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Ransomware  >  A coin-operated lock ransoming an encrypted system.

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How to figure out the value of cloud computing

Even with finops and other monitoring and governance tools, finding cloud's true ROI isn't easy. Start with the metrics of success for your specific situation.

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Approach cloud architecture from the outside in

New best practices support defining cloud solutions from the outside in to take advantage of the strengths of cloud computing.

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The complex layers of cloud computing sustainability

Interest is growing in cloud computing’s ability to reduce carbon, but the ‘green cloud’ argument is not as clear as many believe.

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A closer look at traditional solutions and cloud

As the cost and efficiency of traditional on-premises solutions become more attractive, compare the two options carefully to find the best one.

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Unfettered developer freedom may be over

Carefully limiting choices (and complexity) lets developers focus on innovation and not worry about security and operations.

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Turns out AWS can partner after all

AWS has always been both competitor and partner, but in its pursuit of scale, it’s now taking a more neighborly approach.

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Why many enterprises waste money in the cloud

Enterprise cloud projects pour unnecessary amounts of cash down the drain. Here are a few causes and some tips to avoid waste.

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The biggest obstacle to cloud is people

People and culture prevent many businesses from capturing the true value of cloud computing. Transforming organizational culture and revamping KPIs can help.

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5 ways spreadsheets kill your business

Potentially error-prone, unsecured, and hard to maintain, spreadsheets create data silos and discourage collaboration.

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Why tech companies have venture capital funds

Tech companies starting their own venture capital funds are after lucrative investments, strong partnerships, and new markets.

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Use the cloud to strengthen your supply chain

Stressed supply chains cause revenue and productivity issues and disrupt our own lives. Whose supply chains are still working well, and what technology are they using?

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IT spending will be mostly cloud soon. Are you ready?

Cloud computing budgets will hit 51% of IT spending by 2025 and will continue to increase beyond that. It’s time to change how we think about cloud.

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Think you can out-cloud the cloud?

Building your own infrastructure can improve the customer experience, but it’s usually faster and cheaper to buy from the heavy lifters.


One significant cost of multicloud

All the time your developers spend figuring out the ins and outs of different clouds is time they can’t spend solving business problems.

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How to hire and retain developers in a hybrid working world

Seek diverse candidates, don’t overwork them, and offer growth. The advice isn’t new, but current conditions make it more important than ever.

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The cloud is too big for one winner

The cloud providers that create the biggest ecosystems and partner networks will be the ones at the top.

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Enterprise data centers won’t really go away

Recent survey data indicates that cloud will push traditional enterprise data centers into extinction. However, extinction events are rarely that simple.

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Cloud architecture must accommodate rapid change

Yesterday we built architectures around static requirements that changed slowly. Today's cloud-based configurations need to quickly adapt to growth and change.

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