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1 weakest link broken rusted chain security breach hacked

Rust 1.58.1 fixes dangerous race condition

Vulnerability would allow an attacker to trick a privileged program into deleting files and directories that the attacker otherwise could not access or delete.

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What’s new in Rust 1.58 and Rust 1.58.1

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

Coffee with cream and sugar.

JDK 18: The new features in Java 18

Due in March 2022, Java 18 will incubate a vector API, preview pattern matching for switch statements, adopt UTF-8 as the default character set, and include a simple web server.

Skull and crossbones emerge from a stream of digital cubes / malicious code / hacking / threat

Faker NPM package back on track after malicious coding incident

A new group of maintainers is proceeding with an ‘official’ version of the Faker JavaScript library after the previous maintainer went rogue.

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Parcel CSS parser offered as performance enhancer

The new tool was written in the Rust language and provides speed and minification.

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IPython REPL update advances code formatting

The new version of the tool also emphasizes error traceback and auto-suggestions.

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Hands-on with GatsbyJS

An introduction to building a website with the friendly and easy-to-use static site generator based on React.

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Get started with generics in Go

Newly introduced in Go 1.18, generics reduce the amount of boilerplate you need in your code, without sacrificing backwards compatibility

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Microsoft .NET MAUI Preview 11 updates Windows UI styling

Latest preview of the successor to Xamarin.Forms introduces support for Windows 11 UI styles and multi-window applications on MacOS, iPadOS, and Windows.

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AngularJS reaches end of life

JavaScript framework that ‘revolutionized’ web development will no longer be maintained, but third-party support options are available.

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Demystifying the Program and Startup classes in ASP.NET Core

Program and Startup are the main classes for configuring .NET applications. Learn how to use them in ASP.NET Core 6.

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Python nabs programming language of the year honors

For the second year in a row, the Tiobe index identified Python as the programming language whose popularity increased the most.

Java / JVM / flavors / flavours

Project Valhalla tees up Java object model improvements

OpenJDK proposals would introduce value objects, primitive objects, and unify basic primitives with objects, so that all Java values will be objects.

Digital bugs amid binary code. [security threats / malware / breach / hack / attack]

What app developers need to do now to fight Log4j exploits

Why you may already be at risk, how to detect and mitigate the Log4j vulnerabilities now, and how to improve your code security in the future.

Oracel bets Java EE future on REST

Hands-on with Dropwizard REST APIs

An introduction to the lean REST framework that turns a number of popular Java libraries into a more streamlined alternative to Spring.

A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

Why SBOM management is no longer optional

In the aftermath of Log4Shell, generating software bills of materials and quickly accessing their information will be critical to addressing the new realities of software supply chain vulnerabilities and attacks.

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

Astonishingly easy mapping in R with mapview

Create interactive maps of GIS data with tooltips, hover text, and legends in one short and simple line of code. Plus get extras like side-by-side sliders and multiple maps in sync.

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Microsoft reveals plans for Entity Framework 7.0

Themes for the next version of the object-relational mapper for .NET include support for JSON columns and raw SQL queries for unmapped types.

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