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Using deduplication for eventually consistent transactions

Deduplication is an effective alternative to transactions for eventually consistent use cases of a distributed database. Here’s why.

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TigerGraph Cloud adds graph analytics, machine learning tools

The updated graph database-as-a-service (DBaaS) will come with visual analytics and machine learning tools, made accessible via the TigerGraph Suite.

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Neo4j 5.0 improves on scalability, performance, and agility

The fifth version of the leading native graph database has been released with additional features such as an Ops Manager and the ability to continuously provide updates to self-managed users.

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DataStax to offer Stargate V2 data API gateway via Astra DB

The new version of the open-source data API gateway comes with a gRPC API that will enable developers to scale Cassandra data limitlessly, the company said.

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Apollo GraphQL debuts GraphOS platform for building ‘supergraphs’

GraphOS provides an execution fabric and modular architecture for building, connecting, and scaling large networks of applications, services, and data.

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Hands-on with MongoDB queryable encryption and Node.js

MongoDB queryable encryption means never having to decrypt sensitive data inside the data store, all but eliminating the database as a target of attack. Here’s how to get started.

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Why database design choices matter to developers

Rather than punt database design decisions to a cloud service or third-party provider, understand what you want to achieve and how best to deliver on that goal.


TigerGraph Cloud adds IAM capabilities

Graph database as a service streamlines access management for enterprises and eases developer collaboration with a single login across multiple projects.

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DataStax makes Astra Streaming service generally available

Astra Streaming has been in beta across 977 enterprises since last year and is also integrated into Datastax’s serverless managed database, AstraDB, giving it the ability to support applications built on data-in-motion.

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What is NoSQL? Databases for a cloud-scale future

SQL databases have constraints on data types and consistency. NoSQL does away with them for the sake of speed, flexibility, and scale.

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Aerospike partners with Starburst to jump on the SQL bandwagon

Aerospike is jumping on the trend for NoSQL database providers to allow users to query data with popular SQL-based business intelligence and analytics tools, to reach a broader customer base.

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How MongoDB's NoSQL database is encroaching on relational database turf

Updates announced at the company’s annual MongoDB World conference this week include new analytics capabilities, a data lake for its Atlas database as a service, and the ability to query encrypted data.

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MongoDB grows up

Jokes aside, MongoDB is popular and consistently solid. MongoDB World shows the latest commitments to analytics, security, and open source.

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Review: YugabyteDB does PostgreSQL proud

YugabyteDB 2.13 is a highly scalable, distributed version of PostgreSQL that combines compelling ideas from Google Cloud Spanner and Amazon Aurora—and serves as a Cassandra-compatible database too.

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What is JDBC? Introduction to Java Database Connectivity

Get an overview of JDBC's architecture, then learn how to connect to a database and handle SQL queries and responses with PreparedStatements, transactions, connection pooling, and more.

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MongoDB CTO: What today’s developers need to succeed

MongoDB CTO Mark Porter discusses relational snobbery, the triumph of JSON, the importance of trust, how companies mismanage developers, and how the third tier needs to evolve.

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a minimal, readable format for structuring data [logo]

Aerospike Database adds native JSON document support

Aerospike Database 6 release also introduces massively parallel secondary indexes, which promise the same speed and efficiency as primary indexes.

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The steady march of general-purpose databases

Databases have morphed from basic models to specialized versions. Are they now returning to simpler days?

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