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What’s new in Angular 11

Highlights of the planned upgrade to the Google-developed web framework include stricter types and router performance improvements

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TypeScript 4.1 beta brings template literal types

The template literal type has the same syntax as template literal strings in JavaScript except it is used in type positions

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Vue 3.0 arrives, now in TypeScript

Major upgrade brings improvements in initial render speed, update speed, memory usage, and bundle size

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Deno upgrade adds WebSocket API

Deno 1.4 also brings stricter type checks, integrated test coverage, and automatic restarts

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Angular roadmap embraces security, simplicity

Upgrade plan for the popular framework features trusted native types, stricter typing for reactive forms, debugging and performance profiling tools, and more

Angular 2 primary

What’s new in Angular 10.1

First point release of Angular 10 offers fixes and enhancements to address performance regressions, core and router bugs, and more

data blocks / code encryption Deno module registry leverages blockchain module registry aims to defeat malicious and broken modules through permanent immutable storage

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Write clearer code with TypeScript 4.0

Microsoft’s open source JavaScript superset gets a big update, making it easier to write complex applications for the Web

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TypeScript 4.0 arrives with performance boosts

Newly arrived production release improves build speeds and startup times and brings editing and coding enhancements

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Microsoft Visual Studio gains Angular editing smarts

The Angular Language Service for Visual Studio extension provides code autocompletions, error checking, quick info, and navigation inside Angular templates

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ECMA proposal would bring records and tuples to JavaScript

A technical committee has proposed adding new deeply immutable value types to the ECMAScript standard

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Next.js adds incremental static pages regeneration

New mechanism for page updates in Next.js 9.5 promises to eliminate latency spikes and prevent pages from ever going offline

Binary stream passing over rows of monitors, each also displaying binary streams.

Next.js builder Vercel spruces up edge network

Vercel has made performance and ease-of-use enhancements to its cloud platform and CDN for static sites

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Netlify’s Jamstack platform extends to self-hosted GitHub, GitLab repos

Company now supports publishing Jamstack websites from self-hosted as well as GitHub and GitLab hosted repos, adds new per-seat service plan

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Vue 3.0 brings more speed, more TypeScript

Nearing general release, Vue 3.0 promises significantly faster rendering, component initialization, and updating

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Progress launches serverless rules engine for JavaScript apps

Derived from the company’s BRMS technology, Corticon.js allows rules to be deployed as serverless functions or embedded in web and mobile apps

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Jamstack: The static website revolution upending web development

Jamstack combines modern devops-inspired development philosophies with old-school static HTML pages to allow developers to build fast websites faster

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Bootstrap 5.0 alpha arrives, sans jQuery

Update to the mobile-first website framework promises lighter file sizes and faster page loading

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