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How to use Simple Injector in ASP.NET Core MVC

Take advantage of the fast, easy, and lightweight Simple Injector inversion of control library to implement dependency injection in your ASP.NET Core MVC applications.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 is due November 8

Microsoft has made a version 17.0 release candidate and Preview 5 of the newly 64-bit IDE available with a go-live license for production use.

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How to use the Developer Exception Page in ASP.NET Core MVC

Take advantage of the Developer Exception Page middleware in ASP.NET Core MVC to display detailed, developer-friendly error messages in your development environment but not in production.

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How to prevent CSRF attacks in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of anti-forgery tokens in ASP.NET Core to protect users of your applications against cross site request forgery exploits.

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Under the hood with .NET 6

A new .NET release will be here soon, with a new set of compilers that promises a cross-platform future.

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How coupling impacts software quality

Why loose coupling between components makes your .NET application more flexible, manageable, scalable, and testable.

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Microsoft details .NET 6 performance boosts

Forthcoming upgrade to Microsoft’s software development platform promises to run better in multiple areas including compilation and garbage collection.

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How to use string interpolation in C# 9

Take advantage of string interpolation to incorporate variable substitution in formatted strings in C#.

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How to build lightweight services in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of the extension methods of the IEndpointConventionBuilder interface to implement lightweight services sans template or controller in ASP.NET Core 6.

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How to work with Azure Queue Storage in C#

Take advantage of Azure Storage queues to store large numbers of messages for asynchronous or even distributed processing.

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Debugging concurrent code with Coyote

Microsoft’s new .NET distributed systems testing framework helps track down hard-to-reproduce errors in cloud code.

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Microsoft .NET adoption gets boost from open source

Microsoft credits open source and cross-platform support for the increased adoption of its software development platform.

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How to use correlation IDs in ASP.NET Core MVC

Capture and pass correlation IDs in ASP.NET Core MVC 5 to track HTTP requests that flow through multiple back-end services.

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Microsoft sunsets Xamarin toolkit

With .NET MAUI due to arrive in November 2021, Microsoft announced it would end updates to the Xamarin mobile app development platform in November 2022.

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How to use HTTP logging in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of the HTTP logging middleware in ASP.NET Core to log request and response information with flexibility and ease.

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How to use advanced Serilog features in ASP.NET Core MVC

Take advantage of filters and request logging middleware in Serilog to reduce log verbosity and generate useful log summaries in your ASP.NET Core MVC applications.

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How to use filters in ASP.NET Core MVC

Take advantage of filters to execute custom code at specific points in the request processing pipeline and avoid code duplication across actions.

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How to avoid redundant DI code in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of base controllers to avoid dependency injection code duplication and enforce the DRY principle in ASP.NET Core MVC.

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