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Letterpress, TypeScript

TypeScript 5.1 production release arrives

TypeScript upgrade soothes pain points with easier implicit returns for undefined-returning functions and greater type flexibility for getters and setters.

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What’s new in Rust 1.70

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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JDK 21: The new features in Java 21

Plans for Java 21, due in September, now include a key encapsulation mechanism API and deprecation of the 32-bit Windows port.

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Bootstrap 5.3.0 emphasizes dark mode, custom colors

Bootstrap 5.3.0 mobile-first web framework features a revamped core, improving support for dark mode and color mode features.

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How to use advanced Dapper features in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of stored procedures, query pagination, query caching, and other advanced Dapper feature to simplify data access and ensure high performance.

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Interactive Java consoles with JLine and ConsoleUI

Get inside the Java shell, with this hands-on demonstration of building advanced UI consoles and REPLs in Java.

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Latest Deno release supports NPM packages

Deno 1.34 improves NPM and Node.js compatibility and adds support for Globs, TLS certificates, and more.


Angular users want better server-side rendering

Angular Developer Survey 2022 marks server-side rendering, testing, debugging and profiling, component authoring format, and initial load performance as key areas for improvement.

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How to use factory-based middleware activation in ASP.NET Core

Factory-based middleware activation is a more flexible and dynamic approach to configuring and activating middleware components. Here’s how to take advantage of it in ASP.NET Core 7.

AI-human interface.

Build a Java application to talk to ChatGPT

Build your own Java-based chatbot and get a feel for interacting with the ChatGPT API in a Java client.

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The best new features and fixes in Python 3.12

Better error messages, support for Linux profiling tools, and many improvements to Python's type hinting have just landed. Let's take a look.

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JetBrains adds iOS support to cross-platform UI framework

JetBrains’ Compose Multiplatform allows developers to build cross-platform user interfaces in Kotlin, and share them across Android and iOS or Windows and macOS.

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Azul Systems boosts Java startups with CRaC

The OpenJDK Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint project allows a running application to pause, snapshot its state, and then restart later, even on a different machine.

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How to use the rate limiting algorithms in ASP.NET Core

Learn how to use the fixed window, sliding window, token bucket, and concurrency algorithms in ASP.NET Core 7 to protect your applications and APIs against malicious attacks or overuse.

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Ruby previews pure Ruby JIT compiler

Ruby 3.3.0 brings significant performance improvements to YJIT and previews RJIT, an experimental just-in-time compiler that doesn’t require a C compiler at runtime.

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Hands-on with MicroStream: A fresh approach to Java persistence

MicroStream abstracts the Java persistence layer so you can think about data persistence in an object-oriented way. Here's a hands-on introduction.

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5 newer data science tools you should be using with Python

Already using NumPy, Pandas, and scikit-learn? Here are five more powerful Python data science tools ready for a place in your toolkit.

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Biggest Golang challenges are error handling and learning, Go developers say

Go Developer Survey finds that error handling and learning best practices are the biggest challenges to using Go, now that generics has been added to the language.

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