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What AI won’t replace in your programming

Generative AI is great at handling tedium and finding errors, but the expertise and intuition of programmers will always be essential.

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What happens when finops finds bad cloud architecture?

Finops practices and tools can spot inefficiencies and opportunities to optimize. Here's what to do when you find waste in cloud deployments.

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3 meta career paths for cloud computing

There are three main career options for most cloud pros: consulting, working in industry, or with a cloud vendor. Are you on the right road for you?

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Downsides to using cloud autoscaling systems

Too many IT shops just accept that autoscaling systems are right for them, at least until the massive cloud bill arrives.

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Are cloud architects biased?

Many cloud leaders prefer one technology selection over another, to the detriment of the business. It’s time we learn to be much more objective.

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Don't overlook attack surface management

As cloud computing becomes a scarier place given the rise in threats, it’s time to focus on the basics of ASM that safeguard cloud applications and data.

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When cloud pros fumble office politics

Dealing with humans may be more important than dealing with technology, especially now that many IT people are returning to in-person work.

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How to succeed with cloud computing during an economic downturn

Many say to cut cloud computing in a slowing economy, but it's not that simple. Use these strategic moves to position yourself to lead the recovery.

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If you want a career in AI, learn Python

Skills with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large language models are very much in demand across a variety of industries.

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Cloud computing is driving a new gig economy in tech

A quiet revolution is going to change the way cloud work gets done. After being laid off, many people are starting their own businesses as cloud pros for hire.

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Forgotten cloud scaling tricks

Architecting for scalability will soon become a lost art. Most architects overlook autoscaling with predictive analytics, resource sharding, and cache invalidation.

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How to get your computer science degree online

A BSCS might be good or even necessary for your career, and you could do it completely online. Look before you leap.

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Where the tech jobs are

The tech industry may be cutting jobs left and right, but every industry needs technologists, from farm equipment and healthcare to retail and financial services.

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What developers should do during a downturn

Six steps you can take to position yourself for the next tech boom, and to keep paying the bills in the meantime. First, don’t despair.

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JavaScript, Java, and Python skills top demand

And demand for TypeScript, Swift, Scala, Kotlin, and Go skills all exceed supply, according to CodinGame-CoderPad tech hiring report.

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Defining a cloud solution by the skills you actually have

Everyone wants top-of-the-line cloud architecture, but many are finding they have to compromise and work with the skills they can find and afford.

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New Year’s resolutions for cloud pros

Look forward to a new year and new ways to beef up your cloud computing skills. Here are some ways to prepare for whatever the future may bring.

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7 dos and don’ts for working with offshore agile teams

Tools are helpful, but they can’t replace trust and appreciation. Follow these expert tips to better connect with your team members an ocean away.

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