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AWS finally gets serious about genAI

At AWS re:Invent, the company announced significant AI advancements that may make AWS a leader in generative AI.

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Here's what AWS revealed about its generative AI strategy at re:Invent 2023

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky and other top executives at the company’s annual re:Invent conference revealed updates and new products aimed at challenging offerings from Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and IBM.

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AWS updates its Clean Rooms service with machine learning features

The capabilities, currently in preview, will allow enterprises to run machine learning on shared data while collaborating with partners and maintaining data privacy and security.

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AWS updates Bedrock, SageMaker to boost generative AI offerings

The updates include the addition of new foundation models along with vector capabilities for several databases.

AWS re:Invent

AWS adds more zero-ETL integrations to Amazon RedShift

The new integrations include updates to relational and non-relational databases, such as Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS for MySQL.

Code Asian Man and Reflection

AWS adds new enterprise pricing tier for Amazon CodeCatalyst

The new pricing tier includes a custom blueprint feature that allows enterprises to encapsulate best practices for application code, workflows, and infrastructure.

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Amazon Braket Direct program to help reserve quantum computers

The new program allows researchers to cut through waiting queues or wait times while providing the option to connect with experts to seek guidance on quantum workloads.

Door onto cloud computing

How SMBs can take advantage of the cloud—and avoid common mistakes

Cloud computing can help small and mid-size businesses unlock future growth opportunities, innovate faster, enhance customer experiences, and generate new revenue streams. These are the mistakes to avoid.

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New Amazon Lex AI features aim to let developers quickly build, enhance bots

Amazon has added generative AI capabilities to Lex, its chatbot development tool.

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AI hype isn’t helping anyone

Billionaires’ promises of a utopian AI future aren’t helping us solve the serious problems with today’s generative AI models. Security is top of the list.

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3 big challenges of commercial LLMs

The high costs of development and training and the lack of pricing transparency put commercial large language models out of reach for many companies. Open source models could change that.

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Reining in the BS in AI

Large language models trained on questionable stuff online will produce more of the same. Retrieval augmented generation is one way to get closer to truth.


OpenAI’s gen AI updates threaten the survival of many open source firms

OpenAI is trying to position itself as a viable alternative to build-it-yourself, open source development efforts with cheaper products and advanced capabilities.

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Using Swift with WinUI on Windows

A new open-source tool from The Browser Company sets us on the road to bringing Swift apps from iOS and macOS to Windows.

microsoft ceo satya nadella announces the new bing ai based homepage

Microsoft to use Oracle’s OCI Supercluster for Bing conversational searches

Microsoft and Oracle have entered into a multiyear agreement to support inferencing of AI models that are being optimized to power Bing’s conversational searches.

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8 ways to fix open source funding

Sure, open source is groovy, but a developer's gotta eat. Here are eight big ideas for fixing open source funding—from crypto tokens to cloud-era licenses and more.

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Python Pandas creator Wes McKinney joins Posit

Python pandas creator Wes McKinney has joined data science company Posit as a principal architect, signaling the company's efforts to play a bigger role in the Python universe as well as the R ecosystem.

Microsoft Notfall-Update

Visual Studio Code update emphasizes audio cues, Activity Bar

The upgrade also cites Python coding via extension and says goodbye to Windows 32 support.

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