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What is a data lake? Massively scalable storage for big data analytics

Dive into data lakes—what they are, how they're used, and how data lakes are both different and complementary to data warehouses.

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Review: Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines cost-effective data storage with machine learning and data analytics, and it's available on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Could it be an affordable alternative for your data warehouse needs?

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Career roadmap: Machine learning scientist

Data scientists and machine learning scientists have similar roles, but a machine learning scientist specializes in researching and implementing complex algorithms.

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InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards

About InfoWorld’s annual awards for the best products in software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning.

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InfoWorld’s 2022 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld celebrates the year’s best products in software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning.

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InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards promotional information

Guidelines for InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award winners

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Career roadmap: Machine learning engineer

As organizations worldwide adopt machine learning across virtually every industry, the demand for machine learning engineers is on the rise.

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Azure Percept: A machine learning quick starter

No code meets artificial intelligence in a ready-to-deploy smart edge device.

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Artificial intelligence really isn’t all that intelligent

Narrow AI applications such as Google Search and Amazon Alexa are great at solving specific problems, but only as long as you stick to the script.

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Red Hat OpenShift adds Nvidia, Arm, AI support

Kubernetes-based platform beefs up support for AI and machine learning workloads and eases deployment to additional cloud partners.

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Orchestrating data for machine learning pipelines

Machine learning workloads require large datasets, while machine learning workflows require high data throughput. We can optimize the data pipeline to achieve both.

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Use DirectML to train PyTorch machine learning models on a PC

Microsoft’s new tool makes it possible to use your own GPU to work with popular machine learning platforms.

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Embedded intelligence: concepts versus buzzwords

Although we've called 'continuous intelligence' by different names in the past few decades, the concept is important. Don't be distracted by the label.

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Use synthetic data for continuous testing and machine learning

Where real data is unethical, unavailable, or doesn’t exist, synthetic data sets can provide the needed quantity and variety.

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What is human-in-the-loop machine learning? Better data, better models

Human-in-the-loop machine learning takes advantage of human feedback to eliminate errors in training data and improve the accuracy of models.

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3 predictions for AI adoption in 2022

More organizations will tune into the far-reaching benefits of a symbiotic human-AI relationship in the coming year. Here’s how.

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Google releases differential privacy pipeline for Python

PipelineDP allows datasets containing personal information to be aggregated in a way that preserves the privacy of individuals.

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What is neural architecture search? AutoML for deep learning

Neural architecture search promises to speed up the process of finding neural network architectures that will yield good models for a given dataset.

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Understanding Azure HPC

Build your own supercomputer in the cloud with Azure’s high-performance computing tools.

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Review: Nvidia AI Enterprise shines on VMware

Nvidia’s VMware-optimized AI software stack offers a strong alternative to doing machine learning in the AWS, Azure, and Google clouds. Nvidia LaunchPad lets you try it out for free.

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