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150817 google headquarters 2

Google publishes national security letters for the first time

The letters offer a further glimpse into law enforcement demands for user information

Apple iPhone 5S (1)

App developers not ready for iOS transport security requirements

Many iOS apps opt out of Apple's App Transport Security (ATS) feature or deliberately weaken it

SSL padlock icon security

Chrome bug triggered errors on websites using Symantec SSL certificates

The bug affected Chrome on all platforms, as well as the WebView component on Android

fbi trump iphone

A year after terrorist attacks, phone privacy laws unchanged – but watch out for Trump

Some say the privacy climate has improved due to technology advances, but that could change with the new administration

US Capitol

US lawmakers introduce bill to delay enhanced government hacking powers

A rule that would give government increased authority to search computers and other digital devices comes into force on Dec. 1

Digital Key, security, encryption

Without tech industry guidance, U.S. may resort to weakening encryption

Security experts and privacy advocates say weakening encryption is counterproductive to fighting terrorism

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman

ISPs ordered to block LinkedIn in Russia

Russia's telecommunications regulator has ordered LinkedIn be blocked following a court ruling that it breached Russian privacy law

hacker, hack, hacking

412 million FriendFinder Network accounts said to be exposed in hack

It is the second time in two years that the dating and entertainment network has been breached

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Worries and uncertainty cloud outlook for digital privacy under President Trump

Some legal experts are worried Trump could abuse the NSA's surveillance powers

us china relations flag

China passes controversial, intrusive cybersecurity law

The new law that tightens China’s control over the internet could impact foreign companies

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A second Privacy Shield legal challenge increases threat to EU-US data flows

A French digital rights group is seeking to annul the European Commission decision implementing Privacy Shield

Digital Key, security, encryption

Google to untrust WoSign and StartCom certificates

Google Chrome will stop trusting digital certificates issued after Oct. 21 by the WoSign and StartCom certificate authorities

windows 10 paranoid

The paranoid user’s guide to Windows 10 privacy

Here are ways that you can avoid, remove, or turn off the Windows 10 features that track you

isabelle falque pierrotin in brussels

EU privacy watchdogs seek answers from WhatsApp and Yahoo about users' data

They told WhatsApp to stop sharing users' data with Facebook until an EU investigation is complete

FCC building in Washington

FCC tells ISPs to get customer permission before sharing sensitive info

But the rules only apply to broadband providers, not to Google, Facebook, and other web-based companies

driverless connected cars automated 2

Big data grab: Now they want your car's telemetry

Long before self-driving cars triumph, new and enticing auto-related products will lure you into sharing real-time data on where you go and how you get there

cellular mast tower antenna

French surveillance law is unconstitutional after all, highest court says

Giving government spies unfettered access to everyone's wireless communications is not such a good idea after all

police lineup identification

Virtual lineup: Your face is already on file

A new report pulls back the curtain and reveals the ‘Wild West’ of unrestricted facial recognition monitoring by American law enforcement

yahoo mail

Yahoo asks US government for clarity on email scanning controversy

The company asks Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to provide information about the government's request that Yahoo secretly scan customer emails

artificial intelligence robot brain network

At the mercy of AI: Your job, your health, your money

The focus on loss of privacy from Watson, Cortana, Google, Facebook, DeepMind, and Siri risks us missing an even greater threat

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