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Intro to Tauri: The Electron alternative

Build cross-platform native applications using virtually any web framework and a Rust back end. Here's a look at Tauri under the hood.

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How to convert Python to JavaScript (and back again)

Love Python? JavaScript, not so much? Here are seven tools that turn Python to JavaScript for use in web applications.

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What’s new in TypeScript 5.0

Latest upgrade to Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript, rebuilt to use ECMAScript modules, promises to be smaller, faster, and simpler.

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TypeScript 5.0 rebuilt to use ECMAScript modules

With TypeScript 5.0, the TypeScript development team has restructured the entire codebase to use ECMAScript modules, reducing package size and improving performance.

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7 awesome JavaScript projects to check out today

The JavaScript ecosystem is rich with innovation and expanding rapidly. Here are seven tools and frameworks that point to what's next for JavaScript.

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State of JavaScript: A conversation with Sacha Greif

The 'State of JavaScript' visionary discusses what he's learned from creating and maintaining this vital open source community resource.

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Deno adds package.json support

Deno 1.31 automatically detects package.json and uses it to install and resolve dependencies, making it easier to move from Node.js.

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Explore Bun.js: The all-in-one JavaScript runtime

Bun is an ambitious project that is quickly emerging as a drop-in replacement and faster alternative to Node.js. Here's a look at how Bun works and how to use it for your server-side JavaScript applications.

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Docker, Maven lead the way in packages

The JFrog Software report also listed NPM JavaScript among the leaders while Rust Cargo showed impressive growth.

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Deno 1.30 backs built-in Node.js modules

The JavaScript/TypeScript runtime also updates the configuration file.

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Intro to Remix: A leader in full-stack evolution

Remix is a full-stack JavaScript framework in the style of Next.js—and so much more. Find out what makes Remix stand out among JavaScript frameworks, then try it out with a quick example app.

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C++ still shining in language popularity index

The language grew nearly 6% year over year in Tiobe's index and ranks fifth on PYPL's popularity index.

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The tech leader's guide to 2023

What's ahead for cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, AI-based application development, and extended reality in 2023? Here's a roadmap from some of tech's most forward-thinking leaders.

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Server-side rendering is having a moment

React-based frameworks that render web pages on the server could paradoxically be the future of front-end development. Here’s why.

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CodeSandbox adds Rust support

Cloud development environment allows users to spin up Rust development environments ‘within two seconds’ and access them in iOS or Visual Studio Code.

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Google V8 API bridges WebAssembly and asynchronous web

The WebAssembly JavaScript Promise Integration API suspends a Wasm application when it issues a synchronous API call and resumes it when the asynchronous I/O operation is completed.

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8 programming languages we love to hate—but can’t live without

Tools masquerading as languages, maddening syntax, dusty old code that just won’t die—here's what has us shaking our fists.

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JavaScript and Java both loved and hated

JavaScript and Java scored high as both most liked and most disliked programming languages in JetBrains’ State of the Developer Ecosystem survey. Perl was far and away the most disliked language.

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