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What’s new in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

The latest release of Microsoft’s application development framework for Windows brings new features and security improvements

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Exploring ASP.Net Razor: Putting C# in your HTML

With Razor Microsoft puts server-side code and web design on the same page

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How to upload files in ASP.Net Core MVC

Take advantage of the IFormFile interface in ASP.Net Core MVC to upload small files, large files, and multiple files

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How to use the strategy design pattern in .Net

Take advantage of the strategy design pattern to encapsulate a set of algorithms inside a class and vary them based on input

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How to improve the performance of ASP.Net Core applications

Take advantage of these best practices to reduce resource consumption and improve the performance of your ASP.Net Core applications

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How to implement health checks in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of health check middleware in ASP.Net Core to monitor the health of your application, its database connection, and more

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Measure the quality of your .Net code with NDepend

Take advantage of the powerful static code analysis tool to identify and understand issues in your .Net application’s code

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How to use Glimpse in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the Glimpse debugging and diagnostics tool to gain insight into the performance of your ASP.Net Core web application

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How to use output formatters in ASP.Net Core

Learn how to build a custom output formatter in ASP.Net Core to exchange data in formats other than JSON, XML, and plain text

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How to use the Save-Data request header in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the data-saving mode in Chrome and Opera browsers to deliver lighter and faster ASP.Net Core applications

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How to use NCache in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of Alachisoft’s free, open-source, distributed, in-memory cache to improve the performance and scalability of your ASP.Net Core applications

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How to use Lamar in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of Lamar, the speedy successor to StructureMap, to inject dependencies in ASP.Net Core

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How to bypass security in integration tests in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of fake authentication/authorization checks to simplify integration tests in ASP.Net Core

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What’s new in Microsoft .Net Core

Latest .Net Core 3.0 beta includes support for C# 8 nullable references, switch expressions, and asynchronous streams

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How to use managed pointers in C#

Learn how managed pointers differ from object references, why they are useful, and how to work with them in C#

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Blazor now runs on a server: What you should know

Microsoft’s Blazor .Net WebAssembly tool makes a jump to the server and to ASP.Net Core

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Static classes and static class members in C# explained

Declare static classes and static members of a class to improve performance of your .Net applications

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How to use MiniProfiler in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the simple and powerful MiniProfiler to identify performance bottlenecks in your ASP.Net Core MVC applications

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How to use Azure Table storage in .Net

Take advantage of Azure Table storage in your .Net applications to store large amounts of key-value data in the Microsoft cloud

How to use action filters in ASP.Net Core MVC

Take advantage of action filters in ASP.Net Core MVC to execute custom code at specific points in the request pipeline

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