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How to manage contracts in a multi-cloud environment

One management challenge of a multi-cloud environment is how to handle all the contracts that come with using multiple providers and services.

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The sweet spot for robotic process automation in the COVID-19 response

RPA can smooth some of the bumps of working from home, but don’t expect it to solve everything

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Yes, it's safe to move sensitive data to the cloud

The public clouds have been safe places to store mission-critical and sensitive data for some time, but it takes a pandemic to push most enterprises over the tipping point

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How AI is reshaping healthcare during COVID-19 -- and beyond

Before the COVID-19 crisis, AI and machine learning technologies had just begun to move beyond the pilot stage at large healthcare companies -- but that's changing fast.

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Software is eating the world of eating

Cloud kitchens are further disrupting the traditional restaurant model -- turning food into a software technology business.

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Which tech companies will survive the pandemic-triggered recession?

Bouncing back from a COVID-19 downturn depends on how well a company weathers the structural and frictional challenges. Hint: You'll need disruption and a healthy supply of cash

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A pragmatic approach to the post-pandemic run on cloud computing

All signs indicate cloud computing will be hotter soon, pushed by vulnerabilities identified during the pandemic. Will you be ready?

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What developers must know about master data management

An MDM program offers a competitive advantage by creating a two-way data clearinghouse with automation and tools to manage data that all your systems can access

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Fitting ITSM into a devops world

IT service management (ITSM) has been around for a long time. While ITSM and ITIL have been updated over the years, how do they stack up against Gen Z approaches like devops?

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CIOs reshape IT priorities in wake of COVID-19

Surfacing from crisis mode, CIOs find themselves redefining IT priorities, thanks to budgets in flux, a rising need to refine business processes, and new outlooks on the future of work.

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IT’s 10 biggest challenges amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted IT operations across nearly every industry. Here’s how IT leaders are rising to the challenges.

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Should you let a cloud maturity model judge you?

Cloud maturity models grade how an enterprise is progressing to the cloud, but these rankings don't show the whole picture

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The prognosis for Silicon Valley looks very good

The world's engine of innovation is sick, stricken by the coronavirus. But it will emerge stronger than ever. Here’s why the valley will be just fine.

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The new normal: A step-by-step guide for the enterprise

As states relax lockdown restrictions, enterprises think about how to return to a more ordinary state. These steps will help ensure a successful return to the new reality

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Cloud security secrets your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know

Cloud security seems like something specific to a cloud provider, but emerging approaches and technologies are changing the game

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How smartphone apps could save lives (and the economy)

By enabling daily self-diagnosis, contact tracing and research, smartphone apps could be the key to quickly beating the coronavirus -- but there's one problem.

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Coding together apart: Software development after COVID-19

Distance collaboration may become standard practice, aided by group collaboration tools

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Are you overengineering your cloud apps?

Just because you can does not mean you should. Think twice before making solutions more complex than they need to be

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