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When finops costs you more in the end

Cloud finops can save you tons of money on cloud spending and return more value to the business. Unfortunately, mistakes are costing companies big time.

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Gatsby, Netlify, and the gravitational pull of general-purpose platforms

Developers want snazzy and innovative, but CIOs want stable and safe. The Gatsby acquisition shows an attempt to bridge those two desires.

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3 reasons not to repatriate cloud-based apps and data sets

A close examination of specific business needs may reveal that staying in the cloud is the best choice for most applications and workloads.

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Google blew it with open source layoffs

The decision to cut people who built the foundation that supports Google’s open source and cloud successes seems incredibly shortsighted.

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The downsides of cloud-native solutions

Cloud-native development is having a great run of popularity and growth, but complexity and vendor lock-in are the trade-offs for agility and reliability.

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The mark of a healthy engineering culture

The primary benefit of healthy engineering culture is predictability—the ability to ship high-quality software on time, reliably and repeatedly. It flows from the bottom up.

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Rational exuberance drives IT spending

Enterprises seem to recognize that the flexibility and other benefits of cloud (machine learning, IaaS) are even more critical in uncertain times.

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Which cloud workloads are right for repatriation?

The idea of cloud repatriation is sensitive and often misunderstood. Let’s do some back-of-the-napkin calculations to see where it might make sense.

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Today’s industry clouds are different

Vertical industry clouds have key capabilities that were missing in the past. With various granularity levels and better integration, vertical clouds will work this time.

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Poor cloud architecture and operations are killing cloud ROI

It's old news that some enterprises are not getting the expected value from cloud computing. It’s time to be real about the core causes and how to fix things.

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5 ways devops can reduce energy consumption

Move forward on sustainability goals by gathering usage data and making smart decisions about cloud and automation.

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2023 could be the year of public cloud repatriation

With cloud costs and complexity higher than expected, many enterprises are making a U-turn and putting applications and data back in traditional systems.

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Why don’t cloud providers integrate?

Enterprises will never be single-vendor IT shops. Cloud providers and other technology vendors that don’t play well with competitive products are harming their customers.

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The exploding multicloud management market

The past few years saw the proliferation of multiclouds and tools to manage them. Now it's time to update your strategy to maximize multicloud ROI.

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What to do when your devops team is downsized

Five tips to help you manage the emotional and practical repercussions when colleagues are let go.

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Who is invited to your cloud strategy party?

Small inner circles that control overall cloud strategies and deployment decisions are on the rise, even though it isn't in the best interest of the business or IT.

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7 dos and don’ts for working with offshore agile teams

Tools are helpful, but they can’t replace trust and appreciation. Follow these expert tips to better connect with your team members an ocean away.

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What to do in a cloud computing recession

Whether we're in a definite cloud spending downturn or not, strategically using periods of uncertainty can prepare the business for the future.

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Don’t buy the cloud repatriation claptrap

Some big names are pushing to bring workloads back from the cloud, but a lot more voices say stay, especially now.

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Cloud architects are afraid of automation

Automation is one of the greatest gifts to cloud architecture, operations, security, and finops. Yet, many architects still are reluctant to use it. What's so scary?

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