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Amazing federated multicloud apps

Applications that span multiple public clouds are becoming more popular, especially with Kubernetes and containers, but think carefully.

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3 multicloud myths that need to be crushed

You've probably heard that multicloud avoids lock-in, is more cost-effective, and shouldn't include legacy systems. Sorry to say, but that's all wrong.

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Observability will transform cloud security

Cloud security threats are increasing in both frequency and intensity. We need better visibility into potential threats and proactive approaches to addressing risk.

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Sovereign clouds are becoming a big deal again

For companies that are required to keep data within a specific country or region, a sovereign cloud may be a key part of a multicloud deployment.

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Why is your multicloud so slow?

Many complain about the performance of their multicloud deployments these days, and for good reasons. Here are a few areas to look for answers.

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3 ways to screw up a multicloud deployment

We’re experienced with multicloud, but we’re also making common mistakes. Make sure you plan common services and have all your people on board.

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Data is a stumbling block for most multicloud deployments

If multicloud is your preferred architecture, you better have a solid plan for interoperability, security, portability, and centralized management. Do you?

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How multicloud changes devops

More clouds, more complexity, more challenges. Now’s the time to prepare for the impact multicloud will have on your devops teams.

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SpiderLightning: Making WebAssembly cloud applications portable

Inside one of the technologies that powers Azure Kubernetes Service’s WebAssembly support, and promises to make applications portable across clouds and other hosts.

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Why don’t cloud providers integrate?

Enterprises will never be single-vendor IT shops. Cloud providers and other technology vendors that don’t play well with competitive products are harming their customers.

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The exploding multicloud management market

The past few years saw the proliferation of multiclouds and tools to manage them. Now it's time to update your strategy to maximize multicloud ROI.

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Complexity is the enemy of cloud security

Cloud security and IT security in general often overlook complexity. It’s not taught in security courses, and most experts don’t consider it in risk analytics.

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The open enough, multicloud enough, serverless enough cloud

Amazon Web Services may disappoint die-hard proponents of open source, multicloud, and serverless. Clearly customers have a different view.

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What's coming for cloud computing in 2023

Next year may change the cloud world as enterprises face lower budgets and a demand for ROI. It's time for planning and strategy to become the dominant trend.

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2023 may be the year of multicloud Kubernetes

We could see more companies shift to multicloud in 2023, using container orchestration, federated development, and deployment. Now we just need the big providers on board.

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