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Building LLM applications with vector search in Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s Cognitive Search API now offers vector search as a service, ready for use with large language models in Azure OpenAI and beyond.

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Understanding OneLake and lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Azure’s new, unified data platform aims to be your one-stop shop for analytics and machine learning at scale.

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Low code AI with Power Apps and Power Automate

Microsoft's AI Builder introduces low-code generative AI capabilities to Power Apps and Power Automate. Let's see how the preview features stack up.

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Microsoft Dev Box workstations on Azure go GA

Azure-hosted, project-specific development workstations can be accessed from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

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Using Microsoft Azure’s Prometheus monitoring with Kubernetes

Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus smooths the way to multi-cluster monitoring across Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Arc-hosted Kubernetes, and on-prem Kubernetes deployments.

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Microsoft launches GPT-enabled Azure AI for US government agencies

For government customers, Microsoft has developed a new architecture that enables government agencies to securely access the large language models in the commercial environment from Azure Government.

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Microsoft Dev Box due this summer

Azure-hosted service allows developers to spin up project-specific Windows-based workstations on demand, with support for custom images and configuration-as-code capabilities.

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Microsoft integrates Nvidia’s AI Enterprise Suite with Azure Machine Learning

The integration of Nvidia’s software suite will further help enterprises build, deploy, and manage applications based on large language models.

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KAN: A Kubernetes edge environment for computer vision

Microsoft’s open-source KubeAI Application Nucleus is a low-touch, Kubernetes-based system for building and running machine learning applications for edge devices.

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Kubernetes cost management for the real world

How much will Kubernetes cost to run? That question has become much easier to answer for Azure Kubernetes Service, thanks to OpenCost integration.

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Working with Azure’s Data API builder

Add REST and GraphQL APIs to any database with a handy .NET CLI tool.

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Using Hugging Face machine learning models in Azure

Microsoft is working to bring open source machine learning models into Azure applications and services.

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ChatGPT now chatting via Azure OpenAI Service

Developers can now integrate ChatGPT directly, using a token-based pricing system, into a host of different enterprise and end-user applications.

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Microsoft introduces reliable web app pattern for .NET cloud apps

Microsoft’s reliable web app pattern is a set of best practices for migrating ASP.NET web applications to its Azure cloud.

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Design effective AI prompts with Microsoft Prompt Engine

Microsoft’s open source tool helps you write code to work with generative AI, ensuring results give correct information and stay on topic.

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Getting started with Azure OpenAI

Microsoft’s Azure-hosted OpenAI language models are now generally available, and it’s surprisingly simple to use them in your code.


How to become a multicloud developer

Cloud spending is on the rise, and more organizations are investing in multicloud strategies. Here's how developers and architects can gain an edge in this rapidly evolving field.

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SpiderLightning: Making WebAssembly cloud applications portable

Inside one of the technologies that powers Azure Kubernetes Service’s WebAssembly support, and promises to make applications portable across clouds and other hosts.

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