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The best new features in Next.js 13

Next.js 13 brings a slew of new features, including the new Turbopack bundler, support for React Server Components, and more. Let's get started with Next.js 13.

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TypeScript 4.9 intros operator for finding coding mistakes

New ‘satisfies’ operator validates that the type of an expression matches some type, catching many possible errors.

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Deno stabilizes NPM compatibility

With Deno 1.28, developers now can import more than 1.3 million NPM modules, as well as run NPM scripts and CLIs and execute NPM packages with subcommands.

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Filter JavaScript objects the easy way with Arquero

Use popular 'grammar of data' syntax to filter and subset your two-dimensional JavaScript arrays and more. Here's how to use Arquero for data wrangling in Observable JavaScript and Node.js.

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Intro to CSS-in-JS: Generating CSS from JavaScript

What is CSS in JavaScript and why is it suddenly popular? Learn how it works and get introduced to some of the leading CSS-in-JS frameworks.

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Deno runtime backs inlay hints for coding

The latest Deno runtime automatically pulls in TypeScript types via NPM, and it updates to the V8 10.8 JavaScript engine.

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Next.js 13 hones routing, layouts, rendering

Latest upgrade to Vercel’s React framework for building web apps also debuts an ‘extremely fast’ Rust-based bundler called Turbopack.

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Node.js 19 boosts HTTP throughput

Upgrade to popular JavaScript runtime automatically enables HTTP Keep-Alive for outgoing connections, improving throughput through the reuse of connections.

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Intro to Qwik: A superfast JavaScript framework

Qwik’s innovative approach to code splitting and lazy loading offers a new way forward for front-end JavaScript. Here’s a quick tour.

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What is Kotlin? The Java alternative explained

Kotlin offers big advantages over Java for JVM and Android development, and plays nicely with Java in the same projects.

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Learn Observable JavaScript with Observable notebooks

Free, hosted Observable notebooks provide an interactive experience and lots of free, open-source Observable JS code you can reuse and learn from. Here's how to get started.

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A beginner's guide to using Observable JavaScript, R, and Python with Quarto

Using Quarto with Observable JavaScript is a great solution for R and Python users who want to create more interactive and visually engaging reports.

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Data visualization with Observable JavaScript

Learn how to make the most of Observable JavaScript and the Observable Plot library, including a step-by-step guide to eight basic data visualization tasks in Plot.

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TypeScript turns 10 years old

Surprise! Despite initial skepticism, Microsoft’s typed JavaScript not only survived but continues to thrive after a decade.

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Bun JavaScript runtime is in the oven

Bun is a JavaScript runtime built on the JavaScriptCore engine with a native bundler, transpiler, task runner, and NPM client built-in.

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What is Node.js? The JavaScript runtime explained

Node.js is a lean, fast, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that is useful for both servers and desktop applications.

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Deno 1.26 improves Node.js compatibility, npm support

Latest update to the alternative TypeScript/JavaScript runtime also brings bug fixes and performance boosts.

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Where JavaScript is headed in 2022

Which JavaScript frameworks, features, and tools do developers favor, and which are on the way out? Let’s look at the latest State of JavaScript survey results.

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