's speed, memory safety, portability, a micro footprint, data tools, or something else, one of these Python distros probably has it.

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