Integrated Development Environments

Integrated Development Environments

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Visual Studio Code adds port forwarding

Built-in port forwarding system allows developers to share locally running services over the internet with other users.

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Microsoft axes Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft advises current users of Visual Studio for Mac to switch to Visual Studio Code, run Visual Studio for Windows in a VM, or use Microsoft Dev Box on Azure.

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Visual Studio 2022 updates spotlight productivity

Visual Studio 2022 17.7 and a preview of 17.8 promise to streamline development with enhancements to diffs, comparisons, searches, pull requests, unit tests, and more.

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Google Project IDX brings AI to cloud-hosted development environments

Google Cloud service combines Codey-powered AI assistance and templates for popular JavaScript frameworks in a cloud-hosted Linux VM. Google said support for Python, Go, and other languages is coming soon.

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Visual Studio Code enhances diff editor, GitHub interop

With VS Code 1.81, the diff editor includes several new features and bug fixes, and the new diff algorithm is enabled by default.


JetBrains ships Qodana static code analysis tool

Qodana integrates into CI/CD pipelines and with JetBrains IDEs and uses static code analysis to flag code quality, security, and performance issues.

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Customizing Microsoft Dev Boxes with code

Configuration as code is coming to Microsoft’s Azure-hosted workstations, allowing us to use WinGet, YAML files, and PowerShell DSC to deliver ready-to-run toolchains to developers.

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Visual Studio Code stabilizes Remote Tunnels to WSL

Connecting to Windows Subsystem for Linux over Remote Tunnels is out of preview. Group and tab resizing also highlighted in latest VS Code upgrade.

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Microsoft improves F# language hints in Visual Studio

Microsoft is previewing inline type hints, inline parameter name hints, and return type hints for the F# programming language in Visual Studio.

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Microsoft unveils C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code

The C# Dev Kit extension combines the C# extension with AI-powered code completion, solution management, and integrated testing.

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Intro to GitPod: A cloud development environment

GitPod is a full-fledged development environment like VS Code, but you can access it from any web browser. Let's take a look.

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Visual Studio Code 1.79 introduces read-only for files, folders

The latest version of Microsoft’s code editor also offers automatic copying of external files, images, and video.

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Latest Apple Xcode IDE improves code completion

Builds are faster, and the tool platform also supports Apple's new Vision Pro device.

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Visual Studio updates shine on C++, Git, Wasm, and DX

Visual Studio 2022 17.6 brings significant performance, editor, and C++ enhancements, while a version 17.7 preview adds more productivity improvements.

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Visual Studio Code 1.78 debuts profile templates for Python, Java, Angular

The April 2023 release of Microsoft’s programming editor also features new default color themes.

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Android Studio Flamingo upgrades UI tooling

Latest version of Android Studio uses Jetpack Compose and Material 3 for new projects by default, introduces live editing for UIs as an experimental feature.

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Visual Studio Code 1.77 previews GitHub Copilot chat

Preview of deeper Copilot integration allows VS Code users to view Copilot suggestions inline and ask Copilot questions as they code.

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JetBrains updates IDEs for Java, JavaScript, Ruby

Improvements to the IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and RubyMine IDEs range from smoother zooming and navigation to faster code completion, dependency resolution, and Git commits.

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