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Why the C programming language still rules

The C language has been a programming staple for decades. Here’s how it stacks up against C++, Java, C#, Go, Rust, Python, and the newest kid on the block—Carbon.

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New TypeScript operator finds coding mistakes

TypeScript 4.9’s ‘satisfies’ operator validates that the type of an expression matches some type, catching many possible errors.

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JDK 20: What’s next for Java?

The next version of standard Java could pack features ranging from universal generics and primitive types to virtual threads and structured concurrency.

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What is the JDK? Introduction to the Java Development Kit

The JDK is the development platform for building Java applications. Learn about different JDK versions, then install a JDK in your development environment and use it to compile a Java program.

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What’s new in Rust 1.64

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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Eclipse Jakarta EE upgrade zeroes in on cloud

Jakarta EE 10 arrives with a focus on building modern, simplified, and lightweight cloud-native Java applications, including a Core Profile for microservices.

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How to use route handler filters in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 7

Take advantage of minimal API filters in ASP.NET Core 7 to modify request and response objects or short-circuit the request processing pipeline.

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Intro to Redwood.js: Rapid application development with React

Redwood.js unites React, GraphQL, and Prisma for rapid application development inspired by Ruby on Rails. Let's get a hands-on look at Redwood.js.

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Cppfront project aims to modernize C++

Cppfront is an experimental compiler for an alternate C++ syntax that would make the venerable programming language ‘10x simpler, safer, and more toolable.’

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Intro to Nuitka: A better way to compile and distribute Python

You can use Nuitka to compile Python programs to standalone executables, then redistribute them without the Python runtime.

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JDK 19: The new features in Java 19

Now available for production use, Java 19 features structured concurrency, virtual threads, pattern matching for switch expressions, a vector API, and a Linux/RISC-V port.

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Brendan Eich: Don’t blame cookies and JavaScript

The JavaScript creator, Mozilla co-founder, and now Brave Software CEO loathes the online advertising ‘surveillance system that loots users’ and he’s doing something about it.

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Go developers are catching on to generics — survey

Go developer survey shows more than one in four are already using generics, though some are prevented by limitations of the current implementation or tools.

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JavaFX 19 rich client Java platform arrives

Update extends H.265 video support to HTTP Live Streaming, adds CSS focus indicators, and fixes modal behavior and touch-screen bugs.

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How to create a custom configuration provider in ASP.NET Core 6

ASP.NET Core configuration providers read configuration data from common sources such as JSON files and databases. But you can use other sources by creating custom configuration providers.

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Intro to Blitz.js: A full-stack framework for Next.js

Blitz.js takes a zero-API approach to connecting your Next.js front end to the back-end datastore. Here's how it works.

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Swift language speeds standard library, reworks generics

Swift 5.7 features a smaller and faster standard library, usability improvements, and a new generics implementation that boosts performance and removes longtime bugs.

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Python garbage collection and the gc module

How does Python deal with memory management? Learn the ins and outs of Python's garbage collection system and how to avoid its pitfalls.

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