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DMCA 'reform' harbors return of SOPA

Behind the music and movie lobbyists' latest efforts to rewrite the DMCA lurk the restrictive remains of SOPA and PIPA legislation


How do you stop patent trolls? This algorithm just might do the trick

With 4.2 million listings so far, All Prior Art aims to 'democratize ideas'

Screen shot Fight for the Future DMCA takedown abuse campaign

Critics of DMCA takedowns flood Copyright Office with thousands of comments

Advocates want penalties for companies that file unwarranted takedown requests

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Oracle seeks $9.3 billion for Google’s use of Java in Android

The figure appears in a report by Oracle's damages expert, which Google strongly contests

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Oracle lobs copyright lawsuit at HPE

The database giant says HPE was involved in an illegal scheme to sell Solaris support services to Oracle customers

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Supreme Court to hear Samsung's appeal in Apple design patents case

The court will decide how to apply design patent awards to a component of a larger product

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Microsoft loves open source? Only when it's convenient

Even as it embraces open source, Microsoft is shaking down the Android and Linux communities for patent licenses. Will the real Microsoft please stand up?

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IBM sues Groupon for infringing four of its patents

Two of the patents emerged from Prodigy, the online service launched by IBM and its partners

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Apple hit with $626 million damages in patent case

A jury in the Eastern District of Texas found for patent licensing company Virnet X

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Arista just lost a patent round against Cisco and could face an import ban

A judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission found Arista violated three Cisco patents

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US court bans the sale of some Samsung phones at Apple's request

The ban on some older Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones is an offshoot of a patent dispute between Samsung and Apple

U.S. supreme court

US patent grants slow in wake of Supreme Court business methods ruling

IT giants are no longer driving growth in U.S. patent grants

IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto

Apple to pay Ericsson patent royalties on iPhones and iPads

The two companies have agreed to end patent infringement disputes worldwide

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Samsung agrees to pay Apple $548M in damages with conditions

An appeals court had rejected Samsung's bid to review the damages award

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Why legal experts are up in arms over the trade-secrets bill Microsoft loves

The Defend Trade Secrets Act, which is being compared to the controversial SOPA bill, could strike a blow against free speech and algorithmic transparency, they warn

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TPP trade pact spreads SOPA-like censorship worldwide

The deal could dramatically expand copyright enforcement to hinder access to information and stifle free expression on the Web

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TPP revealed: What the trade deal means for online copyright

One month after signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the governments of the U.S. and New Zealand have published the full treaty, including details of what ISPs must do to defend others' copyrights

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Apple loses patent case over A7 chip, could face $860 million in damages

Intel had already settled a case involving the same patent

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Agreement reached on TPP trade deal may affect some digital rights

The TPP will reach into the tech industry, especially IP protection and copyright


Protect your assemblies using obfuscation

Obfuscation makes your assemblies hard to reverse-engineer, thereby protecting your intellectual property

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