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Okta’s Matt Raible: How I became a Java hipster

The Okta developer advocate and JHipster evangelist discusses Java and JavaScript development, monoliths and microservices, software scaling vs. people scaling, and making security friendlier for developers.

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Kotlin unveils K2 compiler

Kotlin 1.7.0 introduces an alpha version of the new K2 compiler and a new approach to incremental compilation in Gradle.

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Wasmer WebAssembly runtime adds native compilation

With version 2.3, Wasmer compiles to Wasm and introduces a stack switcher to run Wasm code in a separate stack from the host stack.

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What is Jamstack? The static website revolution upending web development

Learn how Jamstack combines modern development practices with old-school static web pages so developers can build fast websites faster.

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Intro to JHipster: A full-stack framework for Java and JavaScript

A mature framework for generating hybrid Java and JavaScript applications, JHipster supports the development tools you love and provides monitoring and other administrative capabilities out of the box.

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Angular 14 arrives with typed forms, standalone components

Standalone components promise to streamline the development of Angular apps by reducing the need for NgModules.

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Deno Deploy moves toward GA, adds paid plan

Beta 4 of the serverless edge hosting service for JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly applications improves the management dashboard and adds three new regions.

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What is WebAssembly? The next-generation web platform explained

WebAssembly is a binary instruction format and virtual machine that brings near-native performance to web browser applications, and allows developers to build high-speed web apps in the language of their choice.

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Reactive JavaScript: The evolution of front-end architecture

Improving the client-side web experience means overcoming the challenges of ‘hydration,’ a fascinating engineering problem being tackled in many different ways. Let’s dive in.

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TypeScript 4.7 crosses the finish line

The latest version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript introduces support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js, adds coding enhancements.

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Developer survey: JavaScript and Python reign, but Rust is rising

More than 20,000 developers in 166 countries participated in the SlashData survey, which found that Rust's usage nearly quadrupled over the past 24 months.

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Bootstrap 5.2.0 bolsters CSS, custom components

Major upgrade to popular web framework introduces CSS variables for all components and improves helpers and utilities for fonts and colors.

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Will JavaScript containers overtake Linux containers?

Node.js and Deno creator Ryan Dahl believes the majority of web services might be simplified by using JavaScript containers, rather than Linux containers.

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PyScript brings Python into the browser, more easily than ever

A new project from Anaconda delivers the Python runtime in a web page, via a single JS include, and with access to many popular Python packages.

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Deno 1.21 improves REPL, error handling

Latest release of the JavaScript and TypeScript runtime also begins phasing in not type checking by default.

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8 great new JavaScript language features in ES12

ECMAScript 2021 highlights include replaceAll(), promise.any(), AggregateError, and new logical assignment operators, for starters. Let’s dive in.

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GraalVM speeds up native image builds

GraalVM’s quick build mode for Native Image slashes builds times, but is recommended for development purposes only.

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Go serverless with Vercel, SvelteKit, and MongoDB

What do you get when you combine Vercel, SvelteKit, and MongoDB Atlas? A powerful serverless-first development stack that scales massively.

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