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Ruby on Rails 7 rejiggers JavaScript support

Now available in a production release, Rails 7 removes the requirements for Node.js and Webpack, while supporting NPM and ES module imports.

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Hands-on with MarkoJS

A simple, flexible, and fast full-stack framework with the most intuitive component system yet devised, Marko deserves a close look.

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Deno joins JavaScript standards effort

Company behind JavaScript/TypeScript runtime will push for additions to ECMAScript that benefit users of server-side JavaScript.

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Misko Hevery explains blazing fast Qwik JS

The CTO of discusses how Qwik addresses JavaScript reactivity challenges and what the Builder visual site designer has to offer both content creators and developers.

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Hands-on with SolidJS

Get a first-hand look at the simple and powerful approach to reactive front-end JavaScript that is fast making Solid a favorite.

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GitHub will require 2FA for some NPM registry users

Mandate will apply to maintainers and admins of top packages on the JavaScript registry, in response to two recent security incidents.

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TypeScript 4.5 arrives with Promise improvements

Latest GA release of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript introduces new Awaited utility type to model Promise recursions, defers ECMAScript module support for Node.js to a future release.

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GitHub: Dev productivity is back to pre-pandemic levels

2021 State of the Octoverse report shows developers aren’t returning to the office; JavaScript, Python remain the hottest languages.

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Deno improves JSX transform, WebAssembly support

JavaScript/TypeScript runtime also brings enhancements related to TLS, Web Streams, test permissions.

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Svelte creator: Web development should be more fun

Svelte creator Rich Harris weighs in on MPAs vs. SPAs, apps vs. docs, the need for a transitional app framework, and the right way to build websites.

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What’s new in Angular 13

Version 13 of the popular TypeScript-based web framework is now available as a production release.

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Angular proposal would make NgModules optional

The Angular development team considers a shift toward a simpler reuse model to improve the developer experience.

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Big Next.js upgrade has new Rust compiler, ES Modules support

Faster builds and new middleware capabilities are also highlighted in Version 12 of web framework.

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Unstoppable Jamstack and the Gatsby opportunity

Gatsby offers developers a lightweight, flexible, API-driven approach to building web applications—and freedom from the heavyweight CMS.

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Deno 1.15 improves Node.js compatibility

New version of the Node.js alternative also makes progress toward a feature-complete Web Crypto API.

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Node.js 17 arrives with more promise-based APIs

Node.js 17 becomes the current release line and Node.js 16 moves to long-term support status.

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Hands-on with SvelteKit

How to use SvelteKit to wire together a full-stack application that takes advantage of server-side rendering and the ease of Svelte.

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Electron framework adds encryption API

Electron 15.0.0 also marks a faster release schedule for the project, with a new stable release now due every eight weeks.

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