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Digital bugs amid binary code. [security threats / malware / breach / hack / attack]

What app developers need to do now to fight Log4j exploits

Why you may already be at risk, how to detect and mitigate the Log4j vulnerabilities now, and how to improve your code security in the future.

Oracel bets Java EE future on REST

Hands-on with Dropwizard REST APIs

An introduction to the lean REST framework that turns a number of popular Java libraries into a more streamlined alternative to Spring.

A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

Why SBOM management is no longer optional

In the aftermath of Log4Shell, generating software bills of materials and quickly accessing their information will be critical to addressing the new realities of software supply chain vulnerabilities and attacks.

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How developers scrambled to secure the Log4j vulnerability

A group of developers and maintainers scrambled to secure the Log4j vulnerability over the weekend, but there is still a lot of work to do to clean up the mess.

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Azul brings Java compilation to the cloud

Cloud Native Compiler service reuses previously optimized compilations across JVMs to boost the performance of Java applications.

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JDK 18: The new features in Java 18

Due in March 2022, Java 18 will incubate a vector API, preview pattern matching for switch statements, adopt UTF-8 as the default character set, and include a simple web server.

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How to detect the Log4j vulnerability in your applications

A bug in the ubiquitous Log4j library can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on any system that uses Log4j to write logs. Does yours?

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JetBrains previews next-gen Fleet IDE

Fleet will coexist with JetBrains’ IntelliJ line and serve as a lightweight code editor with a different take on IDE organization.

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Kotlin 1.6.0 debuts memory manager

Memory manager for Kotlin/Native lifts restrictions on object sharing between threads and offers leak-free, concurrent programming primitives.

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Java could get virtual threads

OpenJDK draft proposal would make concurrent programming far easier, while making more efficient use of hardware resources.

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Kotlin roadmap points to compiler, mobile improvements

Android and iOS code sharing technology, namespace prototype, code coverage plug-in, and documentation generation tool also in the works.

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OpenJDK proposals would bring universal generics to Java

Universal generics would allow Java type variables to range over primitive and reference types, making it easier to extend or reuse code across different types.

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Microsoft joins Java Community Process

Newfound commitment to the Java platform includes releases of Microsoft Build for OpenJDK in May and Language Support for Java on Visual Studio Code in October.

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How to use Docker for Java development

Take advantage of Docker to ease Java development. Learn how to update a running Java codebase (without restarting the container) and to debug into a remotely running containerized Java app.

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JetBrains unveils Qodana code quality platform for CI/CD

Qodana code quality monitoring platform integrates with the IntelliJ IDE and supports Java and Kotlin, with support for additional JVM and non-JVM languages in the works.

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Red Hat OpenStack tightens OpenShift Kubernetes integration

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.2 allows OpenStack and OpenShift users to run VM-based and container-based workloads side by side with better performance and security.

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Python tops Tiobe language index

Python rises above C and Java to take the top position in the index of programming language popularity for the first time.

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Quarkus: Get started with Kubernetes-native Java

Red Hat’s Quarkus is a full-stack, open-source Java framework designed for containers and cloud environments. See why it’s a worthy alternative to Spring.

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