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3D-printed pizza may be delivered soon, thanks to NASA

NASA recently approved a $125,000 grant for a six-month project to develop 3D-printed food, Quartz reports

The office is on fire -- get the IT guy!

Techies often talk about putting out the fires behind the scenes, but not usually as literally as on this IT call

The patent trolls are back, and this time they're after you

Lodsys, Personal Audio, and Project Paperless continue to hit developers and businesses with frivolous lawsuits -- and are reaping the rewards

Three biggest misconceptions about 3D printing

Many businesses are falling behind on 3D printing because of a few common misconceptions

SXSW 2013: No new Twitter, but marketing and hardware stand out

3D printers are a hit at the annual tech gathering, but nothing at the show looked like it was going to be the next big thing

7 tech trends that will help your business in 2013

What's in store for IT professionals in 2013? Biometrics, 3D printing, and a whole lot more

In plain sight: On the trail of a problematic printer

The IT staff must solve the case of a new multifunction device that works sporadically, sending print jobs into the ether

Making it real with 3D printing

With a 3D printer that costs less than $3,000, you can start your own mini manufacturing operation -- and use open source software to create surprisingly complex designs

Samsung will issue firmware fix for printer security flaw on Friday

Samsung said disabling older versions of SNMP on the printers would protect them, contradicting an earlier security warning from US-CERT

Samsung printers contain hard-coded backdoor account, US-CERT warns

The hard-coded administrative account in Samsung printers poses security risks

Lexmark exiting inkjet printer business, to lay off 1,700

Lexmark will continue to support existing inkjet customers, provide supplies, and fulfill warranties

Today, printers. Tomorrow, 'integrated peripherals'?

With less office printing going on, printers are struggling to redefine themselves and are evolving from passive devices as vendors cram more features into them

3D printing: A litmus test for IT leadership

Next-generation IT is all about custom-tailored products and services. What you know about 3D printing says a lot about whether your organization will get there

Stupid tech support tricks: IT calls of shame

Pronoun problems, IT ghosts, the runaway mouse -- when it comes to computers, the customer isn't always right

Printer ink: How to spend less

Inkjet refills typically cost significantly more than the printer itself, but you can limit the damage to your wallet

Meg Whitman steers HP straight at the rocks

Combining troubled PC and printer businesses will weaken both groups and ensure HP's continued irrelevance

HP confirms merger of PC, printer businesses

Analysts conflicted over whether the move will help HP's growth

With printer sales slowing, HP favors PCs

Printers -- long the backbone of HP's business -- has a dwindling future, and HP needs to cut costs to boost spending on research

Wall Street Journal: HP to combine its PC and printer divisions

HP will make its Printing and Imaging Group a part of its Personal Systems Group, sources told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday

Need to print from iOS? Look no further

First look: Lantronix's xPrintServer overcomes Apple's printer gap, with amazing simplicity

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