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What’s the Go language really good for?

Famous for easy concurrency, Go has become the language of countless cloud-native projects. Here’s everything you should know about Google’s hit programming language.

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JDK 22: The new features in Java 22

The number of proposed features for the next version of standard Java now totals 10, with the addition of a second preview of structured concurrency and an enhancement to the Java application launcher.

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How to implement JWT authentication in ASP.NET Core

It’s easy to secure minimal API endpoints in ASP.NET Core using JSON Web Tokens for authentication and authorization. Just follow these steps.

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PHP 8.3 brings typing of class constants

Major update to PHP adds support for declaring class, interface, trait, and enum constant types. Readonly properties and randomness also get attention.

How to write reusable code

How to write reusable Java code

Maximizing code reuse in your Java programs means writing code that is easy to read, understand, and maintain. Here are eight ways to get started.

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Project Valhalla: A look inside Java’s epic refactor

Valhalla is nothing short of a Java language overhaul, promising to correct longstanding performance issues. Here's a first look at what's coming, starting with the new value classes and primitive classes.

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TypeScript 5.3 arrives with support for import attributes

ECMAScript import attributes will support additional types of modules in a common way across JavaScript environments, starting with JSON modules.

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What’s new in Rust 1.74

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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How to measure API performance in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of MethodTimer.Fody to measure the execution speed of your APIs and keep your ASP.NET Core applications running smoothly.

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Microsoft’s F# 8 stresses simplicity, performance

Major upgrade of functional-first programming language brings lambda shorthands, faster compilation, new diagnostics, and ‘quality of life’ improvements.

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C# 12 brings simpler syntax

C# 12 simplifies code with collection expressions, primary constructors for all classes and structs, syntax to alias any type, and default parameters for lambda expressions.

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The best ORMs for database-powered Python apps

Need help choosing the best Python ORM for your projects? Here's what you need to know about SQLAlchemy, PonyORM, Django ORM, Peewee, SQLObject, and Tortoise ORM.

Loom, threading, textiles

Project Loom: Understand the new Java concurrency model

Project Loom massively increases resource efficiency while preserving backward compatibility with Java threads. Here's a look at Loom and the roadmap ahead.

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The best Python libraries for parallel processing

Do you need to distribute a heavy Python workload across multiple CPUs or a compute cluster? Here are seven frameworks up to the task.

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Microsoft .NET 8 arrives with cloud-native stack preview

Performance, cloud-native development, and generative AI get special attention in the latest upgrade to Microsoft’s application development platform.

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Rust compiler front end gains parallel execution

The Rust compiler front end can now use fine-grained parallelism to significantly reduce compile times. Currently experimental, the parallel front end is due in a stable compiler in 2024.

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Kotlin keeps climbing the Tiobe popularity index

JetBrains’ Java rival and the leading language for Android development moves up to 15th place in Tiobe’s index of programming language popularity.

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How to use the specification design pattern in C#

Take advantage of the specification design pattern in C# to improve the modularity, maintainability, and reusability of your source code.

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