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How to implement IP whitelists in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of middleware in ASP.NET Core 6 to check the remote IP address of every request, and allow requests only from known and trusted addresses.

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Microsoft previews text classification API for ML.NET

New text classification API for Microsoft’s open source machine learning framework streamlines model training by using your data to fine-tune an existing model.

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Use logging and DI in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6

How to implement logging, read from the configuration system, and use dependency injection in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.

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How to work with String.Create in C#

Take advantage of String.Create to create strings with no allocation overhead and improve the performance of your .NET 6 applications.

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Microsoft .NET MAUI framework arrives

Microsoft’s Multiplatform App UI framework for .NET allows developers to build desktop and mobile apps from a single C# and XAML codebase.

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Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 4 brings Regex improvements, cache metrics

Fourth preview of the forthcoming .NET upgrade adds span support to the Regex library and hit and miss stats for IMemoryCache.

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How to compress and decompress strings in C#

Take advantage of the GZip and Brotli compression methods to reduce the size of string data and improve performance in your .NET Core applications.

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WCF returns: Core WCF gets a 1.0 release

Microsoft promises to support the community .NET Windows Communication Foundation replacement.

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How to work with Azure Functions in C#

Take advantage of Azure Functions to run small pieces of code that can be triggered by events in the Azure cloud.

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Build desktop and mobile UIs with Blazor Hybrid apps

.NET and Blazor bring the web development and mobile application worlds closer together.

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C# 11 previews raw string literals, dumps parameter null checking

Next version of Microsoft’s flagship .NET language promises a variety of new features for better productivity and better performance.

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Cross-platform UIs ‘go live’ with .NET MAUI

.NET’s Multiplatform App UI is almost here. What do you need to know to start building cross-platform apps for mobile and desktop?

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Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 3 focuses on speedups

Full native ahead-of-time compilation, startup time, and GC overhead improvements get attention in the latest preview of the next major version of Microsoft’s software development platform.

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How to enforce architecture rules in C#

Take advantage of the NetArchUnit to enforce architecture rules in your application and ensure consistency of quality and standards.

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Microsoft .NET MAUI release candidate available

Cross-platform framework for building mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML is scheduled for GA by end of June.

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NUnit uses open source tools to test .NET code

Unit tests are an important part of modern application development. NUnit is perhaps the best-known way of using them with .NET code.

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Microsoft ends support for .NET 5.0

Microsoft announced that .NET 5.0 will no longer receive servicing updates including security updates after May 8. Users are advised to move to .NET 6.0.

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Microsoft revs up regex source generation in .NET 7

The second preview release of the next version of Microsoft’s software development platform also enhances the .NET SDK with a more intuitive interface.

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