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Microsoft's cloud dominance comes with a security risk

Microsoft and third parties are layering on more security technology to keep vulnerabilities harder to exploit at scale

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These new features in Office 365 can help users work smarter

New functionality lets people easily reference content, create presentations, and more

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The hidden power of the Office 365 admin center

Don't let the initially simple interface fool you: Office 365's admin capabilities equal those of on-premises Exchange, SharePoint, and more

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Microsoft may finally have its Slack killer

The company reportedly is building Skype Teams, its first product to truly compete against hot group messaging apps

Beyond the console: 3 supplements for Office 365 admins

There are times you need to use a different tool to manage Office 365. Here are three you should know


The other Office 365 is available for your school

For collaborative classroom use by teachers and students, Microsoft has a special edition of Office 365

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Focused Inbox is coming from Outlook mobile app to the desktop

This new Outlook feature will organize your inbox for you

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Five years on, Office 365 shows its strengths

With the core tools largely toughened, Microsoft is building out new capabilities in video and community sites

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The cloud switch is on: From migration to management

As more IT shops migrate to cloud services like Office 365 and Azure, they face a new challenge: how to manage it all

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Back on top: Microsoft owns the modern office again

By (mostly) giving up its Windows-only ambitions and moving off web apps, Microsoft has made Office 365 the king of the productivity hill once more

Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

How to share Office 365 documents directly from Office 2016

Part 2: Whether you use Office 2016 in Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, or the web, you can share Office documents directly with others

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Microsoft gives businesses a free tool for online meetings

Skype Meetings is a gateway drug to an Office 365 subscription

The silver lining of ransomware FUD

The upside of overhyped security threats

Check your Office 365 security settings before you cave in to (or blow off) security vendor FUD

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Why you should use FastTrack to move to Office 365

Microsoft's migration assistance service will help you get to the Microsoft Cloud at no to low cost

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Cerber ransomware targets enterprises via Office 365

Millions of Office 365 users were potentially at risk for a Cerber infection last week as ransomware targeting shifts from individuals to enterprises

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway gets its first paid features

The new functionality comes with a host of Office 365 updates

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Microsoft starts clock ticking on Office 2016's first upgrade

Enterprise Office 365 customers have until October to move off original builds of apps like Word and Excel

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Why Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, in one word: Cortana

Know everything about your business contact before you even walk into the room

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Office 365's brand-new apps: Planner and advanced security

For users, Office Online now has a workflow manager; for IT, Office 365 now has Advanced Security Management

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Business users get live chat in Office Online

Microsoft takes another swing at Google's productivity suite with the new feature

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