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Top 3 cloud migration mistakes: summer 2019 version

Summer means grilling, vacation, and screwing up your cloud migration projects. Here’s how to avoid failure

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Balance tactical with strategic when thinking cloud

A crisis of bad or nonexistent planning has led to cloud systems that are underoptimized and overly expensive

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Beware the siren song of no-ops

Some enterprises are buying into the no-ops premise, and so are setting unrealistic expectations for what cloudops should be

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Cloud migration checklist: The 3 key areas to focus on

80 percent of your risk comes from these areas. Address them before you migrate to get the results you want in sane, cost-effective way

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Now is the time to get serious about your cloud strategy

Most enterprises have not done the planning they need to figure out the cloud opportunity, including how to avoid its pitfalls

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How IT can regain ownership of cloud computing

CIOs are often finding themselves on the sidelines as business leaders take over the cloud strategy. Here's how IT can take it back

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Devops is mandatory for multicloud deployments

Don’t move to devops or the cloud unless you plan on doing both

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Steel yourself for the cloud hangover

Naïveté and inadequate planning have made many large enterprises unhappy about the cloud deployments and the ROI they’ve gained. But this too will pass

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Multicloud does not eliminate vendor lockin

There are a lot of good reasons to adopt a multicloud architecture. Avoiding provider lockin isn’t one of them. Here’s why

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6 ways to make machine learning fail

When learning, machine learning will make mistakes. Adopters need to anticipate that—and be careful not to make matters worse through human mistakes by IT and business

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Developers, not CIOs, are who drive your cloud strategy

Yes to multicloud and yes to hybrid cloud. But not because there’s some grand plan to limit lockin or deliver high availability

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The 3 reasons CIOs have become cloud-first

The move to a cloud-first strategy is being shaped by drivers that we did not originally anticipate—certainly not for cost reasons

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How hybrid IT impacts identity management

Hybrid IT is disrupting and complicating many processes in organizations. What impact does hybrid IT have on identity management?

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Build or buy: It’s a matter of ‘plasticity’

The leading digital organizations have moved past trying to force-fit software someone else built into every corner of their organizations

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It’s time to democratize data for everyone in your marketing organization

Today’s marketers and business leaders need to leverage technologies that use algorithms and statistics to drive more marketing efficiency—all without requiring technical expertise

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6 key data strategy considerations for your cloud-native transformation

While the benefits of adopting cloud-native platforms are widely known, the associated data architectures are often ignored

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How to leverage offshore developers for devops

Devops is expensive, potentially 24/7, and key to the business, so offshore considerations should be in the strategic mix

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Why data democratization is crucial to your business

Data democratization will catapult companies to new heights of performance—if done right

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The intangibles of picking a public cloud: the board of directors' viewpoint

While cloud costs are crucial to a healthy EBITDA, these costs will be insignificant if topline growth is stalled or a future funding event is impacted

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3 tips for a successful data strategy

Most modern businesses will survive only if they use data to acquire and retain customers, and if they use data to automate their supply chain or protect their valuable assets

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