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How to work with AutoMapper in C#

Use AutoMapper to eliminate the need to write tedious boilerplate code when mapping objects in your application

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How to use Swagger in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of open source Swashbuckle to generate Swagger documents for your ASP.Net Core Web API

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How to use dependency injection in ASP.Net Web Forms

Take advantage of dependency injection to create flexible, loosely coupled ASP.Net Web Forms applications

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How to use Autofac in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the Autofac inversion of control container to manage dependencies in your ASP.Net Core applications

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How to use MediatR in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of MediatR and the mediator design pattern to reduce the dependencies between objects in your ASP.Net Core applications

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.Net 5: What the merger of .Net Standard and .Net Core means

Microsoft makes its open source .Net the future of the platform, with some enterprise-ready tweaks

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How to use Nancy in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the lightweight and fast Nancy framework for building HTTP-based services in .Net Core

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Microsoft: Just one .Net going forward

Microsoft .Net 5 will mark the end of .Net Core and the beginning of a single, unified .Net platform

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Microsoft to Windows devs: You’re all Microsoft 365 developers now

At Build 2019 Microsoft unveils new tooling for Microsoft Graph and a whole new set of tools for running an application stack on your development PC

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How not to use interfaces in C#

Follow these best practices for using interfaces to avoid interface overuse when designing your types

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How to use IHostedService in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the IHostedService interface to execute background tasks in your ASP.Net Core applications

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What’s new in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

The latest release of Microsoft’s application development framework for Windows brings new features and security improvements

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Exploring ASP.Net Razor: Putting C# in your HTML

With Razor Microsoft puts server-side code and web design on the same page

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How to upload files in ASP.Net Core MVC

Take advantage of the IFormFile interface in ASP.Net Core MVC to upload small files, large files, and multiple files

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How to use the strategy design pattern in .Net

Take advantage of the strategy design pattern to encapsulate a set of algorithms inside a class and vary them based on input

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How to improve the performance of ASP.Net Core applications

Take advantage of these best practices to reduce resource consumption and improve the performance of your ASP.Net Core applications

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How to implement health checks in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of health check middleware in ASP.Net Core to monitor the health of your application, its database connection, and more

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Measure the quality of your .Net code with NDepend

Take advantage of the powerful static code analysis tool to identify and understand issues in your .Net application’s code

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How to use Glimpse in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the Glimpse debugging and diagnostics tool to gain insight into the performance of your ASP.Net Core web application

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How to use output formatters in ASP.Net Core

Learn how to build a custom output formatter in ASP.Net Core to exchange data in formats other than JSON, XML, and plain text

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