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Is devops becoming a cloud-only sport?

Organizations that use devops within complex cloud deployments are more successful. A new report reveals the practices that differentiate elite performers.

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What's your multicloud maturity level?

Too many enterprises have multicloud and don't even know it. Understand the patterns of multicloud adoption and which approach is the winner.

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The lack of cloud skills is hindering cloud progress

The cloud skills shortage is killing enterprises that want to move to new technology quickly. Here are a few creative ways to deal with this issue.

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How to get a maxed-out cloud budget

Effective cloud leaders know how to sell cloud to executives and boards, even if they don’t understand all the minutiae. Leverage your cloud skills to get the budget you need.

What you don’t know about working with AWS

You’ll get further by understanding what a company values and what makes its employees tick.

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‘Why cloud computing?’ is always a good question

With no other viable options on the horizon, most people accept cloud as the new standard. But if you can’t offer a solid reason why, it’s a question worth asking.

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Meta or micro cloud architecture? You need both

Those who focus on cloud-native architecture (aka, architecture in the narrow) may miss the boat on some important decisions.

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Why the cloud is so complicated—an explanation, not an excuse

Many people now realize that cloud computing is more difficult and complicated than we originally thought. Trying to minimize complexity from the start will help you not get in over your head.

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Real IT leadership: Selling the transformative dream

It's one thing to cook up a great new initiative, but making it happen requires powers of persuasion, solid partnerships, and access to genuine technical insight.

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Are your agile and devops processes good enough?

See how your team compares to other companies using agile and devops effectively.

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Another day, another multi-billion IPO for open source

Investment in open source technologies and companies has been going strong for more than two decades. If anything, it keeps accelerating, along with the innovation.


The wrong way to think about cloud computing

Moving workloads in and out of the cloud isn’t really possible—or a good idea.

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3 signs of an overengineered enterprise cloud solution

Overloaded and overcomplicated cloud solutions are 2021’s silent epidemic.

Selecting the right people.

Tapping into the smartest software developers

Both the single-stack architecture and the best-of-breed approaches can limit you. Open source and building in the capability for change are key.

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6 ways to bring your spiraling cloud costs under control

The pandemic has accelerated cloud usage, creating longer-term challenges for organizations looking to effectively manage their cloud costs.

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The cloud is now mission-critical

A new study finds what most of us already knew, but we may not be acting accordingly. Essential infrastructure requires essential attention to detail.

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Prepare for the work-from-anywhere revolution

The enterprise infrastructure needed to support the 'new normal' will depend on IoT, digital twins, and immersive reality.

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What IT leadership looks like in 2021

As IT leaders meet the challenges of the COVID era, only one thing is assured – more change is coming sooner than you think.

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