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3 must-haves for your cloud finops program

Finops can show where all your cloud spending goes, but sometimes penny-wise is pound-foolish. Account for human costs and monitor all your clouds.

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Automation is the ultimate cloud security tip

Manual cloud security often leads to a major breach. Helping leadership understand the risks can make the case for funding to do it right.

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Complex cloud architecture is finally causing budgetary pain

Multicloud complexity is moving from a theoretical cloud architecture problem to a financial one, and businesses are suddenly searching for solutions.

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Is cloud computing immune from economic downturns?

IT is now seen as integral to business rather than a cost center ripe for layoffs. Technology, people, and culture are worth protecting during economic contractions.

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Don't overengineer your cloud architecture

Too many people are designing cloud architecture that is cool but too complex. The most successful architects use the KISS concept and keep it simple, stupid!

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Cloud spending can’t stop, won’t stop

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud may be seeing their growth slow, and enterprise budgets may be squeezed, but CIOs are still committed to spending on cloud computing.

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3 application modernization mistakes to avoid

Using application modernization to pursue cloud-native development at all costs or to gain portability and avoid vendor lock-in are expensive decisions.

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How resilient are digital transformation budgets?

Many businesses will remain on the digital enablement path despite economic speed bumps. But the constraints of today's technology and the skills shortage remain.

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What happens when cloud spend surpasses traditional systems

Big news: Money spent on public clouds will overtake funds for traditional data center hardware for the first time. It's time to both celebrate and be concerned.

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What happens when there’s not enough cloud?

Multicloud may be the answer to the struggle to keep up with the overwhelming demand for cloud resources.

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How to create a cloud center of excellence

Creating a cloud center of excellence will help you formalize and centralize your company’s cloud strategy. Here’s how to get started.

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Repatriating data and applications from the cloud

As hardware prices continue to plunge, some applications and data could return to enterprise data centers. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

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Legacy systems should be part of a multicloud strategy

Multicloud is the direction many enterprises are heading, but legacy systems need to be part of the road map.

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Cloud architecture by committee is always a bad idea

'Design by committee' is a pejorative term and a punchline for many jokes, but it’s still seeing a comeback, and that’s scary.

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More money for open source security won’t work

Funding pledged to secure open source software is an important start, but creative hackers and a proliferation of targets mean there are no guarantees.

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How to figure out the value of cloud computing

Even with finops and other monitoring and governance tools, finding cloud's true ROI isn't easy. Start with the metrics of success for your specific situation.

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Approach cloud architecture from the outside in

New best practices support defining cloud solutions from the outside in to take advantage of the strengths of cloud computing.

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The complex layers of cloud computing sustainability

Interest is growing in cloud computing’s ability to reduce carbon, but the ‘green cloud’ argument is not as clear as many believe.

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