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Speed, fast, performance

Make Java fast! Performance tuning Java

Learn how to optimize JVM and JIT compiler performance for better execution speed, memory usage, and resource utilization in your Java applications—and how to check your results.

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Generative AI most important technology ever, Oracle’s Ellison says

Generative AI fundamentally changes how apps will be built and run at Oracle, the company’s CTO and co-founder said.

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JDK 21: The new features in Java 21

Java 21 has arrived in a production release with 15 features including virtual threads, a generational Z garbage collector, and a key encapsulation mechanism API.

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Eclipse enterprise Java gathers steam, MicroProfile slips

Eclipse survey of enterprise Java developers shows Jakarta EE use on the rise, MicroProfile losing ground to Spring, and Kubernetes and microservices to be the top community priorities.

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Kotlin rises to the Tiobe top 20

JetBrains language for Android, JVM, and multiplatform development has become the 20th most popular programming language, according to Tiobe.

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Java plan would support GPUs and other foreign programming models

Project Babylon would extend the reach of Java to foreign programming models such as machine learning models, GPUs, SQL, and differential programming.

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Azul Java learns to cut warmup times

Azul’s ReadyNow technology learns from application usage and automatically selects the best warmup optimization patterns, the company said.

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Intro to Java's Simple Web Server

Java 18's Simple Web Server lets you use a command-line tool or API to host files and more. Here's how it works.

IBM Watson

IBM Watsonx to use generative AI to translate COBOL code into Java

The product is targeted at modernizing mainframe applications that run on IBM Z systems, as the number of COBOL developers starts to dwindle.

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Ahead of time compilation proposed for the JVM

An OpenJDK plan would improve Java Virtual Machine startup times with the ability to load Java applications and libraries already compiled to native code.

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OpenJDK plan would add computed constants to Java

Computed constants offer the performance and safety benefits of final fields, but greater flexibility in the timing of initialization, the proposal states.

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Reactive programming with RxJava

ReactiveX is one of the most established frameworks for reactive programming, and RxJava is its Java-based implementation. Let's see what we can do with RxJava.

Reactive programming, event streams

What is reactive programming? Programming with event streams

You could say reactive programming is like functional programming with superpowers. Let's take a look at this dynamic programming style.

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Reactive Java with Spring WebFlux and Reactor

Spring WebFlux is one of the most popular frameworks for reactive programming in Java. Here's a hands-on look at using WebFlux with Reactor.

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Rising C++ closes in on C language

C++ has surpassed Java and may soon eclipse C, according to the Tiobe index of programming language popularity. Cobol is back in the top 20.

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Kotlin 1.9.0 features beta of advanced K2 compiler

Release also stabilizes language features including replacing the enum class values function.

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All about Java class loaders

Here's a quick look at the three types of class loaders and everything you need to know to work with them in your Java programs.

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Oracle introduces free license for GraalVM

Oracle is making GraalVM, a high-performance Java virtual machine and JDK with an optimized compiler, available to use and redistribute for free.

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