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TypeScript 4.2 tunes tuple types

Now available as a production release, TypeScript 4.2 loosens restrictions on rest elements in tuple types and improves type alias preservation.

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Scala 3 moves to release candidate stage

Type parameters, syntax get attention in planned upgrade to the popular functional language for JVM and JavaScript runtimes.

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Entry-level software developer? Learn React to get that first job

Go and Kotlin are also good bets for developers with just a few years of experience — not Java.

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Angular 12 beta preview arrives

Upgrade of Google’s TypeScript-based web framework due in May brings form validation and language service improvements.

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Angular, React, Vue: JavaScript frameworks compared

Modern data-binding JavaScript frameworks have revolutionized web interface architecture. This article compares three of the best.

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Visual Studio Code 1.53 brings customizable search mode

JavaScript debugging improvements also highlighted in latest upgrade to the open source code editor.

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NPM CLI 7 arrives with Workspaces

Long-requested Workspaces feature supports managing multiple packages from within a singular top-level, root package.

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Angular adds error codes, debugging guides

Angular 11.1.0 point release introduces standardized error codes, with error descriptions and debugging guides provided online.

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How to handle errors in React

Graceful error handling is an essential part of well-designed software. This article offers an overview of error handling in React applications and how to use React error boundaries to handle render-time errors.

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Sentry for JavaScript monitors release health

Update to the Sentry SDK for JavaScript error and performance monitoring adds release tracking and WebAssembly support.

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Deno 1.7 brings compilation improvements

Secure-by-default Node.js alternative now supports cross-compilation among supported platforms and generates significantly smaller binaries.

React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

How to use React functional components

Gain a thorough understanding of React’s new component style and learn to use the hooks API to write simpler and more elegant React code.

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Angular 12 looks to improve deployment integrations

Better error messages, distribution of Ivy libraries to NPM also on the drawing board for the web development framework.

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Vno brings Vue to Deno

Third-party Deno module compiles and bundles Vue components in a Deno runtime, overcoming issues of unfamiliarity and incompatibiity.

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Fable F# to JavaScript compiler improves usability, speed

The Fable 3 ‘Nagareyama’ release promises to be easier to use and to cut compilation speed in half.

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The best programming language to learn now

Python is clearly the best choice, unless a better choice is Java or JavaScript. Let’s compare.

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TypeScript 4.1 arrives with template literal types

The template literal type has the same syntax as template literal strings in JavaScript except it is used in type positions

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Mozilla Firefox boosts JavaScript performance

On by default in Firefox 83, the Warp update to the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine improves responsiveness and memory usage and speeds up page loads

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