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Microsoft introduces cloud-native application platform

The open source Radius platform allows developers and operators to collaborate on delivering and managing cloud-native apps across public clouds and private infrastructure.

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Eclipse enterprise Java gathers steam, MicroProfile slips

Eclipse survey of enterprise Java developers shows Jakarta EE use on the rise, MicroProfile losing ground to Spring, and Kubernetes and microservices to be the top community priorities.

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How to build a microservice in ASP.NET Core

A microservices architecture can help you build applications that are flexible, scalable, and easy to maintain. Here’s how to get started with microservices in ASP.NET Core.

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What’s next for observability?

Today’s systems are exposing more of their underlying complexity to operators. These are the most exciting new developments along the journey of taming that complexity.

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The downsides of microservices architecture

Microservices came in with a great deal of momentum a few years ago, but now we’re seeing their drawbacks for applications on cloud platforms.

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6 best practices to keep Kubernetes costs under control

Successfully managing Kubernetes infrastructure and management costs requires granular monitoring, shared visibility, and effective controls. Here’s how to get there.

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How Grafana made observability accessible

Now 10 years old, the open source passion project that made observability open and composable continues to simplify life for developers.

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Kubernetes cost management for the real world

How much will Kubernetes cost to run? That question has become much easier to answer for Azure Kubernetes Service, thanks to OpenCost integration.

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How to get started with event-driven microservices

Event-driven microservices are an excellent way to deliver both historical and new data to all of the systems and teams that need it, but they come with additional overhead and management requirements. Start small.

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Designing user management for machine-to-machine interactions

Machines are users, too, and you will have to treat them like users to ensure that the services they use are available, fast, scalable, and secure. Here’s how.

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Oracle Helidon taps virtual threads for ‘pure performance’

Version 4.0.0 of Oracle’s Java microservices framework introduces a web server based on virtual threads, which promise both outstanding performance and simpler programming.

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Orchestration and choreography in .NET microservices

Orchestration takes a centralized approach, and choreography a decentralized approach, to coordinating the interactions of microservices. Understand the differences.

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Kill snowflake servers so the cloud can take their place

High-availability, auto-scaling, self-healing cloud infrastructure is as resilient as the many-headed Hydra of Greek myth. Make the most of it by using containers.

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Today’s industry clouds are different

Vertical industry clouds have key capabilities that were missing in the past. With various granularity levels and better integration, vertical clouds will work this time.

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How to beat the Kubernetes skills shortage

While Kubernetes container management is key to digital transformation, Kubernetes talent is in short supply. Follow these 4 strategies of successful companies to fill the gap.

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5 steps to lower Kubernetes costs

Granular visibility can help enterprises keep cloud costs in check. Follow these best practices when using monitoring methods to control Kubernetes-related spending.

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Async C++ framework aims for easier microservices

Userver, currently in beta, promises to solve the problem of efficient I/O interactions transparently for C++ developers.

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7 biggest Kubernetes security mistakes

The most dangerous security holes are often the most basic. Start improving your Kubernetes security posture by fixing these simple mistakes.

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