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iPaaS, low-code platform sales to hit double-digit growth in 2022: Gartner

iPaaS is expected to enter mainstream adoption maturity by the end of 2022.

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Why you should modernize search technologies

Important knowledge is scattered throughout the organization. Simplify everything, make it easy for employees to find what they need, and use machine learning.

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Building collaborative apps with Teams Live Share

Microsoft is expanding access to its Fluid Framework real-time collaboration tools with a new application platform for Teams developers.

Google Cloud

Will Google's new bet on low code/no code pay off this time?

The internet giant has launched an updated Vertex AI platform in response to the growing interest in low-code/no-code platforms.

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Introducing Microsoft’s Power Pages

Microsoft’s Power Platform low-code tools now build web apps and turn pictures into code.

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Does low code make applications overly complex?

By making use of standardized coding techniques and code reuse, low code in fact tends to reduce the complexity of applications. Here’s why.

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Low-code toolkit extends Salesforce platform to Slack apps

Salesforce Platform for Slack taps Salesforce development skills and Customer 360 platform capabilities for building Slack collaboration apps.

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5 ways to improve on spreadsheets for business workflows

When data and workflows get complicated, these platform approaches work far more efficiently and reliably than a spreadsheet.

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Azure Percept: A machine learning quick starter

No code meets artificial intelligence in a ready-to-deploy smart edge device.

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Is low-code safe and secure?

Handled appropriately, low-code development tools pose no additional security risk over any other platform, system, or development environment.

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Review: Creatio 8.0 Atlas shoulders no-code CRM

Creatio 8.0 Atlas is a competent no-code development environment, with good CRM capabilities for sales, marketing, and service, and good BPM capabilities.

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The lowdown on low code and no code in the cloud

Low code and no code can be part of a successful cloud solution, but you need the proper protection mechanisms to guard against inadvertent mistakes.

The increasingly fast speed of business-computing-technology.

5 reasons software architects should embrace low code

From avoiding technical debt to simplifying and integrating business processes to unlocking monolithic systems, low code offers speed and flexibility.

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Creatio updates Atlas low-code platform to make it easier to reuse code

The new version of Creatio's low-code development platform lets developers take a "composable" approach to building apps by reusing previously engineered components, adds AI assistance for UI/UX design, and offers a new, unified...

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Airtable review: Flexible low-code/no-code in the cloud

Airtable is a powerful combination of relational database capabilities, a variety of development environments for different skill levels, and hundreds of templates and add-ins for common use cases.

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AWS brings no-code to Amazon SageMaker machine learning

Amazon SageMaker Canvas provides a visual interface for preparing data and training models, no programming or machine learning expertise required.

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Google Cloud AppSheet review: No-code with extras

Google’s easy no-code app builder lets you add functionality with spreadsheet formulas and expressions, and even apply machine learning models.

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How to automate QA testing of SaaS and low-code applications

IT can still test without access to underlying source code. Use agile acceptance testing, address the business logic, and adopt test platforms with machine learning.

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