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Deno runtime now integrates with Jupyter Notebook

Deno 1.37 highlights integration with Jupyter Notebook for scripting and analysis and improved VS Code extension support, among other updates.

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Intro to HTMX: Dynamic HTML without JavaScript

HTMX is the HTML extension syntax that replaces JavaScript with simple markup. It could change the course of web development.

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DataStax’s new JSON API targets JavaScript developers

The new API, which will be made available through DataStax’s Stargate, will allow JavaScript developers to leverage Astra DB as a vector database for their large language model (LLM), AI assistant, and real-time generative AI projects....

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Use TensorFlow to predict Bitcoin prices

Here's your chance to use TensorFlow with JavaScript. Train a neural network to predict the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices.

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Bun 1.0 is out of the oven

All-in-one toolkit for building, testing, debugging, and running JavaScript and TypeScript is available in a production-ready release.

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Intro to Hapi: The Node.js framework

Hapi is a Node.js framework that features a high-quality code stack, powerful configuration, and dialed-in extensibility—all without added dependencies. Let's take Hapi for a spin.

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Node.js upgrade adds environment variable config

The JavaScript runtime also boasts ECMAScript modules.

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TypeScript 5.2 brings explicit resource management

Fresh update to Microsoft’s strongly-typed JavaScript also backs decorator metadata for consuming metadata on classes.

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Fresh web framework for Deno speeds page loading

Ahead-of-time compilation results in assets being served 45x to 60x faster than just-in-time rendering, the Fresh development team says.

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Prisma.js: Code-first ORM in JavaScript

Get a hands-on tour of the leading JavaScript object-relational mapping tool, which you can use with MongoDB and traditional databases.

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All the new features in ECMAScript 2023 (ES14)

JavaScript continues to evolve, with a nice batch of new features added in ECMAScript 14. Here's what's new for JavaScript developers this year.

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Intro to Nest.js: The higher-order JavaScript and TypeScript server

Nest.js shines for its modern programming paradigms and modular approach to server-side JavaScript and TypeScript. Here's a hands-on intro.

Reactive programming, event streams

What is reactive programming? Programming with event streams

You could say reactive programming is like functional programming with superpowers. Let's take a look at this dynamic programming style.

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Deno unveils faster, simpler web server API

The Deno.serve() API promises significant performance benefits and allows developers to create a web server with a single line of code.

A fishing lure with multiple hooks baits a binary stream. [fraud / phishing / social engineering]

8 more React hooks you need to know about

useState is the most well-known hook for using functional components in React, but it's just a start. Here are eight more React hooks, and how to use them.

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Rising C++ closes in on C language

C++ has surpassed Java and may soon eclipse C, according to the Tiobe index of programming language popularity. Cobol is back in the top 20.

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3 Python web frameworks for beautiful front ends

Want to generate interactive websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while programming in nothing but Python? One of these frameworks could do the trick.

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Reactive JavaScript with Stable Diffusion

Use React and the Stable Diffusion API to build a reactive application that generates images from user-submitted text.

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