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Artillery: Finding open source success between dev and ops

For Artillery’s creator, the key to the popularity of the open source load testing tool is a focus on the needs of both developers and operations. Early bets on Node.js and YAML didn’t hurt.

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Has the cloud been good for open source?

We're 10 years into the cloud movement, so it's a good time to consider what the cloud has done for—or to—the open source movement.

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IT leaders see open source as higher quality

Top benefits of using open source are higher quality and innovation, while barriers include support and compatibility, according to recent Red Hat survey.

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OpenStreetMap just turned 100 million

The open mapping data project is a colossal success story, but faces some hurdles. Here’s how you can help.

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The real value of open source in the cloud

It’s a mistake to believe that running open source in the cloud will protect you from vendor lock-in. But open source certainly offers freedom and independence to developers.

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Variable formatting with the fmt package | Smart Go

Learn how to use Go's fmt library to control the formatting of variables, both when just printing to the console and when rendering new strings from other variables within a program.

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The Linux Foundation adds 7 projects to combat racial injustice

Two new projects are being opened up to the wider open source community, five existing projects move from IBM to the Linux Foundation, and 20 other projects are being considered.

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The shifting market for PostgreSQL

Decades into what should have been PostgreSQL’s dotage, developers keep reimagining what it can be.

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Shared source won’t fix the AWS problem

Open source companies think the right license will protect them from being crushed by the big cloud providers. It won’t.

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We need a new way to think about open source

Open source companies and cloud providers are at war over who gets to profit from open source software. To help resolve that problem, we just might need new licensing.

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Who gets credit for open source success?

Like so many winning projects, Weaveworks’ Cortex is the result of a long and winding chain of open source inspiration and innovation.

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Bash 5.1 brings back older behavior

Major update to the Unix and Linux shell returns to Bash 4.4 pathname expansion and fixes a number of crashing bugs.

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What happens when you open source everything?

Many open source software companies embraced the open core model to increase revenues. Yugabyte found greater rewards leaving open core behind.

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Red Hat’s crime against CentOS

In the beginning, no one expected to get Red Hat Enterprise Linux for free. The end of CentOS as a free drop-in replacement is no cause for outrage.

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What’s new in Kubernetes 1.20

The latest release of the container orchestration system deprecates the Docker runtime in favor of its own runtime interface

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Open source your way to an MBA

Didn’t have time or inclination to get your Harvard MBA? Just start an open source project instead.

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GitHub expects 100 million software developers by 2025

GitHub’s 2020 State of the Octoverse report indicates more developer activity and open source contributions coming from outside the United States.

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The Open Source Security Foundation was a long time coming

The open source process by which we find and fix bugs is also the right way to tackle software security. The OpenSSF offers us a chance to coordinate our efforts.

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