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Understanding Flatcar Container Linux

Kinvolk’s Flatcar is Microsoft’s latest Linux. What is it and what should you use it for?

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The new AWS: No more dumpster fires

Bolstered by cultural change behind the scenes, AWS is becoming a more active contributing force in open source communities.

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AWS can’t help Amazon avoid first loss since 2015

Despite AWS going from strength to strength, the retail giant suffered its first quarterly loss since 2015 to start the financial year.

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How to work with Azure Functions in C#

Take advantage of Azure Functions to run small pieces of code that can be triggered by events in the Azure cloud.

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Oracle Java popularity sliding, New Relic reports

Oracle Java has fallen to just 34% of Java distributions in use, with Amazon rising to 22%, according to New Relic’s 2022 State of the Java Ecosystem report.

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Google Cloud sales chief Rob Enslin is leaving for UiPath

The ex-SAP sales leader is leaving the cloud vendor at a time when it is investing heavily in an effort to catch up with rivals Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

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Google Cloud props up a slow start to the year for Alphabet

Search and cloud were bright spots in what were relatively weak results to start the year for the Google parent Alphabet.

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Google Cloud launches Media CDN based on YouTube’s network

Google Cloud has launched a new content distribution network which combines YouTube’s global network infrastructure with developer tools and machine learning-powered analytics.

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AWS Amplify adds visual development tool

AWS Amplify Studio gives developers a visual interface for building full-stack web and mobile apps by pointing and clicking.

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AWS unveils ML-powered devops for AWS Lambda

Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless uses machine learning to improve the operational availability and performance of AWS Lambda applications.


AWS launches $30M Impact Accelerator for minority-led startups

The cloud vendor's new program will provide cash and AWS credits for early stage startups led by female, Black, Latino, and LGBTQIA+ founders.

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Neo4j’s new AuraDS brings managed data science services to Google Cloud

Neo4j's new managed service works with the company’s cloud-based graph database offering, AuraDB, providing a library of graph algorithms, machine learning pipelines, and data science methodologies for data scientists and developers.

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Google Cloud releases BigLake to unify data platforms

Google describes BigLake as a one-stop data platform that allows data analytics and data engineering on both structured and unstructured data.

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Azure Percept: A machine learning quick starter

No code meets artificial intelligence in a ready-to-deploy smart edge device.

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Oracle OCI compute, storage, networking tools aim to cut cloud complexity

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) IaaS adds 11 new tools across compute, storage and networking services, in a bid to reduce complexity and optimize costs.

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Turns out AWS can partner after all

AWS has always been both competitor and partner, but in its pursuit of scale, it’s now taking a more neighborly approach.

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Microsoft opens Azure-based Startups Founders Hub, easing eligibility rules

Successful applicants to Microsoft’s Startups Founders Hub will be rewarded with Azure and OpenAI credits, and free access to productivity and developer tools including GitHub and Microsoft 365.

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In an evolving cloud world, Azure passes AWS

Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud survey finds data warehouses, databases, and containers to be the top cloud draws, with serverless and AI/ML rising fast.

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