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What’s new in Microsoft .Net Core

Latest .Net Core 3.0 beta includes support for C# 8 nullable references, switch expressions, and asynchronous streams

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How to use managed pointers in C#

Learn how managed pointers differ from object references, why they are useful, and how to work with them in C#

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Blazor now runs on a server: What you should know

Microsoft’s Blazor .Net WebAssembly tool makes a jump to the server and to ASP.Net Core

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Static classes and static class members in C# explained

Declare static classes and static members of a class to improve performance of your .Net applications

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How to use MiniProfiler in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the simple and powerful MiniProfiler to identify performance bottlenecks in your ASP.Net Core MVC applications

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How to use Azure Table storage in .Net

Take advantage of Azure Table storage in your .Net applications to store large amounts of key-value data in the Microsoft cloud

How to use action filters in ASP.Net Core MVC

Take advantage of action filters in ASP.Net Core MVC to execute custom code at specific points in the request pipeline

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What’s new in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

The next upgrade to the .Net Framework is promised to bring workflow improvements

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How to enable CORS in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of the CORS middleware in ASP.Net Core to bypass the security restrictions of the web browser and allow cross-origin requests

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How to consume a WCF SOAP service in ASP.Net Core

Learn how to use the Microsoft Connected Services extension to consume a WCF SOAP service from ASP.Net Core

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Visual Basic.Net soars but may tumble soon

Although professional developers don’t think much of the language, Visual Basic.Net has many dedicated office applications

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What’s new in AWS Lambda

Lambda Layers provides code management and Lambda Runtime API provides custom runtime selection

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How to use Scrutor in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of Scrutor to eliminate the need for tediousl boilerplate configuration to register services in ASP.Net Core

Association Aggregation Composition in OOP

Association, aggregation, and composition in OOP explained

How to use association, aggregation, and composition to define relationships between the objects in your application

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C# roadmap: What to expect in Microsoft.Net’s C# 8.0

Index types, nullable reference types, default interfaces, and async streams should improve code quality and make software more flexible over the long term

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What .Net Standard 2.1 means to you

A new release of the .Net Standard library is around the corner, with significant benefits to developers—and a major shift in .Net's evolution

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How to use session storage in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of session storage middleware in ASP.Net Core to store user-specific data and session state on the server

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.Net Standard 2.1 roadmap: The new features you can expect

Thousands of APIs will be added, including the Span type to represent memory

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