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IBM Cloud services guide: The right tools for the job

Most customers choose IBM Cloud service because they are already an IBM shop, but other enterprises should give it a look as well

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Oracle’s and IBM’s IaaS cloud strategy: Talk big, invest little

They’re both woefully behind AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, but you wouldn’t know it from their Scrooge-like investments in their cloud platforms

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IBM offers code patterns for AI, microservices, blockchain apps

IBM has also set up a resource exchange for bot developers

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Cloud pricing comparison: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud vs. IBM Cloud

Microsoft Azure generally has the lowest on-demand and discounted instance pricing, while AWS runs in the middle of the pack


IBM open-sources a microservices-friendly Java app server

Developers can use the beta code from the open source Open Liberty project to provision, manage, and migrate microservices in Java apps

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IBM speeds deep learning by using multiple servers

IBM's Distributed Deep Learning spreads model training across any number of hardware nodes—as long as they’re IBM nodes

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IBM adds API tools to Bluemix serverless framework

Bluemix OpenWhisk now uses API Connect to manage lifecycles for the APIs that drive serverless apps

IBM chases Google, Microsoft with Kubernetes in the cloud

IBM follows Google and Microsoft in offering hosted Kubernetes as a service, with direct access to the container orchestration system's APIs

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IBM-Salesforce deal will bring Watson data into applications

The partnership will let customers combine Watson’s insights from their unstructured data with Einstein’s insights about information stored with Salesforce

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IBM's new Q program will include a 50-qubit quantum computer

IBM's plans for its Q quantum computing services will bring conventional computers one step closer to the trash heap

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IBM sets up a machine learning pipeline for z/OS

z System users with data behind their firewalls can now access IBM's training and deployment system for machine learning, packaged for convenience


IBM’s Watson teams up with its SIEM platform for smarter, faster event detection

IBM boasts that Watson can come up with a security analysis in 15 minutes that might take a person a week

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IBM brings Google's AI tools to its powerful computers

IBM is integrating the open-souce TensorFlow into its PowerAI toolkit

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IBM's machine learning server adds TensorFlow

IBM's PowerAI system for machine learning on a mix of Power8 processors and Nvidia GPUs now supports Google's deep learning framework

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The cloud updraft grows stronger

In 2017, we're past the point of just dev and test and DR in the cloud. Before embarking on any new project, consider the cloud first

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Tap the power of graph databases with IBM Graph

A graph database can help you discover connections in your data you never imagined; here’s how to get started

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IBM scores most patents in 2016, Apple doesn’t crack Top 10

Top 5 patent recipients unchanged in 2016 patent race

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IBM: AI, IoT, and nanotech will literally change the way we see the world

IBM holds its 9th 'Five Innovations that will Help Change our Lives within Five Years' -- and none of its predictions sounds like science fiction

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