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Shift left for SaaS: More DIY means happier users

Enabling SaaS users to perform admin tasks themselves using self-service portals or APIs not only reduces the stress on IT admins, but also improves the productivity and satisfaction of workers.

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Databricks doubles down in India with staff hires, new R&D hub

The company, which has a global workforce of 5,000 people, will increase its staff count in India by 50%, a top executive said.

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5 priorities that cut cloud costs and improve IT ops

With infrastructure as code, virtual desktop infrastructure, and a proactive approach to incident management, you can help keep cloud costs reasonable.

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Developers, unite! Join the fight for code quality

Advocating for quality code isn’t always easy, because management doesn’t always care. But it’s the only way to build good things that deliver on their promise.

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Career paths for devops engineers and SREs

Engineers can use devops as a springboard to architecture, data science, provisioning, machine learning, security, and other fields that need experts.

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Informatica to lay off 7% of its workforce to cut costs

The decision to lay off 450 staffers globally is expected to better align the company’s workforce to its cloud-focused strategic priorities and cut costs to suit current business needs, Informatica said in a statement.

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What to do when your devops team is downsized

Five tips to help you manage the emotional and practical repercussions when colleagues are let go.

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Should we measure developer productivity?

The strength of the software development team is each individual developer. The strength of each developer is the team.

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3 primo cloud computing jobs in 2023

The cloud boom and its resulting issues are boosting the pay and prestige of certain roles. Here's what it takes to be an architect, operations engineer, or security engineer.

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Sysdig’s new Cost Advisor aims to cut Kubernetes costs

The company claims that the new tool, in combination with its existing Sysdig Monitor, can cut Kubernetes costs by an average of 40%.

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Avoid tech burnout: 5 ways to disconnect and relieve stress

If simple self-care isn't recharging your batteries, look for ways to create more long-term improvements in your work life and mental outlook.

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Manage your tasks with the Microsoft To Do API

A desktop task manager built on top of the Microsoft Graph lets you share tasks with groups and seamlessly link tasks to applications.

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9 platforms that improve employee digital experiences

Boost productivity and job satisfaction with efficient workflows and helpful tools, such as no-code development, intelligent search, and customer data platforms.

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Manage morale, not metrics, for more effective engineering teams

Management is obsessed with measuring everything, and this obsession is sabotaging the quality solutions that software engineering teams can craft.

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Majority of open source developers eyeing job change: EDB survey

The majority of 1400 respondents cited improved career path options, mentorship and greater access to training as major reasons behind looking at job options amid the "Great Resignation," according to the report.

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Open source job security through recessions

Stay close to free software, either through companies that support open source projects or by contributing directly to project communities.

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How to nail your cloud computing job interview

With thousands of people looking for a first cloud computing job or attempting to upgrade their career, here are some ways to make a great impression.

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Cloud security risks remain very human

Most of us picture cloud security threats as bad actors in some hostile country. More often, it’s you and your coworkers.

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