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Microsoft Dev Box: Your development workstation on Azure

Build 2022 had a developer focus, with new tools to make it easier to write code in a world of hybrid work. Dev Box promises to make your development environments easier to manage.

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Add security to Azure applications with Azure WAF

Microsoft’s latest updates to Azure’s Web Application Firewall make it an essential component of cloud architectures.

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Understanding Flatcar Container Linux

Kinvolk’s Flatcar is Microsoft’s latest Linux. What is it and what should you use it for?

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How to work with Azure Functions in C#

Take advantage of Azure Functions to run small pieces of code that can be triggered by events in the Azure cloud.

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Azure Percept: A machine learning quick starter

No code meets artificial intelligence in a ready-to-deploy smart edge device.

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Microsoft opens Azure-based Startups Founders Hub, easing eligibility rules

Successful applicants to Microsoft’s Startups Founders Hub will be rewarded with Azure and OpenAI credits, and free access to productivity and developer tools including GitHub and Microsoft 365.

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In an evolving cloud world, Azure passes AWS

Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud survey finds data warehouses, databases, and containers to be the top cloud draws, with serverless and AI/ML rising fast.

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Preparing for the end of Dockershim in AKS

Big changes are coming to the way Kubernetes manages containers. Here’s how to make sure your Azure Kubernetes Service applications are ready.

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Securing Azure Kubernetes networking with Calico

With a few lines of YAML, Calico will keep watch as you build application-controlled networking.

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Understanding Azure HPC

Build your own supercomputer in the cloud with Azure’s high-performance computing tools.

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Take advantage of .NET 6 on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated Azure’s main PaaS services with the latest release of .NET. Here’s the skinny on .NET 6 support in Azure Functions, Azure App Service, and Azure Static Web Apps.

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What should HashiCorp do now?

Going public may open the company up to being acquired by one of the big players, and GitHub is the cautionary tale.

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Review: Document parsing in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Amazon Textract, Azure Form Recognizer, and Google Document AI can parse your unstructured documents and produce structured information for all kinds of digital transformation use cases.

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Take a look at Azure Monitor

Use Azure’s built-in metrics and log tools to support devops and SRE teams.

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Getting started with Azure Fluid Relay

Microsoft’s Fluid Framework offers an interesting approach to collaborative distributed applications. An Azure service aims to make it easier to deploy and deliver Fluid code.


Microsoft’s Kubernetes for the rest of us

Azure Container Apps is a serverless Kubernetes service that manages scaling for you. Just bring your application’s containers, ready to run.

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Ignite 2021: Azure’s Chaos Studio goes public

Azure CTO Mark Russinovich explains how Microsoft is bringing chaos engineering tools to its Azure customers.


Azure updates AKS with new Kubernetes technologies

Microsoft continues to evolve Azure’s container orchestration platform, adding proxy and WebAssembly support.

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