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Visual Studio 2022 17.5 arrives with C++ enhancements, AI coding suggestions

Latest upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship IDE also promises more streamlined API development and significantly improved code search.

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Microsoft offers Visual Studio IDE extension for .NET upgrades

Developers can move apps to .NET 6 and .NET 7 from older technologies.

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Orchestration and choreography in .NET microservices

Orchestration takes a centralized approach, and choreography a decentralized approach, to coordinating the interactions of microservices. Understand the differences.

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Cobol in .NET with Otterkit

Old languages never die, they just get ported to a new runtime. Here’s a look at a new open source project for .NET that can help modernize Cobol.

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The best new features in ASP.NET Core 7

The latest version of Microsoft’s web application development framework brings excellent new capabilities to middleware, minimal API apps, and more. Here are the highlights.

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Microsoft pledges support in .NET language updates

The company has just updated its strategy for C#, F#, and Visual Basic, committing to performance and stability for all three languages.

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How to use implicit and explicit operators in C#

Take advantage of implicit and explicit operators to convert between user-defined types and improve the readability of your code.

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How to work with Action, Func, and Predicate delegates in C#

Learn how you can take advantage of delegates like Action, Func, and Predicate to facilitate callbacks and add flexibility to your code.

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.NET Community Toolkit 8.1 enhances MVVM capabilities

MVVM toolkit updates include new diagnostic analyzers and performance optimizations for improved developer user experience.

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How to work with delegates in C#

Take advantage of delegates to promote flexibility and code reuse in your .NET applications and to implement event-driven programming with ease.

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How to use OpenAPI in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the built-in support for OpenAPI in ASP.NET Core to automatically document your HTTP endpoints. Minimal APIs are supported too.

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Microsoft previews Graph API proxy for developers

Graph Developer Proxy allows developers to test their Microsoft Graph applications locally by simulating Microsoft Graph API errors and mocking Microsoft Graph API responses.

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How to use the null object pattern in .NET

Take advantage of the null object pattern in .NET to eliminate the need for null checks and avoid runtime errors in your applications.

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How to use symmetric and asymmetric encryption in C#

Learn how to protect the information handled by your .NET applications by encrypting and decrypting the data using either a single key or a public/private key pair.

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How to work with endpoint filters in ASP.NET Core 7

Take advantage of endpoint filters in ASP.NET Core 7 to modify request and response objects, short-circuit the request processing pipeline, or handle cross-cutting concerns for every request.

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How to use BufferedStream and MemoryStream in C#

Take advantage of the stream classes in .NET 7 for faster reads and writes of the data in your .NET applications.

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How to use EF Core query types in ASP.NET Core 7

Take advantage of query types in EF Core to query types that don’t have keys and to map to tables and views that lack an identity column.

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ML.NET 2.0 enhances text classification

Upgrade to Microsoft’s machine learning framework for .NET improves model building for text classification, introduces a sentence similarity API, and adds more AutoML capabilities.

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6 state management techniques for ASP.NET Core MVC

You have a number of different ways to store and retrieve data between requests in ASP.NET Core MVC applications. Here’s how to take advantage of them.


How to work with logging in EF Core 7

Learn how you can use Entity Framework Core to log data to the console, SQL Server, and other log targets when working with ASP.NET Core 7 applications.

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