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A network of connected virtual container blocks.

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How to use Pandas for data analysis in Python

Pandas makes it easy to quickly load, manipulate, align, merge, and even visualize data tables directly in Python.

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3 big challenges of commercial LLMs

The high costs of development and training and the lack of pricing transparency put commercial large language models out of reach for many companies. Open source models could change that.

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Project Valhalla: A look inside Java’s epic refactor

Valhalla is nothing short of a Java language overhaul, promising to correct longstanding performance issues. Here's a first look at what's coming, starting with the new value classes and primitive classes.

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GitHub’s all-in bet on AI may overlook Git

Not everyone wants AI to do everything for them. Will the risk of losing transparency and visibility into code change how GitHub made collaborative coding so powerful?

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8 ways to fix open source funding

Sure, open source is groovy, but a developer's gotta eat. Here are eight big ideas for fixing open source funding—from crypto tokens to cloud-era licenses and more.

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Open source is still the future of enterprise IT

Open source projects continue to point the way for enterprise infrastructure, with eBPF, Cilium, Tetragon, and OpenTelemetry playing major roles.

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The best open source software of 2023

InfoWorld’s 2023 Bossie Awards recognize the year’s leading open source tools for software development, data management, analytics, AI, and machine learning.

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Making sure open source doesn’t fail AI

The lessons learned from cloud are spurring a proactive examination of what it means to be 'open source' in the rapidly evolving world of AI.

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Report finds few open source projects actively maintained

Sonatype’s annual software supply chain analysis finds open source project maintenance in decline, while 1 in 8 open source downloads have a known risk.

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When open source cloud development doesn't play nice

In addition to integration and intellectual property challenges, companies may not have the technical expertise to customize or secure open source software.

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Learning from Let’s Encrypt’s 10 years of success

Yes, having the support of a foundation helps, but more important is a solid technological solution to a recognized problem.

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Developing ecosystem-ready APIs and applications

Ecosystem-ready is not just about robust engineering, security, and operational practices. Here's what your devops team needs to know.

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10 Pythons for every programming need

Whether it's speed, memory safety, portability, a micro footprint, data tools, or something else, one of these Python distros probably has it.

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Linux distros need to take more responsibility for security

Between the rapid release of open source software, and modern OSes preloaded with packages, enterprises are vulnerable to attacks they aren’t even aware of.

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Microsoft’s F# refines loops in computation expressions

The while! keyword is geared for clarity and expressiveness and will appear in F# 8.

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How Microsoft uses walkthroughs to guide open source development

Often the hardest part of contributing to an open source project is learning where to start. Microsoft has a cure for that.

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A new way of thinking about open source sustainability

Go beyond paying developers to maintain the software your business depends on. Pay the companies that pay the developers and watch the whole ecosystem thrive.

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Rethinking open source for AI

What are the license rights and restrictions for large language models? Do they cover weights and deep neural network architectures?

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