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The era of cloud optimization is upon us

As everyone prepares to jump headlong into generative AI and large language models, cloud will continue its strong performance.

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Why platform engineering?

The shift from devops to platform engineering could be transformational. Here's why and what's involved in making the leap.

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When cloud pros fumble office politics

Dealing with humans may be more important than dealing with technology, especially now that many IT people are returning to in-person work.

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Amazon’s quiet open source revolution

After years of getting a free ride from open source projects, the company is developing its own obsession with contributing.

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Repatriating cloud apps and data? Think it through

Repatriation is a good move for ill-fitting workloads in the cloud, but these mistakes can make things worse. Know your workload and what you gain or lose.

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How to succeed with cloud computing during an economic downturn

Many say to cut cloud computing in a slowing economy, but it's not that simple. Use these strategic moves to position yourself to lead the recovery.

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Making a new business case for cloud computing

We thought cloud was all about cost savings, but that metric was wrong. We need to put a value on the agility and innovation cloud brings, not just dollars and cents.

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The AI singularity is here

The time to figure out how to use generative AI and large language models in your code is now.

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How generative AI can hurt cloud operations

The hype around generative AI is white hot, and cloud operators are excited about the possibilities. First, let’s anticipate the unique problems it can cause.

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3 common myths about sustainability and cloud computing

As sustainability becomes a front-and-center topic for enterprises, stubborn misconceptions about the power consumption of cloud-based deployments need debunking.

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5 priorities that cut cloud costs and improve IT ops

With infrastructure as code, virtual desktop infrastructure, and a proactive approach to incident management, you can help keep cloud costs reasonable.

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The 'AI tax' on AI-enabled applications in the cloud

The 'container tax' means companies pay more to use containers in the cloud. Applications with artificial intelligence are no different. Make sure AI is worth it.

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The problem with development speed

Instead of focusing on output, think about increasing testing and research and being willing to scrap projects that don't seem likely to succeed.

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Companies can’t stop using open source

Even though open source can be more expensive than proprietary software, the time savings and ability to free up developers to innovate are worth it.

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Don’t let buzzwords drive your cloud architecture

Many enterprises follow the crowd and choose as many hyped concepts as possible. Don't do it. Work from the requirements to the solution, not the other way around.

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When finops costs you more in the end

Cloud finops can save you tons of money on cloud spending and return more value to the business. Unfortunately, mistakes are costing companies big time.

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Gatsby, Netlify, and the gravitational pull of general-purpose platforms

Developers want snazzy and innovative, but CIOs want stable and safe. The Gatsby acquisition shows an attempt to bridge those two desires.

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3 reasons not to repatriate cloud-based apps and data sets

A close examination of specific business needs may reveal that staying in the cloud is the best choice for most applications and workloads.

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Google blew it with open source layoffs

The decision to cut people who built the foundation that supports Google’s open source and cloud successes seems incredibly shortsighted.

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The downsides of cloud-native solutions

Cloud-native development is having a great run of popularity and growth, but complexity and vendor lock-in are the trade-offs for agility and reliability.

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