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CockroachDB now supports Microsoft Azure, multiregion deployments

With the addition of support for Microsoft Azure, CockroachDB will now support all three major public cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, the company said.

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Sigstore: Roots of trust for software artifacts

Sigstore has become the default software signing method for everything from Kubernetes to NPM, Maven, and PyPi, verifying the integrity of more than a million open source packages.

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7 awesome Java projects you should know about

The Java ecosystem is bursting with tools and frameworks for just about every programming need. Here are seven open source Java projects you don't want to miss.


Somehow OpenSearch has succeeded

The Elasticsearch fork from AWS stands as proof that the company has committed to contributing to open source.

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Amazon’s quiet open source revolution

After years of getting a free ride from open source projects, the company is developing its own obsession with contributing.

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Why did Databricks open source its LLM in the form of Dolly 2.0?

Open-source based large language models like Dolly are in high demand as enterprises want to use them for targeted or specific use cases, analysts said.

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Meta open-sources ‘significantly faster’ build system

Buck2 is a large-scale build system written in Rust and designed for speed. Builds complete twice as fast as with Buck1, the company says.

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The changing world of Java

Vaadin's State of Java Report is a treasure trove of knowledge about how developers are using Java today. Let's dig in.

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What is Apache Spark? The big data platform that crushed Hadoop

Fast, flexible, and developer-friendly, Apache Spark is the leading platform for large-scale SQL, batch processing, stream processing, and machine learning.

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Docker’s bad week

Instead of focusing on the poorly communicated decision to sunset Free Teams, look at the company’s overall direction to focus on what developers want.

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Using Hugging Face machine learning models in Azure

Microsoft is working to bring open source machine learning models into Azure applications and services.

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Eclipse Java downloads skyrocket

Eclipse Foundation reports more than 12 million downloads of its Temurin Java SE binaries per month over the past three months.

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What’s new in Apache Cassandra 4.1

Cassandra 4.1 makes the distributed database built for internet companies easier to configure and manage for new users, and delivers new storage, network encryption, and authentication options. ACID transactions are on the way.

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Companies can’t stop using open source

Even though open source can be more expensive than proprietary software, the time savings and ability to free up developers to innovate are worth it.

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7 awesome JavaScript projects to check out today

The JavaScript ecosystem is rich with innovation and expanding rapidly. Here are seven tools and frameworks that point to what's next for JavaScript.

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Top 10 open source software risks for 2023

While open source software is the bedrock of modern software development, it is also the weakest link in the software supply chain, according to a report by Endor Labs.

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State of JavaScript: A conversation with Sacha Greif

The 'State of JavaScript' visionary discusses what he's learned from creating and maintaining this vital open source community resource.

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At least one open source vulnerability found in 84% of code bases: Report

Almost all applications contain at least some open source code, and 48% of all code bases examined by Synopsys researchers contained high-risk vulnerabilities.

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