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How to use Auth0 with Node.js and Express

Learn how to add Auth0 log-in capabilities to a Node.js/Express app and use authenticated user info to show/hide UI information and secure APIs.

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How to use FilePond with Node.js

FilePond brings simple and powerful file uploads to JavaScript apps, and it’s free open source. Here’s how to use it with a Node.js Express back end.

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Get started with CodeSandbox

A brief tour of the easy-to-use, shareable, online integrated development environment catching on with JavaScript and Node.js developers.

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Deno Company unveils server-side JavaScript hosting service

Available free in an early beta stage, Deno Deploy allows developers to deploy Deno-based web applications across 25 data centers around the world.

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How to CRUD with Node.js and MongoDB

Node.js and MongoDB make for a very fast and flexible development experience. Just watch how quickly and easily we can create, read, update, and delete a document in MongoDB with Node.

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Prisma ORM for Node.js is ready for production

Object-relational mapper for Node.js and TypeScript aims to ease data modeling, schema migrations, and query creation for application developers.

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Node.js 16 introduces Apple Silicon support

The first version of the JavaScript runtime to ship with pre-built binaries for Apple Silicon also features Google V8 9.0 and timer functions that return Promises.

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Deno 1.9 previews native HTTP/2 server

Upgrade to secure JavaScript/TypeScript runtime incorporates fast Rust-based HTTP implementation and faster binding infrastructure.

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Deno Company forms to back Node.js rival

Business venture aims to ensure timely releases of Deno and pursue commercial applications for the JavaScript/TypeScript runtime.

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Deno 1.8 preps for GPU-accelerated machine learning

WebGPU API for GPU rendering and computation is supported in the latest upgrade to the JavaScript/TypeScript runtime.

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NPM CLI 7 arrives with Workspaces

Long-requested Workspaces feature supports managing multiple packages from within a singular top-level, root package.

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Deno 1.7 brings compilation improvements

Secure-by-default Node.js alternative now supports cross-compilation among supported platforms and generates significantly smaller binaries.

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Deno 1.5 brings faster bundling, tree-shaking

Highlights of the latest upgrade of the Node.js alternative also feature an overhauled REPL and web platform APIs

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Node.js 15 debuts support for HTTP/3 transport

Upgrade to the event-driven JavaScript runtime also updates NPM, enhances unhandled rejections, and adds new methods for working with array buffers

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NPM adds Workspaces for managing multiple packages

Workspaces support in the NPM CLI allow you to manage multiple packages from within a single top-level root package

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Testing web applications with Node.js and Playwright

Microsoft’s web testing framework mixes browser and dev tools access to give you a comprehensive automation and test framework.

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Deno upgrade adds WebSocket API

Deno 1.4 also brings stricter type checks, integrated test coverage, and automatic restarts

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