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Use the Visual Studio Code editor in your own projects

Microsoft’s Monaco JavaScript library powers its own editors. Now you can build it into your own code.

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Deno 1.13 emphasizes HTTP server API stability

Upgrades to native HTTP server are now advised for users of JavaScript/TypeScript runtime.

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12 hot language projects riding WebAssembly

From blazing-fast web apps to Python data science in the browser, these programming language and compiler projects offer different twists on the promise of WebAssembly.

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An early look at SvelteKit

SvelteKit is a full-stack, server-side, pre-rendering application framework for Svelte that can output production builds to different environments.

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How to use Auth0 with Node.js and Express

Learn how to add Auth0 log-in capabilities to a Node.js/Express app and use authenticated user info to show/hide UI information and secure APIs.

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TypeScript 4.4 brings performance boosts

Now in a release candidate stage, the next upgrade to Microsoft’s typed JavaScript also introduces control flow analysis and spelling suggestions in plain JavaScript files.

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Angular 13 begins to take shape

The development of next major version of the TypeScript-based web framework is underway.

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Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 shines on JavaScript, TypeScript, Git

Multi-repo capabilities also highlighted in planned upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship IDE.

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Vue 3.2 promises a speed boost

Latest update to the popular JavaScript framework brings ‘significant’ performance improvements to the reactivity system.

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How to use FilePond with Node.js

FilePond brings simple and powerful file uploads to JavaScript apps, and it’s free open source. Here’s how to use it with a Node.js Express back end.

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GraalVM adds Native Image, compiler enhancements

Upgrade to the high-performance, multi-language runtime also offers improvements for Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and WebAssembly.

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SolidJS creator: JavaScript innovation isn’t slowing down

As Solid marks its 1.0 release, creator Ryan Carniato discusses the origins of the framework, the latest JavaScript innovations, and the need to keep pushing front-end JS performance.

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Get started with CodeSandbox

A brief tour of the easy-to-use, shareable, online integrated development environment catching on with JavaScript and Node.js developers.

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What’s new in Angular 12

Angular 12.1 update adds compiler support for shorthand property declarations and fixes for the compiler, compiler CLI, router, and service workers.

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Deno Company unveils server-side JavaScript hosting service

Available free in an early beta stage, Deno Deploy allows developers to deploy Deno-based web applications across 25 data centers around the world.

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ECMAScript 2021 spec for JavaScript crosses the finish line

Latest version of the official specification for JavaScript introduces enhancements to strings, promises, and object references.

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Next.js 11 boasts faster startup

Next.js creator Vercel also introduced a preview of Next.js Live, a browser-based development server with a cloud-based collaboration layer.

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How to CRUD with Node.js and MongoDB

Node.js and MongoDB make for a very fast and flexible development experience. Just watch how quickly and easily we can create, read, update, and delete a document in MongoDB with Node.

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