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How to map object relationships using Dapper in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of Dapper to create one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many entity relationships in your ASP.NET Core applications.

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The key new features and changes in .NET 8

With Microsoft’s yearly .NET release just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the changes you will need to make to your code.

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How to improve data access performance in EF Core

Take advantage of these 10 strategies to improve data access performance when using Entity Framework Core in your data-driven .NET applications.

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Visual Studio 2022 updates spotlight productivity

Visual Studio 2022 17.7 and a preview of 17.8 promise to streamline development with enhancements to diffs, comparisons, searches, pull requests, unit tests, and more.

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How to use Fluent Assertions in C#

When unit tests fail, they should clearly explain why. Take advantage of the Fluent Assertions library to write unit test methods that are simple, readable, concise, and expressive.

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Microsoft previews new F# syntax for string interpolation

Improved syntax makes it easier to work with text like CSS that contains many curly braces, while maintaining backwards compatibility with F#’s triple-quoted strings.

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How to handle null values in C#

Null pointer exceptions are no fun. You can avoid them and keep your code clean and maintainable by using these techniques to elegantly handle null values in C#.

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C# 12 boosts AOT compilation

Latest C# 12 preview introduces an experimental feature that allows generators to reroute code to provide context-specific optimization.

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How to use the is and as operators in C#

Take advantage of the is and as operators in C# to perform casting operations elegantly and write code that is well structured, concise, and maintainable.

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Microsoft improves F# language hints in Visual Studio

Microsoft is previewing inline type hints, inline parameter name hints, and return type hints for the F# programming language in Visual Studio.

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How to use API keys to secure web APIs in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of API key authentication to control the access of applications and services to your Web APIs in ASP.NET Core.

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How to work with Azure Key Vault in .NET Core

Azure Key Vault is a safe and secure place to store the tokens, keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data used in your .NET Core applications. Here’s how to work with it in C#.

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How to use EventCounters in .NET Core

Take advantage of EventCounters in .NET Core to gain insights into your application’s performance in real time.

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How to avoid spaghetti code in C#

Spaghetti is good eating but bad programming. Follow these 10 best practices to keep your C# code clean, lean, and easy to maintain.

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Composition vs. inheritance in OOP and C#

Understand the key concepts behind composition and inheritance that allow you to build reusable and flexible types in your .NET applications.

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How to use advanced Dapper features in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of stored procedures, query pagination, query caching, and other advanced Dapper feature to simplify data access and ensure high performance.

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Microsoft .NET 8 boosts Blazor, WebAssembly

Microsoft works to improve web app performance with Blazor server-side rendering and streaming rendering, Blazor WebAssembly runtime improvements.

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How to use factory-based middleware activation in ASP.NET Core

Factory-based middleware activation is a more flexible and dynamic approach to configuring and activating middleware components. Here’s how to take advantage of it in ASP.NET Core 7.

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