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How to build a neural network in Java

The best way to understand neural networks is to build one for yourself. Let's get started with creating and training a neural network in Java.

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TensorFlow 2.10 shines on Keras, Decision Forests

Update to Google’s open source machine learning platform brings Keras improvements, performance enhancements, and TensorFlow Decision Forests 1.0.

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What is Google JAX? NumPy on accelerators

What's the buzz about Google JAX? Find out how JAX combines Autograd and XLA for blazing-fast numerical computing and machine learning research on CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs.

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Microsoft previews text classification API for ML.NET

New text classification API for Microsoft’s open source machine learning framework streamlines model training by using your data to fine-tune an existing model.

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Design for responsible AI with Microsoft’s HAX

Microsoft Research’s Human-AI eXperience toolkit makes us think about how we use AI in our code.