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Microsoft .NET 7 zeroes in on containers and cloud

Now available in the first preview, .NET 7 promises significant improvement to .NET development with containers.

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Visual Studio 2022 update improves search, Git integration

Visual Studio 2022 version 17.1 is now generally available for production use, while Visual Studio 2022 version 17.2 is available in a preview.

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Run PHP on .NET with PeachPie

.NET is much more than Microsoft’s own tools and languages. The open source PeachPie brings PHP to the table.

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Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 1 coming this week

Microsoft is marking the 20th birthday of .NET with the first preview of the next version of the platform.

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How to work with IAsyncDisposable in .NET 6

Take advantage of the IAsyncDisposable interface to dispose of objects in a non-blocking way and make your .NET applications more efficient.

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Microsoft .NET Community Toolkit backs .NET 6

Preview 1 of .NET Community Toolkit 8.0.0 adds .NET 6 support and brings a number of enhancements to the MVVM toolkit.

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Microsoft .NET MAUI Preview 11 updates Windows UI styling

Latest preview of the successor to Xamarin.Forms introduces support for Windows 11 UI styles and multi-window applications on MacOS, iPadOS, and Windows.

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Visual Studio 2022 update offers Git improvements

C++ reference searches, code cleanup, autosaves, and stack traces also get attention in planned upgrade.

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Demystifying the Program and Startup classes in ASP.NET Core

Program and Startup are the main classes for configuring .NET applications. Learn how to use them in ASP.NET Core 6.

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Take advantage of .NET 6 on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated Azure’s main PaaS services with the latest release of .NET. Here’s the skinny on .NET 6 support in Azure Functions, Azure App Service, and Azure Static Web Apps.

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Microsoft reveals plans for Entity Framework 7.0

Themes for the next version of the object-relational mapper for .NET include support for JSON columns and raw SQL queries for unmapped types.

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How to use the minimal hosting model in ASP.NET Core 6

The minimal hosting model in ASP.NET Core 6 means having to write less boilerplate code to get your application up and running.

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Using WiX to build Windows installers

With a little bit of XML you can automate creating Windows installers for your code, right from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Windows Forms advances in .NET 6 but still needs work

Supporting display DPI awareness and sharing display configuration information between the Windows Forms runtime and designer have been challenging, Microsoft said.

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Microsoft’s F# 6 boosts performance, ease

Design goals for the new version were to make it simpler, more performant, easier to learn, and more uniform and interoperable with other .NET languages.

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How to resolve dependencies in ASP.NET Core

Explore three different ways to resolve dependencies in ASP.NET Core 6, using constructor injection, action method injection, or IServiceProvider instances.

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Microsoft’s C# 10 promises ‘prettier’ code

Major upgrade to the .NET programming language arrives with new capabilities designed to improve speed and expressiveness.

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What’s new in Microsoft .NET 6

Next-gen software development platform that unites the .NET Framework and .NET Core is now available in a production release.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 arrives

64-bit upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship IDE ushers in new features to support faster, easier coding and larger, more complex projects.

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How to improve StringBuilder performance in C#

Take advantage of best practices for using StringBuilder to reduce memory allocations and improve the performance of your string operations.

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