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What happens when finops finds bad cloud architecture?

Finops practices and tools can spot inefficiencies and opportunities to optimize. Here's what to do when you find waste in cloud deployments.

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How to tell if your cloud finops program is working

A solid finops process can keep the CFO's team happy and everyone out of jail. Too many enterprises lack a formal program, and it's time to get on board.

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You can’t run away from technical debt

Like student loans and credit card balances, technical debt is holding you back or even killing your business. Unfortunately, the cloud can't always save you.

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Cloud may be overpriced compared to on-premises systems

Cloud was the go-to choice for the past five years, but we could see traditional systems become more viable. Savvy architects consider all the options.

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The tug-of-war between optimization and innovation in the CIO’s office

Should budget go to innovations or fixing existing systems so they don’t bankrupt you? The future of your business may ride on the answer.

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How to value cloud computing services

As the costs for cloud services continue to rise, companies need to determine if the business value of those services is worth the price tag.

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Are cloud architects biased?

Many cloud leaders prefer one technology selection over another, to the detriment of the business. It’s time we learn to be much more objective.

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3 downsides of generative AI for cloud operations

No one doubts the power of AI, but enterprises must realize it can also lead to deploying too many applications, scaling problems, and cost overruns.

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When are containers or serverless a red flag?

Everyone loves to use new technology, but sometimes it’s counterproductive. Business case should drive technology choices, not the other way around.

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Don't overlook attack surface management

As cloud computing becomes a scarier place given the rise in threats, it’s time to focus on the basics of ASM that safeguard cloud applications and data.

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Kubernetes costs less, but less than what?

Sure, compared to traditional IT, Kubernetes is great, but not much will beat public cloud in the long run.

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How finops affects cloud usage and repatriation

Seeing spending in real time might increase or decrease cloud utilization for enterprises. In what cases will finops recommend a return to traditional systems?

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Configure finops processes with the right metrics

Enterprises are leaning into finops systems to cut costs. However, if that’s the only metric, you could derail the overall business benefit of cloud computing.

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Get ready for exploding cloud growth

AI will drive tremendous net-new cloud growth, despite claims that we’re in a downturn. Optimizing your cloud systems has never been more important.

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The era of cloud optimization is upon us

As everyone prepares to jump headlong into generative AI and large language models, cloud will continue its strong performance.

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Why platform engineering?

The shift from devops to platform engineering could be transformational. Here's why and what's involved in making the leap.

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When cloud pros fumble office politics

Dealing with humans may be more important than dealing with technology, especially now that many IT people are returning to in-person work.

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Amazon’s quiet open source revolution

After years of getting a free ride from open source projects, the company is developing its own obsession with contributing.

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