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GitHub lays off 10% of workforce, plans to go fully remote to cut costs

The Microsoft-owned software development and version control service provider said the layoffs and the shift to remote work are designed to protect the short-term health of its business.

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Splunk to lay off 4% of its workforce to reduce costs

The data observability software provider will incur $28 million in charges on the planned downsizing plan, primarily related to severance payments.

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Airtable becomes latest company to announce layoffs, cutting 20% of its workforce

In an email sent to employees, the low-code platform’s CEO said the cuts were a result of “taking a hard look at our efforts in the current market environment.”

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Tech job market is up this year

Despite high-profile threats of layoffs and a dip in job postings in June, the tech market remains strong, especially for data-related skills.

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How to nail your cloud computing job interview

With thousands of people looking for a first cloud computing job or attempting to upgrade their career, here are some ways to make a great impression.

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How developers are starting to prioritize wellness at work

New data from Stack Overflow has found that despite many employers encouraging employee wellness, not all software developers are following their advice.

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Optimize your cloud career

Fine-tune your career satisfaction with positions that offer appreciation, growth opportunities, work flexibility, and money, too.

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There's a quiet revolution taking place in the software development space, with a focus on learning, leadership, and communications

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The care and feeding of a rockstar developer

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