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How generative AI changes IT operations

Generative AI can provide valuable analysis and insights to IT operators. But what about data security, reliability, workflow integration, and the conditions needed for successful deployment?

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Adding generative AI systems may change your cloud architecture

From data availability and security to model selection and monitoring, adding generative AI means re-examining your cloud architecture.

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What is LangChain? Easier development around LLMs

LangChain is a modular framework for Python and JavaScript that simplifies the development of applications that are powered by generative AI language models.

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IBM unveils generative AI foundation models

IBM Granite series foundation models apply generative AI to natural language and coding tasks. Plus, Watsonx generative AI capabilities are coming to the Watsonx data lakehouse.

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What CTOs are learning from generative AI

Generative AI is ripe with opportunity, and CTOs are definitely paying attention. Here's how three technical leaders see the present and future of GenAI.

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Generative AI may displace traditional cloud development

With the explosion of interest (and money) in generative AI, what will be left for traditional cloud service development and enhancement that companies need?

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How to get a handle on shadow AI

By allowing the use of AI tools proven to be safe, but requiring them to be used within explicit guidelines, you can alleviate both employee frustration and organizational risk.

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Rethinking open source for AI

What are the license rights and restrictions for large language models? Do they cover weights and deep neural network architectures?

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5 easy ways to run an LLM locally

Deploying a large language model on your own system can be surprisingly simple—if you have the right tools. Here's how to use LLMs like Meta's new Code Llama on your desktop.


OpenAI unveils ChatGPT Enterprise

Generative AI chatbot designed for use inside organizations offers enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited access to GPT-4, up to 2x better performance, larger context and prompt windows, and customization options.

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Google expands Duet AI features across its cloud services

At its Google Cloud Next conference, the company said that it was adding Duet AI to cloud services around data analytics, databases, and infrastructure and application management.

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Google Cloud’s Colab Enterprise environment to help tune LLMs

At its Cloud Next conference, the company added new features for advanced MLOps for generative AI and launched Ray on Vertex AI for scaling AI workloads efficiently.

Google Cloud Next 2018

Google’s new Vertex AI features to unlock advanced LLM capabilities

At its annual Cloud Next conference, the company announced new tools, such as Vertex AI Extensions and Vertex AI Connectors, while updating Vertex AI Search and Vertex AI Conversations with new features.

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When the generative AI hype fades

GenAI is a small piece of the artificial intelligence pie, not the whole pie itself. Keep paying attention to deep learning and machine learning.

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A brief guide to LangChain for software developers

LangChain is an SDK that simplifies the integration of large language models and applications by chaining together components and exposing a simple and unified API. Here’s a quick primer.

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Meta releases Code Llama LLM for coding

Code Llama is a specialized version of the Llama 2 large language model that has been fine-tuned for generating and discussing code.

IBM Watson

IBM Watsonx to use generative AI to translate COBOL code into Java

The product is targeted at modernizing mainframe applications that run on IBM Z systems, as the number of COBOL developers starts to dwindle.

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3 ways to upgrade continuous testing for generative AI

As more CIOs and devops teams embrace generative AI, QA teams must also adapt their continuous testing practices to keep up.

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Applying the lessons of open source to generative AI

The excitement and turmoil surrounding generative AI is not unlike the early days of open source, or the Wild West. We can resolve the uncertainty and confusion.


Building LLM applications with vector search in Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s Cognitive Search API now offers vector search as a service, ready for use with large language models in Azure OpenAI and beyond.

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